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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Show me the Money!

As the Blandshire overtime ban continues, my force is falling further and further into depression. Unless all other police bloggers work for Blandshire, it is not the only one. Many of my colleagues rely on overtime to make up inadequacies in their paychecks, but this is not the worst effect of the ban.

We now have to hand over all work as soon as we hit home-time, with exceptions only when it is IMPOSSIBLE not to. This means where I used to arrest a shoplifter, return to the shop and take a statement and seize CCTV, I now arrest the shoplifter, transfer him or her into another panda so they can take them into custody, then go back to the nick and do my arrest statement - if I have time. The next shift will do all the chasing of evidence. If they have time. If not, the prisoner will be bailed back to me.

Still, in these dark days we can count on the Home Office to make up for Blandshire's failings. Two government-funded Operations are now providing overtime to us beleaguered PCs. God Bless Operation Safeguard, which will mean I can volunteer to transfer myself into a custody suite for twelve hour shifts any time over the next month or so. It is best not to volunteer, but to wait until a few days before a crisis when the Duties department will ring me at 10am when I worked nights the night before, to order me into work on a rest day which will therefore mean double pay. I have also started claiming for four hours overtime simply when I hear the voice of a member of police staff on a rest day.

We must also give thanks for Operation Overt. I have not been involved, but I know colleagues from many forces who have been delighted to spend fourteen hours sitting in the woods, especially in light of recent weather, for a few hundred quid courtesy of the Home Office. Modern policing is truly stupendous, that we can comb a forest by finger-tip for two months, at a mere cost of £150,000/day. I estimate that the overtime bill alone for officers sitting in the woods comes to about £40,000 a week.

I wonder if Mrs Mitchell of Blandmore who is being plagued by nuisance kids and vandalism would rather we found another minuscule scrap of a bomb to add to already overwhelming evidence, or that we trained and put another seventy police officers on the streets for a year.

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Anonymous justacop said...

Sadly you are right, starting pay is poor and there are many more officers in the same situation whereby they need the overtime boost. I cannot blame them for this, they have bills to pay and our 'shrewd' government know this which is why they get away with it everytime.

I am at the top pay scale and not in such a need of the O/T but I am tempted to work the paid overtime, why not. On the other hand why should I bale out a government that is refusing all of us a perfectly reasonable 'permanent' pay rise. They really are treating us with contempt, on one hand, 'get stuffed' you're not worth a payrise, on the other they would rather spend a fortune paying police over the odds pay than put it towards more prisons - the bill will be huge at the end of this, it was the last time. They could have built the prisons then, when they would have been cheaper - they are so short-sighted. I bet the crime rate would be lower today too when you consider many of our customers would be in it rather than on bail, probation and community sentences - what nonsense!

14 October, 2006 15:17

Blogger PC South West said...

God bless operation overt!!
I was fortunate enough to do 7 days mutual aid a few weeks ago with some serious OT, working under Hertfordshire rules. I felt sorry for the inspector who went with us and no extra pay.
I seem to be caning the OT at the moment, but still skint at by the middle of the month.

14 October, 2006 16:46

Anonymous extraspecialcopper said...

Its absolutely ridiculous. I am sure that the majority of decent non sponging benefit cheats would happily pay bit more a year in council tax etc in order to pay for more policing. I sure as hell would

14 October, 2006 18:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. Down in Sussex we had three weeks of searching a school and found nothing but an old hand grenade from WW1. The cost of this operation? A mere £45000 a day JUST FOR THE SECURITY CORDON!!. This kind of outlay is ridiculous, especialy in the current climate of cutting back Pc's and putting more CSO's on the streets. Surely they would have been ideal for the security cordon?! Not only ths, but officers were called less than 4 days before rest days meaning double time for all. Not that I was compaining! He he he!

17 October, 2006 18:52

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03 April, 2009 18:40


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