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Friday, October 13, 2006

School Offences.

I think far too much of our time is spent dealing with incidents in schools. I am proud to see that Kent Police has put their foot down and decided not to attend any calls to schools whatsoever, including those reporting armed intruders. After all, when did an armed intruder ever do any schoolchildren any harm?

Actually this question arises every other day in Blandmore as I open the "box" (computer terminal) to see at least one incident described as:

"Caller's 12yr old son has been assaulted by 13yr old at school. This has been reported to the school."

This is a prime example of a "multi-agency approach". This method takes the following form:

Step One
A minor offence is committed against a child.

Step Two
The victim tells their parents.

Step Three
The parents tell the school.

Step Four
The school tells the parents they do not plan to do anything.

Step Five
The parents tell the police.

Step Six
PC Bloggs tells the parents she does not plan to do anything.

Step Seven
The parents tell Social Services, who tell the Inspector.

Step Eight
The Inspector tells PC Bloggs she WILL do something.

Step Nine
PC Bloggs arrests the offender and charges him.

Step Ten
The offender apologises to the victim and the victim withdraws the complaint.

The multi-agency approach of school, Social Services and police has here come together for a satisfactory result taking only a few days of police time. Not only has the police force obtained a Detection, but the victim's parents have managed to solve the crisis without ever having to be civil or diplomatic to another family, and the school has managed to stay out of its pupils' lives completely. A success all round.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're still a Panda...oops...have we stopped that game now? oh...ok... so just how has society become so obsessed with educational discipline issues which used to be dealt with summarily by a teacher giving the offender some form of punishment? If I'd complained to my dad etc...are we really this mad?

13 October, 2006 23:10

Blogger PC South West said...

I dealt with an assault the other day that happened in one of the local schools.
Victim was a female as was the offender, it was a minor assault and no visible injuries were present. The victim was very upsaet that the Police had been called and was clear she did not was any Police action.
We took crime details with mother prsent, she was not happy about the no further action thing and was trying to bully her daughter to make a statement of complaint.
We crimed it and took a short NFA statement.
Her father later made a complaint about our actions, being the head of the local council he made the right noises to the right people and we had to arrest the suspcect, interview and caution.

14 October, 2006 09:53

Blogger staghounds said...

I find that about one in five or six cases I have in juvenile court are either exactly as you describe or cases in which we are the disciplinarians of last resort for the schools- fights in the halls, disorders in class, etc.

I once had a child charged with indecent exposure because his trousers were worn too low!

14 October, 2006 11:33

Blogger ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Happens all the time. Bloody parents want something doing, when we do something its all withdrawn. Waste of bloody time. Perhaps we should invite victims to make a contract in which they can not get out of withdrawing the complaint

14 October, 2006 12:36

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As one of the school based officers in our force - I can only agree that the majority of modern inner-city schools will not take any action against pupils for fear of litigation / parents /The LEA / Ofsted / Unions / promotion prospects for the SMT. The teachers scurry round schools in an atmosphere of powerless fear and, for the most part, will simply not get involved in discipline isues - It's just not worth it!!!!

17 October, 2006 11:46

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