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Sunday, October 15, 2006

More on Hats...

Did anyone see Aishah Azmi speaking on television about why she chose to wear her veil in class? I couldn't understand a word she said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

phufff ff phffpfhhfp phhffff phff phff hff phff? She seems to be able to pick and choose when she has to wear it, when there is a man about (interviewing her for the job) and when there is a man about (when she has got the job and wants to make a point. I just wish this load of old cobblers about veils and crucifixes and whatever else would disappear. Bring back some common sense. I see some Muslims are kicking off about the 2012 Olympics? Seems these fall during Ramadan that year. Some Muslims also say that Muslim athletes and indeed any Mulsims can make reasonable adjustments during Ramadan - they don't all have to be fervently and mega devout - except some have to prove a point again. As Stephen Fry said on QI the other night " Religion - shit it" How right he is.

15 October, 2006 15:23

Blogger ExtraSpecialCopper said...

What happened to proper news? You know, police brutality against "non whites" and Two Shags?

15 October, 2006 16:01

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does anyone know that the person speaking on television was Miss Azmi? For all we know it could have been Osama Bin Laden. As for the alleged comments on the children understanding her body language, what body language? She's wearing a bloody great shift for Christ's sake and the only body language anyone would be able to see is a slight movement of said shift. No doubt some liberal, tree-hugging, feminist vote seeker will allow Miss Azmi to return (as long as she doesn't teach her children) and to accept shed loads of money from the taxpayers for hurt feelings. I think the answer is for everyone teaching kids to wear a veil (men included) so no one knows who they are. Then student teachers won't have to go through the hassle of teachers training colleges and can concentrate on their real job of selling copies of the Stalinist News. The fact that they are not wualified doesn't really mean a lot as they don't teach our kids nuffink anyway!

15 October, 2006 22:27

Blogger Minbu said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

16 October, 2006 01:13

Blogger Minbu said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

16 October, 2006 01:14

Blogger Minbu said...

How can these people expect to be taken seriously if they insist on walking round looking like Darth Vader?

16 October, 2006 01:18

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a bit deaf and must lip read to compensate for my deafness. I couldn't understand a word the woman was saying. I feel that she was discriminating against me on account of my disability.

17 October, 2006 03:28

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given Miss Azmi's inconsistent applications of her standards I would dearly love to know what her response would be if FHM were to offer her a large sum of money
to appear sans veil (or anything else) in their magazine

18 October, 2006 16:40

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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03 April, 2009 18:40

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't wearing the veil sexist? It's done because of the fear that if men see a woman's face (however ugly), we won't be able to control our sexual urges.
Why don't Muslim men wear veils to stop 'western whores' inticing them with sex?

18 December, 2011 10:10


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