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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Look how EQUAL we are:

You will be pleased to hear that it's not just men who are all rapists, sometimes girls get up to no good too. Three girls have been convicted of sexual assault on an older boy, whereby they kidnapped him, dragged him to their flat and forced him to perform a sex act. This is a victory for equality and I welcome the court's decision.

However, we still have a long way to go. Below are two examples of the kind of regular updates entered into Blandshire's Incident Control System by the on-duty control room supervisor following different reports.

1. Incident:
Caller reporting her 17-year-old daughter was raped last night by two named offenders after going out drinking at her local pub. Daughter is very distressed and sore.
Update from supervisor:
Officers to attend and establish the following:
1. Is the daughter making an allegation?
2. Names and descriptions of alleged offenders.
3. How much alcohol was consumed?
4. If allegation is being made, locate scene.
5. Will the victim attend court?
6. If allegation could be true, will she consent to a medical?

2. Incident:
Caller reporting her 18-year-old son was raped last night by a male known to him, following a party at his house. Son is in pain and upset.
Update from supervisor:
Officers to attend and establish the following:
1. Locate the crime scene.
2. Arrange medical examination and take victim to rape suite.
3. Name/description of offender.
4. Preserve forensic evidence, seize clothing.

I have no idea if it was the same supervisor who wrote both of these, but the wording in example 1 is regularly sprawled across our police logs by someone or other. With enough training and diversity courses for these supervisors, we can only hope that in time, male rape victims will be treated just as well as female.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prolific these days.

Quantity isn't quality

09 August, 2007 23:31

Blogger Minty said...

Obviously some of us are more equal than others....

09 August, 2007 23:46

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, the Pigs thought that they were in charge in "Animal Farm " too, didn't they.

Oink Oink

10 August, 2007 07:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand why anyone so obviously anti-police would even bother reading a police blog

10 August, 2007 17:11

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me, I think that, if you're going to be anti-police, you'd at least base your opinions on some sort of evidence, like reading police blogs. However, I think the author of this blog is not anti-police, but more anti-sexism.

18 August, 2007 23:38

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it quite clear that the writer is within the police force and criticising certain anomalies that shouldn't exist?

20 August, 2007 09:37

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)

13 July, 2008 22:11

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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03 April, 2009 20:21


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