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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Panacea of Crime-Fighting:

Stop and Search is back. With a vengeance.

Crime-fighters in London have been making the terrorists quail with an onslaught of stop-searches throughout July:
almost 11,000 in total.

This vital tool against terror has so far resulted in the grand total of ZERO arrests for terror-related offences. But we know it's scaring them.

As usual, the liberal left is whinging about excessive police powers, racist discrimination, blah blah blah. When will these people wake up and realise we are living on the edge of death at every moment! Without the exercise of this crucial police power, and the display of manpower the Met is able to put on at the same time, how would we possibly produce enough photographs of police preventing terrorism to reassure the public?

Anyway, to those people who moan that we pick on Asians all the time: it is JUST NOT TRUE. Sometimes we search black people too.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you actually have anything to say, or a point to make? Ever?

08 August, 2007 00:45

Anonymous US Detective Sergeant said...

A little off point, but?

Yesterday while on a flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to Las Vegas I was seated next to a pair of young UK school teachers who were on "holiday" touring the states. It didn't take long for them to expresss their feelings that "the war on terrorism" is a farce and that they were tired of the Brits "sucking up to the US on the war in Iraq".

I asked why they were vacationing in the states if they felt that way? Their response; " Because it's cheap and easier to get around than in Europe". ( They had flown US Airways rather than British Air from Heathrow.) "Because you have sky marshals"


08 August, 2007 02:42

Blogger totallyun-pc said...

I love the way we should "ignore these figures at our peril" as said by the super cop Ali Dezai.

The most recent global attrocities, including those in the UK have been caused by islamic extemists! who come mainly from asian backgound and have often passed through Europe and or the British Isles, yet he still dribbles on about the perils of prifiling suspects and whether extra stops of asian people is justified, I can't remember the last little old lady to blow herself up on a train! ... someone should take him the the graveyards and show him how its justified. no one was ever killed during a stop and search.... well ok, maybe one unfortunate brazillian. (and I guess we'll never know the truth about that, I'm still convinced that was a military shoot, and the police are copping the flack to cover for a particular military squadron).. but you get my point!

08 August, 2007 10:42

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon at 0045... yeah she makes a point... every time... what? you don't get it?.... what a dullard!

08 August, 2007 10:44

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been reading Freddy Forsythe again have you, PC Tackleberry?

08 August, 2007 10:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my experience it is mainly young Asian males who are out and about in vehicles or in groups late at night or in the early hours. So what do we do, ignore them and concentrate on the indiginous population? Nope. Stop and search if sufficient grounds to and in many cases there are (Class A-C).
In many incidences of stopping a vehicle you have no idea who is behind the wheel or their ethnic origin until you speak to them.
I can justify every stop check without fear of being branded a racist.

08 August, 2007 11:45

Anonymous IsoChick said...

But we stop and search a particular "group" of people because someone in that "group" of people has committed a crime or is likely to.

If the police were looking for a gang of 6ft tall blond white males who had blown something up, then they would be stopping and searching 6ft tall blond white males; not asian or black males.


08 August, 2007 12:40

Blogger Whichendbites said...

In this current day & age where we have everyone sat in their little boxes the Police simply can't win with every box-sitting group. When the bombs go off or there is a deemed terrorist threat then the judgement made through the hindsight spectacles along with those who whinge because they are inconvenienced or there is an increased number of stop-searches. If there were no stop-searches or other inconvenience caused and one box is kept happy then when it all goes wrong and those who reak havoc strike, then there is another box that comes out ranting about the Police not doing their bit. Either way will be the wrong way for one box or another. Couple this with the constant trial by media to 'inform the public' and the persistent effort to pre-judge every possible arguement there is and we will never satisfy some of the boxes. There is a simple answer. Either support those who kill and maim or you don't. If you don't you have a duty to towards the rest of society. Those that do deserve to be behind bars.

08 August, 2007 15:13

Blogger davholla2002 said...

I think that the police should search old ladies a lot more especially after football matches.
Just because pensioners are not hooligans doesn't mean we should not search them as much as possible yobs.
Being PC as PC bloggs thinks is more important than catching criminals.

08 August, 2007 16:27

Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you seen the website

Its a supt in UK and is very good as well.

Regards and best wishes

Dave (DS in Slough)

08 August, 2007 21:10

Anonymous . said...

Is that you Hoos?

Sgt Slough

08 August, 2007 22:15

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