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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

An Idiot's Guide for Rape Victims

It has occurred to me that there are some people out there who actually expect CONVICTIONS for rape. These people, mainly lunatic feminists, seem to think it is strong evidence to prove that a man has held a woman down, inflicted extensive injuries on her and left her bleeding after her ordeal, as if any of those facts have anything to do with rape.

In fact, a far higher standard of proof is rightly required to convict for rape. Here are some pointers for those women who find themselves in the unfortunate position of being raped, and want to gather evidence for the later prosecution:
  • Scream. Very, very loudly. It's a sure way to cover yourself against accusations of consent.
  • Struggle like crazy, forcing him to inflict terrible injuries on you, or even kill you. If you're dead, no one can call you a liar in court. At least, if they do, you'll have the sympathy vote.
  • Ensure that several different independent witnesses happen upon the rape and when they do, immediately say to them, "I'm being raped."
  • Install CCTV cameras at the scene.
  • Specifically use the word 'Stop'. Today's case law has proven that 'No' is not good enough, nor is crying, struggling or lying stiff and terrified in the hope it will go away. It really is your own fault if the bloke doesn't realise you're not having fun.
  • Finally, make sure you have never had sex before. If possible, you should convert to being a nun before the day of trial.
Good luck, ladies! Go get 'em!

Copyright of PC Bloggs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Overlooking your well developed (steady now!) sense of irony, I detect a suggestion that victims of rape should not struggle or fight. While this may sometimes be the correct course of action, I believe that studies have shown that women who put up a spirited, violent, and noisy, resistance actually have a greater chance of discouraging the rapist and thereby preventing the act.

Those that submit quietly can more often be the victims of far worse violence.

It can also help the victim's sense of self respect, whatever the outcome.

07 August, 2007 07:37

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bloggsie.

All Men Are Rapists?

95% of all rape allegations are proven, in court, after the evidence being tested by qualified barristers and subjected to examination by jurors, to be false.

In other words the women lied.

I makes you wonder just how many innocent men have had their lives destroyed by lying women.

07 August, 2007 09:22

Anonymous Anonymous said...

95% of all rape allegations are not 'proved' to be false. do not confuse a not guilty verdict with proof of innocence. All it means in practice is that the charge cannot be proved. I is far from proving that the woman lied.

Nevertheless, in all the reports quoted by PC Bloggs, the only reference to extensive injuries and bleeding appears to be on the spoken evidence of the alleged victims. No medical evidence is referred to. Had there been any such independent evidence of such injuries, then I feel sure a conviction would have followed.

That these girls decided to go to a park at night with a couple of soldiers and participate in consensual group sex is not without credibility. That they may feel upset about it in the cold hard light of day, perhaps encouraged by friends that knew of it,and made a complaint to save their pride is also credible. Hence the not guilty.

It is just within the bounds of possibility that they actually didn't do it. How's that for a possibility?

07 August, 2007 11:52

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If that really is you on the front cover of the book then....hubba hubba :)

07 August, 2007 12:47

Blogger Joe90 said...

'It's his word against her's!'

The clincher:

'Yes, but her words can put him in jail for ten years!'

07 August, 2007 13:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

do not confuse a not guilty verdict with proof of innocence

Erm I thought we were innocent until proven guilty.

If the woman hadn't lied, invented untruths, generally made unsubstantiated false allegations then the matter in the majority of cases would never had reached the courts.

It's this politically correct assumption that the woman is telling the truth that should be challenged.

After all the facts speak for themselves. 95% of all rape allegations are proven to be false

07 August, 2007 14:40

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Steve - I wouldn't try to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do in such a situation. But while we're on the subject of studies, most police surgeons will tell you that genuine rape victims tend to have no injuries. Consensual sex, however, frequently results in injury. At least, it does if you're doing it right.

07 August, 2007 16:43

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think if the victim struggled the more the sad bastard would get off on it.I feel for the real victims of rape every time I hear of a accusation from someone who may have consented when drunk but changed thier mind later,that's just stupidity and a kick in the teeth for the women who have been raped and live with the nightmares.

07 August, 2007 18:04

Blogger ba ba said...

You might like this; Its the best advert for a gun in the world. I think you should update your rape post to include it. Yeehaa!

07 August, 2007 20:23

Blogger ba ba said...

You know, if the woman had a gun under the pillow I bet the man would understand 'no' as well as 'stop'.

Also, IS that really you on the cover? No irony now, i want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, just like they tell in America, so help me God, amen.

07 August, 2007 20:27

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am impressed by the total balls you are speaking on the subject (apart from the 'hubba hubba' part - assuming you are the same anonymous)

Being found not guilty of an offence only means you are innocent in law, not in fact.

Two men, who have never met before, go into a room with a third person. One of the men intentionally murders the third person to the shock of the other. For the purpose of this exercise, these are facts.

They are both arrested and put on trial for murder. Each accuses the other of being the sole perpetrator. One is obviously lying, but nobody knows which. Without other evidence, both men will have to be acquitted as it is not possible to prove beyond reasonable doubt which one is guilty.

Are they then both proven innocent of murder? Now I know that this is a brief scenario with many suppositions. but surely you can see the principle. If you want a more realistic scenario of this nature, read up on the Lynn Syddons murder.

Bloggsie:- You are beginning to interest me. ;-)

More seriously, I repeat that no mention was made of any medical report of injuries. If the girl was lying about the rape, she could be lying about the injuries, couldn't she?

07 August, 2007 23:05

Blogger Minty said...

Anonymous still with no ID (assume you are one and the same).
I don't think Bloggs did imply all men are rapists. Yes, some women do make it up, for whatever sick reason. But not 95% of all allegations are false.
Steve sums it up- innocent in law is totally different to innocent in fact. Many many Solicitors/Barristers have made a ggod living out of this! Discredit the witness on previous conduct that kind of thing.
In Scotland a case can still be found as not proven (attempt at a link, which i'm not very good at, to follow)

07 August, 2007 23:27

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being found not guilty of an offence only means you are innocent in law, not in fact.

Ah! So it's nothing more than an exercise in semantics.

There was I thinking that rape was a serious criminal matter and that facts of the crime and allegations should be examined and tested in open public court.

What you appear to be advocating is that the men were all guilty because the woman says so, and that we shouldn't let the facts or lack thereof get in the way.

Sounds like the old Soviet/Stalin 1984 style of court procedure where 95% of all criminal cases are found to be guilty.

I bet you miss those good old days

08 August, 2007 12:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The answer, as always, is more paperwork.

If I have an operation, I have to sign a consent form.

Seems like a few of those in the pocket before a night out might come in handy....

08 August, 2007 13:30

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I assume it is the same one, please let there not be two so unable to comprehend an argument or hold a train of thought.

Is it beyond your comprehension that it is possible for a person to commit a crime, but be aquitted in court? Likewise to be innocent, but convicted in error?

Read up on Timothy Evans. He was guilty according to you. After all, a court said so, and hanged him for it. Oops! No he wasn't.

What about Stefan Kiszco? A court found him guilty so he must have been.

you still haven't answered the conundrum I proposed with the three men in a room. Is the bloke that actually did the killing now innocent of murder because a court said so? Is he not a murderer, albeit an unconvicted one?

08 August, 2007 13:57

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it beyond your comprehension that it is possible for a person to commit a crime, but be aquitted in court? Likewise to be innocent, but convicted in error?

95% of the time? Even someone with a perverted view of the world such as yourself must realise that, when confronted with such an overwhelming figure, there is something seriously wrong with these continuous false allegations of rape.

Read up on Timothy Evans. He was guilty according to you. After all, a court said so, and hanged him for it. Oops! No he wasn't.

What about Stefan Kiszco? A court found him guilty so he must have been.

These miscarriages of Justice are thankfully rare, even rarer these days especially when you consider the number of criminal cases that take place in courts every day.

But when we get the Feminazis and their pussy-whipped supporters who want the inconvenient facts ignored and accused men to be convicted merely on the say so of a hysterical, neurotic or drunken woman then, quite frankly, it is difficult to consider that they are not delusionally insane?.

you still haven't answered the conundrum I proposed with the three men in a room.

Ah yes the old "You still haven't answered...." school of debate.

You're right I haven't and guess what? I've got no intention of doing so. O.K.?

08 August, 2007 14:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

F.A.O Steve. Don't know about the other anonymarse but I only did the 'hubba hubba' part. Serving L&B cop by the way.

08 August, 2007 18:04

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve, yes there are two anons,please don't confuse me with the one who's talking bollocks about Feminazis(obviously male)I'm just a MOP

08 August, 2007 18:12

Blogger staghounds said...

Whence comes that 95% acquittals in jury trials statistic? It's false, I'd wager.

Because I'm more like 90% convictions. Maybe I just get the guilty ones.

09 August, 2007 17:57

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All sexual intercourse outside a registered relationship should be unlawful, punishable by life imprisonment for each participating party.

However, should the penetrated party allege lack of consent, then the penetrating party should be put to death at once.

Think about it... makes sense...

11 August, 2007 17:53

Blogger BelfastPeeler said...

Steve: Don't feed the trolls. ;)

11 August, 2007 21:35

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just thought to add this because discussions of rape always bring out the "women lie" argument. Also, I know personally several raped women and men, also pedophile victims, and none of them reported the crimes because of the treatment they would get, additional trauma to what they already have suffered. All of these people suffer from mental problems, probably for the rest of their lives.


In 1998, unfounded rape reports accounted for 8 percent of total reported rapes; however, this number is questionably [too high because] Some police officers incorrectly think that a rape report is unfounded or false if any or all of the following conditions apply:

• the victim has a prior relationship with the offender
(including having previously been intimate with him)
• the victim used alcohol or drugs at the time of the assault
• there is no visible evidence of injury
• the victim delays disclosure to the police and/or others and does not undergo a rape medical exam
• the victim fails to immediately label her assault as rape and/or blames herself.§

Fewer than 5 percent of college women who are victims of rape or attempted rape report it to police.14 However, about two-thirds of the victims tell someone, often a friend (but usually not a family member or college official). In one study, over 40 percent of those raped who did not report the incident said they did not do so because they feared reprisal by the assailant or others.15 In addition, some rape victims may fear the emotional trauma of the legal process itself. Low reporting, however, ensures that few victims receive adequate help, most offenders are neither confronted nor prosecuted, and colleges are left in the dark about the extent of theproblem.16
U.S. Department of Justice
Office of Community Oriented Policing Services


Descriptive studies show that compared to their less aggressive peers, sexually aggressive men typically view relationships with women as hostile and adversarial, have a more promiscuous and impersonal orientation toward sex (Malamuth, Linz, Heavy, & Acker, 1995), and show greater arousal to depictions of forced intercourse (Bernat, 1997; Lohr, Adams, & Davis, 1997). Social information processing and judgments of sexual interactions are further influenced by aggressive men's rape supportive cognitions (e.g., Bernat, Wilson, & Calhoun, 1997).

At the individual level, men are more likely to sexually assault if they have hostile and negative sexual attitudes towards women and identify with traditional images of masculinity and male privilege (Heise, 1998; O'Neil &Harway, 1977). At the level of the immediate context in which violence takes place - typically families or other intimate or acquaintance relationships - male dominance is a strong predictor of the likelihood of sexual violence against women. At the interpersonal level, another predictor especially among young men is attachment to male peers WHO encourage and legitimate woman abuse (Heise, 1998). And at the macro-social level, rates of violence against women are higher in contexts in which manhood is defined in terms of dominance, toughness, entitlement to power or male honour, there are rigid gender roles, and violence is condoned as a means to settle interpersonal disputes (Heise,1989).


McFall (1990, p.318) has stated in his information processing model of rape:"This evidence paints the following portrait of sexually aggressive men. They enter heterosexual relationships holding distorted cognitive schemata that predispose them to sexual misunderstandings and misguided actions. It is as though these men were 'primed' by their schemata to read positive sexual connotations into women's neutral or negative messages; to believe that women secretly wish to be victims of sexual coercion; to misinterpret women's refusals of sexual advances merely as coquettish acceptances; to dismiss women's physical resistance as a primeval sexual ritual; to misperceive women's cries of pain as squeals of pleasure; and to redefine any attempted rebuffs as proof that womenare 'teases' who deserve whatever they get."

Descriptive studies show that compared to their less aggressive peers, sexually aggressive men typically view relationships with women as hostile and adversarial, have a more promiscuous and impersonal orientation toward sex (Malamuth, Linz, Heavy, & Acker, 1995), and show greater arousal to depictions of forced intercourse (Bernat, 1997; Lohr, Adams, & Davis, 1997). Social information processing and judgments of sexual interactions are further influenced by aggressive men's rape supportive cognitions (e.g., Bernat, Wilson, & Calhoun, 1997).

CONVICTION RATES (of rapes which have been reported)

Today, rape might as well be legal. With women frequently accused of making false allegations, and victims who had consumed alcohol blamed for "getting themselves raped", it is a wonder that the conviction rate for reported rapes is as high as the current figure of 5%.

Rape is an everyday occurrence. Research published yesterday by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Home Office Inspectorates estimates that of the 50,000 rapes thought to occur each year, between 75% and 95% are never reported. And almost a third of reported cases recorded by police as "no crime" should have been properly investigated as rape.

If a man commits a rape, then he has, on average, a less than 1% chance of being convicted. Those most likely to result in a conviction are classic stranger rapes, involving a man with a knife who breaks into the victim's home or drags her into the bushes.,,2003228,00.html

18 August, 2007 12:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pathetic 5% conviction rate in cases of rape (and this in itself is a measly percentage of the number of rape allegations that even make it to trial) is testament, not to a plague of lying women, but to the way society, and the judicial system thinks of rape.

Even in this apparently enlightened modern day, we still believe that women bring it on themselves, or don't do the "right" thing to protect themselves or simply change their minds about sex afterwards and cowardly and maliciously target men, destroying their lives out of some 'feminazi' sense of entitlement.

If it was a "real" rape, we require that it be violent and horrific and the woman be virtuous, sober, swathed in a nun's habit and bearing all the visible injuries of such an attack.

So rest easy, society and the juridicial system still believes men are entitled to sex whatever the situation, and that a women's primary means of gratification these days is destroying an innocent man's life.

18 August, 2007 13:03

Blogger SOPKA said...

I geuss most men do not believe in rape. Of course unless it a overweight Hairy poof shagging a drunk frat-boy. It should be made into law for each middle-school young male to work at a rape crisis center and domestic abuse hot line. But then again wives and girlfriends are asking for like adolescent girl in mini-skirts we men can not be expected to have self control. About fighting off rapists the victim in past history and present is usually a candidate for canonization under martyrdom in the Catholic and Orthodox church..

24 August, 2007 15:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all due respect, these replies make the UK sound seriously screwed up.

I'm in a MoP in Indiana, US and I tell you what. Here many men live in fear of what a woman's accusation can do to him. A woman's complaint is often taken with full weight and can destroy a man's reputation before it gets to the courtroom. Many men lose their family, children, job, friends, church, everything, with an accusation, let alone a conviction.
There's some that don't worry (rednecks and rappers, for example) but any manager worth his salt always has meetings in the open or with a witness if they have to talk to a woman who has beef with him, lest he is accused of making a pass at her (which for him could lead to a disciplinary action, firing, or even prosecution if she feels like making the man miserable). I knew one guy who openly videotaped all meetings with his employees, they were so unruly.

I'm not saying I like either system (USs or UKs) but I think I rather lean towards the US's solution.
Being the brother of five sisters and having two daughters myself, I'd probably be in jail for castrating or assaulting "proven" non-rapists if I lived in the UK.
(yes that was sarcasm).
,Me in Indiana

17 September, 2007 20:39

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to include this. Don't know if they do this in the UK, but its all over in the States.

Indiana Sheriff's Sex and Violent Offender Registry

Do a Google on "sex offender's list" w/o the quotes, there's loads of 'em.

Its one way to let young men (and women) know that if they rape, they'll pay for it in more ways than one. I know where they all are in relation to my house, work, wife's work, day care, etc.

,Me in Indiana

17 September, 2007 21:07

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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03 April, 2009 20:22

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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15 April, 2009 08:39


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