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Monday, December 05, 2011

Newsflash: Criminals are Anti-Police

Thank goodness The Guardian is here to point out that rioting burglars don't like the police.

Having identified that over 75% of those convicted as a result of the riots had a prior criminal record, why is this latest study being hailed as a discovery of national significance?  The Guardian need only look to its own study for the answer to why their cross-section of rioters harbour such a hatred of the police:

"Two-thirds of those interviewed said they had been cautioned by police or convicted of an offence in the past."  

And yet it is supposed to be a sign of institutionalised thuggery and racism that these recidivist criminals dislike the people who try to bring them to justice.

Next, we'll be reading breaking news that there lives a robed man in Vatican City who is a member of the Catholic religion, and that animals of the ursine persuasion occasionally deposit faecal matter in areas with a high density of trees.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course its our fault. its our fault that many of these people don't come out of school with anything like the skills to work, its our fault that politicians ignore the truth of the ground war agaist crime,its our fault that these individuals were able to run amock because bleeding heart politicians had told us we had been too rough with Toby and Quentin the middle class rioters so needed to treat people as individuals and stop focussing on disorder models in PO training because in their words "it does not happen"
In my time i have served and seen 10 home secretaries and 5 Prime ministers, none of the later ones have had an idea of what is going on in the streets they govern.
So yes its our fault because we are easy to blame and those that really caused it can hide behind the allegation.

05 December, 2011 10:09

Blogger Lex Ferenda said...

Darn, you beat me to this one Ellie. I would have liked to have seen the questioning methology. I somehow doubt that the answer 'Because I am a dishonest, violent, thief and the chance to nick stuff and have a go at the police just couldn't be missed.' was often likely to be given. Criminals rarely blame themselves for their offending and the liberal handwringers are only too keen to find the excuses for them.

05 December, 2011 10:12

Blogger DSS said...

"Of the Reading the Riots interviewees, 73% said they had been stopped and searched in the past 12 months – they were more than eight times more likely than the general population in London to have been stopped and searched in the previous year".

This would seem to be robust intelligence-led policing. Coupled with their criminal antecedents, their antipathy towards law enforcement is hardly surprising, as you point out.

I'm not sure exactly where this study takes us, though...

05 December, 2011 10:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise the Guardian readership believe all this crap. I'd like to see their world without the police, maybe it would look like the August riots, just daily?

05 December, 2011 11:06

Anonymous Mrs Doughnut said...

I don't comment anymore in the Guardian, but today I was seriously tempted.

Then I decided that it's not worth my time.

The Guardian has had this "poor poor rioters" thing going on weekly, and never an article about the victims of the riots.

05 December, 2011 11:31

Blogger Lex Ferenda said...

Darn! I was going to cover this one too.
I would loved to have seen the questioning methodology. Criminals rarely take responsibility for their offending and will almost always find someone else or some circumstance to blame. These excuses have been supported by the bleeding heart liberals for decades now.
The truth is the police are the only barrier preventing the growing criminal underclass from creating anarchy. The riots were a taste of more to come unless some significant strategic changes are made to the benefits culture, education and justice systems.
Until then the law abiding public had better hope that cuts to policing do not allow that barrier to be breached again and again.

05 December, 2011 13:29

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al Capone also thought he was a good man who was picked on unfairly by the authorities. The minds of these people are clearly demonstrated....stop the police from stopping me breaking the law.

I am delighted by the results of the survey.....lawbreakers hate the police. Thats as good a result as any customer service questionnaire that has ever been seen.

Other news today....police officers dislike violent selfish thugs. This was the reason why thousands of police went out on the street in one of the worst cases of not setting fire to things and none looting seen on the British Mainland. It was truly disappointing to see the police take out their grievances by not raiding shops for freebies. ACPOO apologised and said lessons will be learned as to how to make it look like our fault in the future

05 December, 2011 16:13

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should encourage the scum to loot the offices of the GRuniad next time?

05 December, 2011 20:28

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your talents are wasted in your present position!!

Your riposte to the newspaper concerned would sit well in the Diplomatic community.

06 December, 2011 07:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see 4 somali women who beat up a white woman in a racist attack have been let off with suspended sentences. The white woman who had a racist rant on the train but physically attacked nobody.....????

Both incidents obviously the fault of the police.

06 December, 2011 20:03

Anonymous Adam said...

I love this, the last paragraph made me laugh so hard.

Thanks PC Bloggs! Keep up the good work.

07 December, 2011 03:57

Blogger Police Body Armor said...

Well, of course, what do you expect, right?

That is why in every riot, police should wear a body armor.

07 December, 2011 13:24

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you noticed Guardian readers go on about 'the working classes' but wouldn't be seen near a council estate, on cheap holiday in Torremolinos, going out binge-drinking, watching the soaps,talking with double-negatives. They want the country run for the benefit of the lower classes but run by themselves. Living amongst those they champion? Not unless there's a lot of 'problem families' in Hampseted and Primrose Hill

18 December, 2011 10:18

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You Fascist scum. The real crime is the capitalist system which forces people to steal just to keep food on the table. We didn't have this near where I live but if we did I would say "Good on you, people"

18 December, 2011 14:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I meet anyone now I do not ask if they have a criminal record, but if they have one for a political offence. Protest is criminalized. Wear the uniform, pay the price.

22 December, 2011 18:11

Anonymous Michael said...

That reminds me of a 'survey' that was done after the rioting in London. One of the big news agencies interviewed a lot of the rioters, and surprise surprise, the rioters said they were rioting because they felt oppressed and were doing it because of a lack of opportunity. Well of course they are going to say that. Not like they are going to admit to being mindless criminals!

22 December, 2011 22:25

Blogger Joker said...

Your second link doesn't say the same thing as your first link, Ellie.

As pointed out on 'More Or Less', the fact that 75% of those convicted for offences during the riots had previous convictions doesn't necessarily mean that 75% of all rioters on average had previous convictions. It could as easily mean that when video coverage of the riots was scrutinised, the looters with previous convictions were easier to identify and round up because they were already in the system.

The first link concerns a survey of people who took part, not just those who were convicted, or even arrested, and while some of them have convictions, it's nowhere near 75%.

This is just to say, as Tim Hartford does regularly, that statistics can mislead if taken at face value.

10 January, 2012 14:01


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