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Friday, September 30, 2011

Look into my Dizaeis....

The embarrassing saga of sacked, reinstated, sacked, reinstated Met Commander goes on.

Yet Ali Dizaei is not in the clear on the charges of corruption for which he was sent to prison in February. He faces a re-trial, because despite the main witness in that case being proved to be a benefit fraudster, it's still possible a jury may convict Mr Dizaei based on other evidence.

How this will all pan out is still a mystery.  We should probably expect to see Ali Dizaei retiring honourable from the Met, receiving a knighthood, before taking over from Lord Stevens as the face-man for Labour's latest independent police review.

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in some bookstores and online.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's put on a bit of weight.

01 October, 2011 18:38

Anonymous Anonymous said...

People do put on weight when they feel threatened and under attack!
It's a subconscious affect on the body, to defend itself, by making the body look bigger, to deter a would be attacker. Plus, if he spent a lot of time in his cell, after the initial attacks made against him, he probably hasn't been getting much exercise either.

Ali Dizaei was set up, wound up and stitched up. He was under great pressure, his buttons were pushed repeatedly and he lost his temper, because he's human.

What disgusts me, is the rush to judge him 'guilty' in the media and by fellow serving officers. Yet truly corrupt officers, who have done far worse than rant and make threats to an ex girlfriend, appear to get protected and their wrong doing generally gets swept under the carpet, especially if it involves a serious scandal involving high ranking officers, and child sex abuse that would 'undermine public confidence in the police'- Home Office line.

Hypocrisy and double statndards are at play here.

02 October, 2011 21:30

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe it is acceptable for a policeman to threaten to kill an ex girlfriend and then get promoted.
And then say I would have got promoted earlier if I had been white.

03 October, 2011 09:55

Anonymous ParkiePlod1980 said...

The bloke is an utter disgrace to the police service.

14 October, 2011 17:57

Anonymous Anonymous said...

if the prayer cap fits wear it especially if it helps you climb up the promotion ladder

21 November, 2011 18:14

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is a practicing Muslim. One who drinks alciohol, gambles and s***s women. Practice makes perfect then!

18 December, 2011 15:03


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