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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fetch the Engines

 Last week, the powers that be were feeling pretty pleased with themselves.

This week, they're discovering why the police and police bloggers have been banging on about our weak Justice system and feral youth.

They're discovering how poorly resourced the police really are.

Am I in London?  No, I'm sitting here in Blandmore, wondering just what the rest of us are going to do if we need a public order serial here.  Just how we'll deal with the next nutter holed up in his house threatening us with knives.

Is there a way to bring this to an end?  Yes, with baton charges, water cannons and rest day working.
And to prevent it happening again?  To lock up everyone convicted for serious periods of time, regardless of how many baby-mothers they'll leave behind.  Apart from sending out a message to the other rioters, it will also solve many areas' burglary, robbery and violence problems overnight.

Unfortunately, most will not be charged, as the CPS folds under their stories of "I was just walking home", "I tried to stop him".  Most will be back out the same day, and back out on the streets.

It's what we've been trying to tell you for ten years.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time to use water cannon and baton guns let the police do their job.

09 August, 2011 09:15

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the powers that be the police are just the same as these rioters: mugs to exploit and marginalize.

Once the riots are contained, and the medals and compliments doled out, it'll be about two weeks at most before they're back to calling you lazy public servants. With awfully expensive wages and pensions. Greedy even. Don't you coppers know there's an economic crisis going on? We're all in this together.

09 August, 2011 10:17

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there anything we can do to support the police during this sort of thing? I've thought about donating tea & cake to those still in the stations before now, but worry they either wouldn't be allowed to accept or would have to test it to destruction / throw it away in case of hidden sharp objects.

09 August, 2011 14:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good blog, love it.

FWIW re. Tea and cake - we can never get enough of it and it's always gratefully received. Just make sure the copper isn't in the middle of a scrap first! Good luck to everyone caught up in this shite.

Son of Vimes.

09 August, 2011 16:37

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be honest I think the army should help.
If they had shot a few chavs on Sunday then the rest would stay at home

09 August, 2011 21:02

Blogger Bravo Sierra Control said...

We're fresh out of water cannons, and the Army's busy elsewhere. Just a load of ordinary (but very committed) people with shields and sticks here I'm afraid.

09 August, 2011 22:58

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Anon, 1458, I think all the police want from the public is a few more scenes like in Hackney when crowds applauded the marked cars driving through. I can't remember the last time I saw something like that.

10 August, 2011 12:31

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Bloggsy, a "silver lining" after all the dark clouds of recent years. About time too!

It takes a collective crisis in society to make people realise that they do need the active support and intervention of the police, because if that isn't there to keep a lid on things, more people get hurt, more stuff gets stolen, and more property gets destroyed.

However, the government are now in complete DENIAL that the cuts, loss of jobs, reductions in benefits and grants, the increase in the cost of living, the daily gloom on the news of the financial crisis, cannot possibly be behind the mood of the rioters. True that there are many who just jumped on the band wagon to go looting for their own gain, but BEHIND the riots is the feeling of no hope and no future.

They have vented their anger in a less than intelligent manner. Anarchists have been rabble rousing the mob, and maybe some young left wing activists have added there bit to the mix of frustration and discontent. And the criminal element just saw the opportunity and went for it.

The government also appears to have totally forgotten the fact that when the students protestors stormed and trashed Tory HQ last year, that it was stated by some of them...."This is just the start"....because of the cuts and austerity measures being imposed.

Government were given prior warning that too many harsh cuts, too quickly would lead to civil unrest and riots. I do recall the Home Sec (bless her) going on the TV news with an ACPO bod to state in reply, with some amusement and a smile, that "The British people don't riot"...... Er!

Well no, the vast majority don't!
But an organised group of kids, teenagers and young adults have just done exactly that.....and this event WAS FORETOLD and warned about in historical security service Intelligence records....that the government have not wanted to admit to in recent years.

Operation Beelzebub- codename Lawrence....warnings against making the WRONG CUTS to the 3 armed forces and carrying on with the replacement of Trident. That warning has been ignored.

Warnings against stretching the police too far during a time of austerity and potential civil unrest? Maybe now they will listen?

Warnings against draconian cuts to benefits for the sick and the unemployed, during the time of austerity...they have ignored that.

Warnings to not go ahead with a new build of nuclear power stations, in the BEST INTEREST OF NATIONAL SECURITY, which the government appear to be also dismissing....or "not believing".

How much proof do government of the red and the blue gang actually need, that the Intelligence warnings ARE ACCURATE?

11 August, 2011 03:11


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