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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London's Not So Burning

The famous lone woman takes on the crowds:

Clapham Junction: onlookers cheer as police make an arrest surrounded by hostile crowds:

And applaud spontaneously (er, I presume), as police drive by in the morning:

Riot Clean-up:

Hundreds of arrests have been made around the UK.  A few youths tried to riot in Blandmore, but ran away when they realised no one had noticed.

Let's watch the courts closely and see what kind of sentences get meted out for those charged.

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Blogger staghounds said...

Two or three high profile cases will get stretches, there will be some acquittals and (whatever you in England call) hung juries, the rest will be asbos or cave ins by CPS.

Hats off to the Police in all this. As usual trapped among their desires as citizens, their responsibilities to the law abiding, and the demands of their masters to consider PR first.

10 August, 2011 14:25

Anonymous Noble Cause Corruption said...

I still think that ACPO are more concerned with image rather than doing something positive about the lawlessness.

10 August, 2011 16:01

Anonymous Paul UK said...

Croydon Magistrates Court from what I can see on the news is referring most of its cases which plead guilty to Crown Court for sentencing, including the case of one man who had stolen a bottle of wine.

10 August, 2011 17:13

Anonymous Rufus said...

I'm still trying to work out whether the "rioting" around me was actual rioting or the paramilitary division of Environmental Health.

All they did was set light to a couple of bins, a skip and a McDonalds, so it could be either one.

11 August, 2011 12:49

Blogger staghounds said...

Like a tornado in Alabama-

"South London riots do L35m. worth of improvements"

11 August, 2011 13:48

Blogger Hogdayafternoon said...

Clapham has good people living there. I used to live there (but that's not necessarily supporting evidence of my previous sentence;) It was heartwarming to see the good guys come to the surface, rather than the scum. I pray that this can catch on everywhere and swamp the rotten 2%.

11 August, 2011 13:51

Blogger Joker said...

I take it Bloggsy is on holiday, or otherwise unavailable, then...

17 August, 2011 14:39

Anonymous How to Become a Police Officer said...

The london riots could have been averted if the police was able to respond immediately. The mob got stronger and bigger because no one deterred them.

25 August, 2011 01:37


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