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Friday, February 13, 2009

Still not not guilty

Once again the CPS hav
e decided not to prosecute the officers who shot Jean Charles de Menezes.

Once again the family are unhappy with the decision and will be trying to persuade the IPCC to change THEIR minds instead.

I have a great deal of sympathy with this family. Their son was shot dead and did absolutely nothing to deserve it. But this constant appealing, re-appealing, branding every decision corrupt and wanting "justice" at every turn cannot be healthy for anyone involved. The officers who did it need to know where they stand and move on, the family need a final decision.

The most staggering part of all of it is that someone HAS been convicted in relation to this incident. The Metropolitan Police was found guilty of breaching Health and Safety, a fact happily forgotten among all this legal wrangling for an individual scapegoat. In their calls for police accountability, when will someone point out that despite this landmark guilty verdict, no one was ever really punished for the breach and the senior officer most closely involved emerged not only unscathed but individually praised and since promoted.

No one can argue against police accountability, because all humans should be accountable for their deliberate or reckless actions. I just wish the people lobbying long and hard for it would open their eyes, read a few police blogs and realise exactly what 21st Century Accountability actually means.

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in some bookstores and online.


Anonymous Dr Melvin T Gray said...

Rather the case for police accountability is impossible to argue against and more effective is a strategy ignoring it in perpetuity.

13 February, 2009 17:55

Blogger Dave the Dog said...

One of these days I'll actually understand what you have written, but for my healths sake I'd better not hold my breath.

13 February, 2009 18:30

Anonymous Paul said...

I have a lot of sympathy for the cops who pulled the trigger who were put in an impossible situation.

My beef is with the rest of the incompetents, and the people who lied and spun about it.

13 February, 2009 19:46

Anonymous Dr Melvin T Gray said...

You are quite right, Dave. Drivellers should eat their words or incur a fixed penalty.

It is impossible to successfully argue a case in opposition to police accountability. The strategy is to ignore the matter in perpetuity

13 February, 2009 20:20

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only surprise with all this toing and froing is that the name of Imran Khan [the solicitor, not the cricketer] was not mentioned, but there are dozens like him making a fortune through cases like this.

13 February, 2009 20:55

Blogger Constable said...

It baffles me why they continue. It was a terrible tragedy that maybe was/wasn't avoidable. I know that if I was told to stop by a policeman, I would. I know they weren't in uniform but you would at least have a double check prior to bolting.

My regrets to the family but the organisation has been found guilty and fined but the officers never will.

I can't remember the term and it's really bugging me but the Chief Con/Commisioner has already been found guilty of breaches in H+S and been fined. The family need to understand this will go no further.

Would hate to be in their position but that's the result.

Vicarious Liabilty, just remembered, dragged it up from my aging brain cells.

13 February, 2009 23:01

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sooooo, "accountability" is just an empty word that means NOTHING. It is just government/Home Office spin to reassure the public, that the minority of "thugs" and corrupted officers within the force, can and will be held "accountable" for any misdeeds/crimes. "Perception" V....

"REALITY", well actually, we the government/Home Office and the Top Brass in the force CANNOT do anything which even resembles justice and fair play, if some cops have been very bad, because, they [the baddies] rule the roost, like the MOB, and always have done.

But we NEVER talk in public about THAT Elephant in the room, because we rather like a quiet life, thanks very much. It matters NOT one jot to us, that they killed your sister, and that you may well have been seriously abused/harmed/raped, ill treated, maliciously harrassed and ripped off....because WE still get paid for doing sweet Fanny Adams about the serious crimes done to you. We also get a very nice life once we have retired due to our very generous pensions.

We cannot even do anything about the corrupted legal system, sorry, and they won't help you either, only themselves, to get richer. It's ALL a big con, a sham and a farce, but only a few of the honest rebels ever talk about that, and if we could shut them up, we would. We may even get the fascists in the EU to help us do that, as we tighten our strangle hold upon the free thinking people of the United Kingdom. Well it used to be, once upon a time.....

I think I got your drift Dr Mel T Gray......

14 February, 2009 00:50

Blogger Dougal said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

14 February, 2009 02:35

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I admire this family's search for justice.

Once they've exhausted the British (and European?) legal options, I'm sure they'll turn their crusading zeal to their own country and campaign about the hundreds of deaths a year at the hands of their own police.

14 February, 2009 11:50

Anonymous Retired Sgt said...

The bottom line is of course that the whole operation was bungled right from the word go was poorly conceived poorly led and appallingly managed by Ms Dick which directly resulted in the death of am entirely innocent man.The identity of Mr DeMenenzes was in doubt right from the start and even one of the following officers pleaded with "Gold" to be allowed to stop him before he got anywhere near public transport and was refused.This is the problem with senior police management-they are totally unaccountable for their actions when in fact the whole lot should have been flushed down the toilet along with Ian Blair.Now of course if you were a Pc and forgot to submit a bit of paper and 2 weeks later a woman is murdered by her partner-heaven help you!!!

14 February, 2009 13:35

Blogger Hogday said...

Interesting points raised in your post WPc Bloggs. Vicarious liability was definitely there in the dirty bathwater. I could go on. Actually I did, but kept it to my own blog to save your space.

14 February, 2009 13:43

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Retired Sgt - I do so agree! SMT are never held to account! This Op was always problematic due to it's nature; to place an operational incompetent at the helm ensured something went wrong! Perhaps if Bramshill was divorced from the Home Office we might get a few decent SMT......oh well, time to stop dreaming and get ready for nights....

14 February, 2009 16:58

Blogger Clovis Sangrail said...

Retired Sergeant,
It is extremely reassuring to hear a policeman say that. I've been feeling like an idiot for months maintaining that the fault lay with the lamentable "management" of the operation.

14 February, 2009 17:37

Anonymous Mac said...

I'm with retired Sgt, he has it spot on.
As far as I'm concerned the officers who actually shot Mr DeMenezes would have been hailed as absolute heroes under any other circumstances. I have no doubt they jumped on that train in the full knowledge that they could be blow to pieces in a heartbeat.
The c**k ups occurred much further up the chain and the fact that those really responsible for the mismanagement have either been allowed to retire (Blair) untarnished or promoted (Dick) shows to his parents that the 'establishment' have already put this behind them so going after the officers on the ground looks to have greater chance of success. They're not wrong.

14 February, 2009 20:27

Anonymous MarkUK said...

Confused Cop - you certainly are confused. Mr DeM was NOT told to stop - any comments that he was were discredited within a few days of the tragedy.

After reading many accounts of the whole messy affair, I am convinced that the most that could be levelled against the armed officers is that they simply obeyed orders and did not think for themselves - hardly culpable.

Cressida Dick made some monumental blunders and should have taken early retirement or simply have been sacked. She should also have been prosecuted under HASAWA, as a senior manager would have been in a comparable case in industry.

Instead of this, she's promoted. Is this some kind of equality thing - if all the SMT were good at their jobs, wouldn't that make incompetents feel unloved?

14 February, 2009 22:04

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Retired Sergeant is spot on again.

But there is far more to this tragedy than people have been told. I'm not surprised that the "system" has just allowed the officers who were directly involved, to be hung out to dry by the press. There was doubt at ground level, that De Menezes was the target of the surveillance Op.
The problem and the blame for this tragedy lays with SMT, and even higher than that. You don't know the HALF of it, you really don't, and "they" don't want this scandal to come out. WELL TOUGH! In true police tourettes style....Out it comes....

Some, I can appreciate, may find the following account unusual, bizarre even, but it IS the truth.
It is truth that the government do not want out in the public domain, because it shows them up for what they are - dishonourable and corrupt.

They say that they "own" the S.I.S intelligence and that it's up to them to decide whether or not they inform the people about what they know. Well, they DON'T "own" me, nor do they "own" my life and experiences, which they also have no lawful justification for covering up, nor gagging my local force about, using the Official Secrets Act. WHAT AN INSULT....To myself and to my murdered sister.

Anyway, to "Get on with it".... A long time ago my sister was killed in unlawfull and traumatic circumstances. Some may scoff in disbelief, but she did return in angelic spirit form and was talking to LOADS of kids, and some adults. This unusual situation was brought to the attention of the Home Office in 1957, and a briefing "party" was organised for a large group of kids, many of whom were victims of abuse. This was secretly filmed by the BBC, at the request of special branch officers, as evidence, and for the record.

My sister was giving very detailed information about people, which I and another could not have known. This proved the existence and fact of the soul surviving "death". Lynne went on to tell numerous psychic/sensitive kids and adults, detailed information/intelligence warnings, about future events of a very serious nature. The purpose of that briefing in 1957, was a long term Operation, to bring down the "biggest baddie" on the planet,Beast, and to tackle the problem of child abuse. Job Done.

Lynne continued to provide information after that H.O. "briefing", [which in fact CAUSED further trouble for myself, rather than helped me - long story]
She provided very detailed intelligence to a royal protection officer, which he duly recorded in documents, about warnings of specific dangers for the people of this country and the wider world.

She warned of the threat to the planet and the very survival of humanity from global warming, [cattle rearing mainly] toxic chemical pollution, and to GIVE UP ALL FORMS OF NUCLEAR POWER - URGENTLY.]
She gave accurate intelligence about the rise in Muslim fanatics and dates of terror attacks, and a great deal more besides. This Intelligence was/is held by Scotland Yard and the S.I.S. - Operation Beelzebub - codename Lawrence -1958 - 2009.

PRIOR to 9-11 and Madrid, they had dismissed the intelligence as "fantasy". They were aware of the information which warned of the London attack of 21-7, which failed, due to ANGELIC assistance/protection. And yet to their complete shame, certain top cops and government have tried to deny the existence of this important intelligence and even IGNORE the warnings given. They have tried to bring in unnecessary legislation which violates people's rights to privacy, all in the name of so called "anti-terrorism", aided and abbetted by the Eu and Brussels, which Lynne foretold would become an oppressive fascist MONSTER, that the UK. would be best not to get tangled up with, and tied to politically.

Lynne foretold that those at the top of the force, and in government would try to cover up their mistakes. She also foretold the tragedy of the killing of Jean Charles De Menezes, an innocent man, which they would LIE about, and try to cover it all up. They also made a mistake about Binyam Mohamed, who Lynne also foretold is an innocent man, who would be tortured by the S.I.S, and that government would try to cover that up too, by lying!

So, I also have a great deal of sympathy for the family of Jean Charles De Menezes, and a great deal of respect for the determination they have shown, in their campaign to get justice for him. All power to them. God IS on their side. The top cops and government ministers and officials who tried to cover all this up, should hang their heads in shame, because they have done the people of this country NO favours whatsoever.

It is the same old, same old, people at the very top screw up, cover it up, and get very well paid for being the cause of much unnecessary suffering. The "mistakes" are historical and go back to 1957, and since then they have been added to, time and time again, like compound interest.

Something NEEDS to change, and fast, for the greater good of this country and its' long suffering people. The family of Jean Charles De Menezes have got a great deal further in their quest for justice, than ANY U.K citizen/subject would have done. History proves that much, so they have done the people of the U.K a great service in refusing to be fobbed off and silenced by the "establishment".

In good faith

"The Whistle" has been BLOWN.

15 February, 2009 02:20

Anonymous R/T said...

Well - we may as well pack up and go home then!

15 February, 2009 16:50

Anonymous Retired Sgt said...

I found Anonymous account of his dead sister at first a little strange and the thought processes started veering towards tin foil but if its one thing I learnt in 30 yrs coppering it was never close your mind to anything no matter how bizzare it looks on the surface because believe you me everyday in policing you find something that you never believed was possible....and thanks to those who have expressed their agreement with me..perhaps some of you could explain to my wife that I am right sometimes....

15 February, 2009 17:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

" thing I learnt in 30 yrs coppering...never close your mind to anything no matter how bizzare it looks on the surface because believe you me everyday in policing you find something that you never believed was possible..." How very, very true and echo's my own 30+ years experience of policing. As for explaining to your wife you are right sometimes.......! Mine lets me be right once a month - if I've been a good boy!

15 February, 2009 18:57

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Those of you with 30yrs coppering perhaps have not been reading this blog lately, unfortunately we have all been party to various other of "Lynne's" foretellings. I'll leave the comment up this time, but please try to stick roughly to the topic...

15 February, 2009 21:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Retired Sergeant, for not dismissing the truth, which I agree is bizarre. Pity you have retired and that there are not more open minded cops like you in the force.

Ellie, I thank you sincerely for leaving the truth on your blog, for those who are not afraid to think out of the box and stare reality in the face. With all due respect to yourself Ellie, I did stick to the topic, but gave detailed background information, the bigger picture.

Had government actually taken on board ALL of Lynne's divine guidance, this country and the wider world, would not be in the "unfortunate" situation it now finds itself in. A crisis, brought about by straying from the eternal spiritual laws, upon which all law was first formed.

One good example is written in Holy Books and teachings, given for our guidance...LIARS are an abomination before God.....And that is on topic, considering the lies that have been told by officers and government, over the Jean Charles De Menezes case, and a great deal more besides, because the system is rotten at the core.

Whistle Blower - with nothing more to say.

16 February, 2009 00:11

Blogger uniform said...

What are the Lynsters predictions for the rest of 2009 ?

couldn't you have let us had heads up about the collapse of the banking system ?

I could have sold short and made a mint.

16 February, 2009 07:55

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having read the verdict (mostly - it was very long) in the De Menezes case; My understanding (and I'm paraphrasing) was that the met was found guilty of a Health and Safety violation not for shooting Mr De Menezes but for failing in their duty to protect the public when they had a viable belief that Mr De Menezes would detonate a bomb when he got onto public transport. He'd been allowed onto a series of buses prior to getting onto the train.

In short they were guilty because they didn't shoot him earlier.

16 February, 2009 15:35

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, on Tuesday lunchtime ITV news, they had S.R. the ex head of MI5 stating that "the government were using fear, to turn the country into a police state, by exaggerating the so called "terror threat" from extremists", or words to that effect.

She fell short of actually stating that MI5 had credible intelligence, which had been previously dismissed/ignored by them and the government, which would have been an honest admission that they made some mistakes.

But that is progress, in that S.R. has pointed out, publicly, that the government are WRONG to destroy civil liberties and invade privacy, under "anti terror" legislation.

18 February, 2009 01:17

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Accountability is a great idea in theory - if someone has messed up due to laziness or general incompetence then they should be dealt with. In reality it means that individuals are blamed for failures in the system or for one off mistakes. It means that everything turns into an arse covering exercise and mountains are made of molehills.

19 February, 2009 09:26

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes, when the "mistakes" are serious and would give the press a field day, "accountability" flies out of the window, especially if the people who made the mistakes are either top politicians, top cops, judges, lawyers, barristers, doctors, "Sirs" and also happen to be Freemasons....Then the ordinary member of the public can forget all about any kind of "justice" never mind accountability. It's a sick joke and has been for far too long. They are taking the pi$$!

What can start out as a "molehill" of a mistake, gets added to, time and time again, as the cover up goes on, until the "mistakes" really DO end up as big as a mountain, created by cowards, hypocrites and liars.

UNIFORM...Your comments about Lynne, a murder victim, are deeply offensive and insulting.

Her name was not "the Lynster", it was Lynne Whitely 1950-1956 raped and beaten to death - Manchester. She provided God given divine guidance and warnings, for the benefit of humanity, which this corrupt government have tried to keep covered up. Including the warning about a global financial crisis, which the Lib Dems did in fact warn about, but nobody in No's 10 and 11 actually listened.

In fact Gordon keeps telling the media, that "nobody" could have predicted the financial crisis. The ONLY correct fact in that statement is that Lynne did not have a "body" and communicated from spirit! But it WAS "predicted".
A deceptive half truth, to save Gordon's reputation, whilst he tries to cling on to his job.

In fact Uniform, what Lynne foretold in 1957 became the subject of an abuse of power, as certain evil gits used the intelligence for their own devious advantage and began plotting and scheming, causing a great deal of trouble and grief in the process. Certain individuals deliberately set out to sabotage and interfere with the lives of "key people" who were mentioned, and became victims of a perverse plot, to "prove" that the intelligence Lynne gave was "wrong", plus more which I cannot disclose in detail here.

So, it would not be very sensible of me to disclose on here any future "foretellings" of a positive nature, in case that got sabotaged again. It is the detailed Intelligence WARNINGS which Lynne gave, as God's messenger, that people should concern themselves with, because despite what Gordon and his gang may say, THEY DO NOT OWN THAT GOD GIVEN GUIDANCE. Documented Intelligence records, which they would like to deny all knowledge of, because they have been seriously NEGLIGENT, and very arrogant indeed.

21 February, 2009 03:20

Blogger Area Trace No Search said...

I echo the idea of the officers involved at the ground level being brave beyond comparison - and the levels of SMT in this demonstrably NOT so.

Perhaps it is time we recognised that there are good, intelligent and successful senior officers. That rank does not equate to being an idiot.

But also that rank does not equate to expertise - An experiences SFO should run an SFO operation, someone who has the legs and the knowledge of a real time op to give the correct orders, appreciate the difficulties involved, and to be able to stand up and be counted afterwards.

Ms Dick may honestly be a perfectly good boss, but she's obviously lacking in working as a firearms officer in dangerous situations.

As for predictions... Hmm. I have to admit I'd take a lot of convincing about any of that.

A LOT of convincing.

Personally, as a tax payer I'd prefer our agencies to made decisions made on obs, intel, human sources, rather than people that say they can hear voices from long dead souls.

23 February, 2009 18:15

Anonymous Anonymous said...

An avoidable murder by the police. Again whitewashed and hushed up and the witnesses gagged. Trigger happy police who took a life and are not accountable - go figure

26 February, 2009 12:37

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Area Trace No Search.....

If the government [and certain Top Cops in the Met] were not covering up the Intelligence documents from 1957-58, you would be "convinced" that the soul does in fact survive "death".

The soul who "returned" to provide a great deal of very helpful intelligence warnings to save humanity from disaster, was murdered by the Bastard Beast when she was 6 years old - 1956 - Lynne Whitely.

She "returned" to communicate with kids who were also being abused within WEEKS of her "death". Months after her "death" special branch officers were convinced that the information she was giving was genuine, and that WAS documented by those officers for the Home Office as part of a long term undercover Op...Operation Satan 1957 - 2004. David Blunket said in the press a while back that he was suffering from "madness" in 2004 - 2005. That must be his excuse for the cover up!

Lynne, who was my half sister, from spirit provided very detailed Intelligence warnings about the threats to this planet and about the rise in Muslim extremism. She warned about the attacks of 9-11, Madrid, 7-7 and the failed attempts after that, including Barcelona. Lynne also warned about the attack upon Mumbai, which the S.I.S did pass on to India, but they failed to prevent it. She foretold a great deal of information, which has happened and could be proven to the sceptics, IF the government actually had the balls to do so.

Clearly certain politicians [and cops] are covering their own backsides, and protecting their jobs/pensions/reputations by trying to keep the truth about this unusual situation covered up.

And Lynne didn't remain "long dead", in fact she reincarnated, but you probably wouldn't believe me if I told who she was reborn as, but some do know the truth of that too.

01 March, 2009 02:18

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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03 April, 2009 21:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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15 April, 2009 07:52

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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