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Friday, February 01, 2008

Modern Society Sue-age

This week a victim won a landmark case to sue her rapist of 19 years ago. **

I think this is outragous. Those of us who had a mis-spent youth should be allowed to grow old with dignity, never being forced to confront or face retribution for our past sins. In fact, I would go so far as to say old people are just lovely and should never have to hear a bad word said by a police officer or a judge.

But this case goes further than disrespect for the elderly. It also sets a dangerous precedent: that people who commit life-altering rapes should have to pay for what they have done. This kind of hardline, right-wing, correctionist, fascist, short-sharp-shock-electric-chair-advocationary claptrap is well out of date in the Twenty-First Century, where we all know that most criminals are sorry and a few months picking flowers at their local community centre is really all the punishment they need. The idea that someone should go to prison for no less than a few years and STILL have to pay compensation to their victim for destroying their life goes against everything we stand for in this country. And by we, I of course mean the Labour Government.

This poor rapist may even have to hand over his lottery winnings to his victim, EVEN THOUGH HE WON THE LOTTERY YEARS AFTER RAPING HER! Any self-respecting pensioner would have forgotten about him by now. I should think Judge Tim Stead would be turning in his grave right now, were he not still alive.

While we're on the subject of right-wing reactionaries, I read today that people are still harping on about violent offenders not being sent to prison. When will the public realise that there is NOTHING anyone can do to stop people murdering others, no matter how many warning signs they give or how many opportunities we have to jail them. The fact is that people shouldn't even be arrested for their crimes, as it just upsets them and makes them act up. As a good Christian nation, we should just turn the other cheek.

Shock horror newsflash of the week: today there was something in my Area Commander's "rally the troops" email that I agreed with! I had to drink several cups of tea after that.

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Anonymous Inspector Gadget said...

So, Bloggs you dark horse you... you admit to READING the Area Commander's "rally the troops" (patronise the troops by treating them like children) email?? You actually READ it? So you are the one! Humph. No after promotion are you??

01 February, 2008 16:57

Anonymous TheBinarySurfer said...

I'm wondering if the government and the judiciary is trying to ease us down the route of not sending people to prison, but instead giving them fines? (Wonder how much of that would be siphoned off to the government too...)

I'll happily pay £200 to be able to land a few on certain senior Labour figures, although i'd imagine i'd be queueing up behind most of the country's police to get at good old Jacqui.

Mind you, as long as they can't prove that any particular person was responsible for her death (anyone remember that recent case with the poor sod being kicked to death?) i'm sure nobody would be jailed.

01 February, 2008 17:06

Anonymous anotheranon said...

Thank you for donating to Rape Crisis - it means a lot.

01 February, 2008 20:32

Anonymous Benton Fraiser said...

My Area Commander's emails are pretty good. Very little patronising content, they are mostly job well done stories and some funny comments.

01 February, 2008 21:26

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's only fair to show concern about hardened criminals being sent to jail. If they are incarcerated then where will the real criminals, i.e. those who leave their rubbish bags out a day early, or who get confused over the colour coding of their bins, be sent to? There is just no justice in this world. I'm now off to a gentle retirement in Dharfur.

01 February, 2008 21:35

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes - I do love those rally the troops type emails..

Like the one an inspector (thank God not mine)at my station sent to his group about "aspirational detections" - that they should all achieve five sanctioned detections a month, and at least 3 positive stop searches, ie, found in possession of cannabis or other such contraband item. If this is not achieved they can expect to be paraded before his holiness to explain why and be issued with an action plan to "maximise" theire performance and "achieve" their targets.. worth getting out of bed for...

01 February, 2008 21:43

Anonymous cramerj said...

It is interesting how cash always sorts out women's anguish.
Divorce, rape etc. - the cash register rules.

01 February, 2008 22:01

Blogger staghounds said...

Yes, cramerj- I'm sure that's exactly why she was walking in the park focussing her "rape me" thought waves on him 19 years ago. She knew that in only fifteen years, there would be a national lottery established and that he would buy a winning ticket while on day pass.

And it WAS only an attempt after all.

Isn't clear if the other six greedy women who complained were actually raped in their quest for wealth, or just attempted as well.

02 February, 2008 03:22

Anonymous purpleavenger said...

last few posts don't really help

but there is a point , this is a dodgy road to go along .

It seems that the offender "needs" to be punished over and over again, to such a point that his lucky win should be taken off him .

Rape , attempt or otherwise, is a heinous offence , however are we really saying as a society that no criminal should be lucky in his future life ? or is this new paradigm only supposed to apply to Rape ?

02 February, 2008 08:15

Anonymous pcr said...

If we are content to continue to punish people for the rest of their lives, then why do we bother letting such people out of jail in the first place?
It seems bizarre that those "lucky enough" to be raped by lottery millionaires get nice holidays, while everyone else can go whistle.

02 February, 2008 14:34

Blogger Boy said...

Wonderfully written, and all very valid. I do hate the world we're in sometimes. Nay, the country.

02 February, 2008 19:13

Anonymous pc pc said...

er, boy, sarcasm alert...

02 February, 2008 19:27

Blogger Bitseach said...

I found myself publicly agreeing with Sir Ian Blair recently. It's okay, I've since had electro-shock therapy and erased that part of my brain (and a few others bits too).
Pc Bits'

02 February, 2008 21:31

Blogger blueknight said...

I agree that(in this case)the victim should be compensated.
Anyone that commits a criminal offence deserves what is coming, but I would be happier if the whole question of compensation was raised soon after conviction.Just in case the offender falls into some money later
I am worried by the wider implications of the case. Does the question of compensation depend on a criminal conviction, or could the whole case be decided in the civil court on a balance of probabilities?
Could an arrested person make a claim against a retiring PC years after the case and walk off with his/her lump sum?
On a facetious note, if the amount of compensation depends on the amount of money each party has, what happens if the victim wins the pools after receiving the compensation. Does some of it have to be handed back?
I repeat, this particular case sounds nasty and the victim does deserve compensation.
But, - anyone who has any doubt that this judgement will have all sorts of far reaching and unexpected consequences only need look at how the Human Rights Act is being interpretd and (mis)used.

03 February, 2008 10:26

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the betting that if the lady does receive financial compensation from the offender, the first letter she receives will be from the CICA asking for their £5,000 back?

03 February, 2008 14:35

Anonymous Ordinary Joe said...

Er, this is actually wrong.

While I don't have any real sympathy for the rapist this isn't a good plan for justice.

Unless we are willing to put price tag on the 'cost' of raping women or say, killing others we really should not be going down this road.

I'm glad I don't live in a society that uses 'blood money' as a just punishment (yet).

If we say to convicts that the punishment for their crimes is unlimited what have they got to lose by being a criminal in future? Nothing as anything they gain could be forfeit so behaving as society would wish them to will also gain them nothing.

04 February, 2008 00:40

Blogger staghounds said...

Many of you don't seem to understand the difference between a criminal and a civil case.

The purpose of the criminal system is to punish, rehabilitate, and deter people who do things we have decided, through legislation, are harmful to society at large. This character was criminally charged by the Crown for attempt raping this and other women, against the Queen's peace or whatever the term is. He went to prison. His "punishment" is over.

The civil system is for cases where one person claims that another has caused harm ("damages") specific to himself. In addition to violating criminal laws, he also caused harm that was personal to the victim. THIS is a civil suit be compensated for those damages.

There's often overlap. If I spill my drink and ruin your new cashmere sweater, I've civilly damaged you. If I do it on purpose, that is also an assault.

There are crimes that don't cause civil damages- drug dealing for example.

04 February, 2008 21:54

Anonymous Wheelie said...

"There are crimes that don't cause civil damages- drug dealing for example."

Hmmm. Dunno tho'. That'd be an interesting can of worms to pop. After all, drug dealers can get their assets seized.

In my opinion, if there's one good reason why this rapist should pay up, it's because he's probably given the parole people some indication of contrition to get out. Day out and buys a ticket. Pffft!

12g of humanity he would have OFFERED the lady compo. The Pratt. Add me to the list of those who vote 'deserves what he gets', because he didn't.

07 February, 2008 16:56

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15 April, 2009 10:14


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