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Friday, September 28, 2007

It doesn't get much lower...

... than this.

The trust had the MPs photographed in front of a blue screen, which should have set alarm bells ringing...

Many NHS trusts might be ashamed to have fed tea and biscuits to a government minister, but Tameside General Hospital was so proud of it that they actually faked a picture of the Culture Secretary standing with other MPs.

On a less ridiculous note, here is a picture of me meeting Prime Minister Gordon Brown last week and fascinating him with my views on doughnuts and their role in the 21st Century police force.

Gordon is flabbergasted to discover that WOMEN are allowed in the police force nowadays, AND can eat doughnuts on duty.

Is it me, or has the tone of this blog gone downhill lately?

I do hope so.

Copyright of PC Bloggs.


Anonymous Vic said...

It's such an obvious fake. Even though both photos were taken at the same location, look at the feet. They appear side by side, yet the top half of James Purnell is at 18" behind the guy next to him and he shows no sign of falling over which he should be considering the angle he would need to be at to achieve such a pose.

28 September, 2007 23:50

Anonymous Vic said...

You can see the original photo here


Enlarge it and see what I mean.

28 September, 2007 23:54

Anonymous non pc pc said...

what do you mean a fake?!?!? are you saying thats not really PC BLOGGS ! damn and i was about to say hot she looks :-)

29 September, 2007 07:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

alanorei, thanks.
The Stephen Lawrence inquiry excoriated the Police, and found them guilty of Institutionalized Racism.
That finding resulted in many of the current nonsense rules/regulations/initiatives/ that now occupy so much of police time and patience.
It also resulted in many of the insane regulations currently tying the hands of effective policing.
That the Macpherson report was plain left wing gibberish, and a politically corrupt demonstration from the beginning, was/is common knowledge
Two reports from respected sources now confirm What most officers knew from the day one of the hearings.

Put these together with the video, and a picture begins to form of a carefully orchestrated objective to undermine policing in a democracy to such an extent that...............
And in the event of................
The scapegoats will be.........
Think about it........

29 September, 2007 10:17

Anonymous gabriel oak said...

I've thought about it.
One of the main complaints, that is persistently ignored, is that of uncontrolled immigration/illegal immigration, and a "soft" police and judicial response to "ethnic" crime.
This has lead to a backlash from "right-wing bloggers".
"Not fit for Purpose", who promised a hard response has been retired.
Prescot, deputy PM was portrayed in the press as a fool. HE WAS NOT.
The Office of Deputy Prime Minister initiated many schemes to feed (taxpayer) funds into various public and private enterprises. One such was Yorkshire Forward.
The intelligent use of google on these two names will demonstrate vividly how intertwined Yorkshire Forward, a function of the ODPM, and Common Purpose, a Registered Charity really are.
You will find that Yorkshire Forward gives bursaries to "selected" applicants who wish to attend Common Purpose courses. You will find Common Purpose in residence at government offices throughout the UK.
Do detailed searches on Common Purpose and its founder. Examine its start up funding sources.
An extremely malignant pattern is showing.........
Extremely malignant to Police forces as currently constituted.

In order for a democracy to function, and to govern, the population has to be, more or less, homogeneous, to share a common purpose, have common aspirations.
We no longer live in a homogeneous society. Multiculturalism, and deliberate immigration policies have created an increasingly dysfunctional heterogeneous society.
The best example is Yugoslavia, a totally heterogeneous society that totally exploded into civil warfare after the death of the glue that bound it together, TITO
Hitler, pre WW11 commenced detailed population databases to determine male parental bloodlines, given that German populations were spread thinly over most of Europe at that time.
The same is happening in the UK.
Police held databases now cover 4.5 m population. Given family DNA structures, that effectively is probably 20m population. And the parliamentary statute for the means of acquiring this database is?
The database of Children has/will have 330,000 individuals capable of authorized access.
In which universe do you think that database would offer the remotest possibility of being secure?

Google Common Purpose, with its sister organisation Open Ground, to see the "selection" of children for leadership courses, and compare with Hitler Youth programmes! Or Stalin youth, for that matter.
And why Open Ground as a name?
Because of the nature of the minds of children, fertile and open!
Lymphatic cancer is particular malignant and deadly, because of its systemic spread.
This cancer has been incubating since the 1980s, and is growing in strength.

29 September, 2007 11:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Common Purpose and Bradford

29 September, 2007 11:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My deepest apologies for entries above, by myself and others.
Some things need the Oxygen of exposure, in certain settings.
I hope the above enlightens a few folks.
Please Pass it on to your associates if you feel you can.
Many Thanks.

29 September, 2007 11:59

Blogger The Muller said...

Anyhow ... to get back to WPC Bloggs.

It does look like you. A good identifit if you ask me. Oh, and the blog has gone downhill as well.

29 September, 2007 13:25

Blogger alanorei said...

Anon, Gabriel Oak*, thanks, very informative links.

*A splendid Hardy hero, solid chap.

I have three of Norman Dennis's books. No-one could seriously gainsay his research.

I note that Julia Middleton was educated in French state schools. I can't help wondering if she came under the influence of individuals like Bishop Autun, SJ, who once said, “Surtout, pas trop de zele,” (above all, not too much zeal).

If so, the principle has certainly worked for CP (Communist Party(?)). It has quietly made great strides and remains still relatively unknown.

To: PC Bloggs. Likewise I apologise for veering OT. But rather than going downhill, the blog seems to be digging deeper, which is not a bad thing.

29 September, 2007 15:06

Anonymous payasoru said...

Go with the flow, Bloggs. That's almost always downhill.!

29 September, 2007 15:25

Blogger hobbybobby said...

I like what you've done with your hair, Bloggsy... very swish!

29 September, 2007 16:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I might ask the forger of this photo to put a photo of a few of our local scallies on cctv stills of thieves screwing cars on our local car parks - should get a few "guilty pleas"...
Or is this not allowed and different.

On another note - that picture of PC Bloggs next to the PM does something for me...

Tell me PC Bloggs .. are you single..forget that .. not bothered .. what are you doing with a guy like him?

Ricky G

29 September, 2007 22:48

Anonymous pcR said...

I heard a rumour that the woman on the front of your book isn't really you; that the picture they took of you was digitally altered after the event and some filthy young minx was inserted afterwards using bluescreen tecnology in order to mislead the book-buying public and help boost sales.
Tell me it isn't so. Restore my faith in the whole publishing process.

30 September, 2007 00:41

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

PCR, there's been no jiggery pokery. Far cheaper than a blue screen and technology, it's called a "model". You wouldn't catch me in that shade of lippy...

30 September, 2007 01:15

Blogger Metcountymounty said...

completely off topic but who cares.... Bloggsy, finished your book yesterday on the train and ordered a couple of copies for a some friends this morning. I really liked your writing style and like everyone in the job, I can relate to everything you put in there from the domestic bliss that this job allows us to have to the cracking efficiency displayed by the civvies employed by the job who instantly have more Police experience and ability to pull rank/role on their first day.

Two simple words - Loved it.

From one set of boots on the ground to another, I take my hat off to you madam :o)

30 September, 2007 13:05

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Note to all readers: off-topic comments fine as long as they follow the lines of metcountymounty's... :-)

30 September, 2007 17:36

Anonymous Anonymous said...


My girlfriend (Job too) and I thought your book was great too. Read it on a warm beach - best place! Best book on the subject by miles.

As an aside - can anyone help me with locating the first "blog" book I read (about 20 years ago) called "Yankee 1 and George"? It was written by a Met area car driver and details his part in the infamous George Davis case. I've tried everything with no luck. Thanks.

30 September, 2007 18:57

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's that bloke standing next to Bloggsy? Some people will do anything to get on camera!

30 September, 2007 20:06

Blogger Chuck Unsworth said...

"Is it me, or has the tone of this blog gone downhill lately?

I'm tempted to ask if that is actually possible.

But I won't

30 September, 2007 22:07

Blogger hobbybobby said...

Anon wrote "can anyone help me with locating the first "blog" book I read (about 20 years ago) called "Yankee 1 and George"?"

Yep - try

01 October, 2007 01:46

Anonymous Anonymous said...

bought your book in borders yesterday afternoon bloggsy - just finished it. a genuine classic, the funniest thing i have read in literally ages.

01 October, 2007 12:03

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just started reading the book ... love it, love it, love it!

It is hilarious - the best thing I've read for ages by miles. I've been cackling to myself everytime I think about it.


01 October, 2007 13:00

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15 April, 2009 08:44


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