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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pity the children.

Apparently the age of criminal responsibility should be 18. Here are a few people who would not have gone to prison if it were:

Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.
Danny and Rickie Preddie.
Michael Hamer.

In my view this is a strong argument in favour of the change. I am fed up of the amount of time I spend arresting people under 18 for violent and dishonest crimes. My job would be a lot easier if I could just tell the victims that as the offenders are only just old enough to get married, drive, leave school and live alone, they are not responsible for their actions.

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Blogger Officer Dibble said...

Curses Pc Bloggs
Just when my bout of indigestion was improving you show me this!

18 May, 2007 18:45

Anonymous ted said...

No, No, No!!!!

That does not go far enough. Imagine how low we could get the crime rate if we made the age of criminal responsibility 65.

And those thieving OAP scum can't run very fast and don't put of much of a struggle when the cuffs are getting slapped on.

18 May, 2007 21:05

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Retired (now) Police Inspector during a rather heated discussion about the rights and wrongs of locking up deliquent children reckoned that the Public tolerence hour hand was at 9 ish. The entire 24 hours was to be measured at 100 years or so. What he ment was that in 25 years-give or take a few minuts- society would really get pissed off and lock these and other older miscreants up. This was the natural reaction of the law abiding general public. The `Liberal` people who would defend them obviously had a spare bedroom as the prisons were so full and a charger for the tag and a large back garden for the caravans.

He is now having a pint and worring about the 3:15 at York.

Me, I`m wishing my life away.

18 May, 2007 22:21

Anonymous bao chi said...

You might want to add the name Christopher Craig to your list my dear.

Bao chi (back from the nether world nad ready to blog)

19 May, 2007 00:18

Anonymous Sue said...

My partners 11yr old (usually a decent kind of kid) decided to 'show off' to his mates while walking home from school, how to let tyres down on cars!!!! Residents caught him doing it, rang the school he goes to and also rang the police to report damage to the valves he had done...hes been told to 'expect' a visit from the police - and quite rightly so...ive given him the usual speeches of 'what were you thinking' 'you know better than that' 'its criminal damage and you will face up to what you have done' blah blah blah - 2 weeks later and the police havent arrived - he thinks its because he hasnt really done anything wrong - oh well the 'your grounded until after the police have been' will worry him lol

19 May, 2007 16:17

Anonymous pc pc said...

Sue, your story is just too far-fetched to believe. What force would miss out on an easy detection like that!

19 May, 2007 17:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

19 May, 2007 17:52

Blogger busybizzie said...

Daft idea. I had a much better one. Why don't we just make it a criminal offence to be a criminal? No more tiresome investigations trying to prove thefts and assaults, just liberally apply the label 'criminal' to any shifty looking characters loitering about and lock 'em up! Couldn't be easier.

20 May, 2007 08:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem is the idea that you have a "criminal age of responsibility".

The way it is operated now, more or less irrespective of what the law is (not this simple I know) is absolutely nothing happens to you until a certain age, at which time the law hits you in the face full on. The problem with this is that many teenagers are well aware the law can do nothing to them and that things like cautions are more or less pointless. They "learn" that they are untouchable. Except then they hit 18 and a nasty man (woman) in a blue uniform sticks handcuffs on them and throws them in a cell for behaviour "ignored" 6 months earlier

What is required is a graduated set of responsibilities ; and this should go a great deal lower than the 16/18 it typically operates at now (actually getting anything done about a 14 year old short of murder is impossible (not counting easy hits for target purposes)).

Thus from as early as 7 or 8 there is some form of "criminal responsibility" with a "punishment" without treating a child like you might a 20 year old in the CJS.

I'm half inclined to suggest a clip round the ear from a copper, but that would doubtless be "unacceptable" to the Child Protection Industry.

20 May, 2007 23:12

Blogger Phil A said...

This brilliant suggestion will enable the Government to reduce youth crime to zero, just as keeping kids in full time education until they finish university will reduce youth unemployment to zero.

Another Government imposed target spun and met…

21 May, 2007 13:24

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15 April, 2009 12:27


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