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Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Veiled Remark.

Jack Straw has stirred up a nest of stripey stinging things with this article. He suggests that Muslim women should remove their veils in order for him to see their faces.

Personally I feel that relations between communities could not get much less positive and things might be helped if both men and women of all ethnic backgrounds wore veils. That way police could not get branded racists for pulling over any particular skin colour and communities wouldn't fight each other because they wouldn't know who was who. There would be no Chavs as we would all be in hoodies. The only downside would be that MTV would go out of business. On second thoughts, there is no downside.

I say bring on the veil, apart from it being ordained by God, which is good enough reason for most things, it would be a true equaliser, and as everyone knows, I am all for EQUALITY.

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Blogger PC South West said...

You really are going for it today with the possible can of wriggly things.
I think Jack Straw should have kept this opinion to himself. Why do some politicians insist on putting both feet in their mouths when they open it.
I don't want to see the chavs confused with everyone else though, as we wont be able to spot them a mile off.

05 October, 2006 21:26

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a thought - how do you deal with those hoodies in shopping centres who cover there heads or motorcyclists who wear their helmets going into a bank a veil is the perfect disguise soon every hoodie and bank robber will get one!

05 October, 2006 22:35

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a 55 year old liberal who has always hated anything resembling racism... I've always been wary of the Labour (both new and old) party and all it stands (and formerly stood) for and yet, in this context, like Jack Straw I find myself all for equality - I don't wear a face mask when I talk to other people and if they want to talk to me they can bloody well drop theirs - I've had enough of fitting in with other peoples cultures - I'm one of the silent ratepaying, taxpaying majority, and they can either fit in with MY culture or go somewhere less fussy (like Iran for example)

06 October, 2006 01:42

Blogger Noddy said...

....and there was me thinking we were told to embrace diversity.

06 October, 2006 01:55

Blogger GateGipsy said...

Isn't it a part of the freedom of this country that we're, rightly, so proud that means that people can wear a veil if they so want? I'm not sure I want to live in a country where the laws dictate that people *have* to adhere to local culture. Isn't that just like Iran then?

PC Bloggs - I've been a long time reader of other bloggs, such as the Law West of Ealing Broadway, Random Reality and the Policeman's blog. I think I'll be adding yours to my must read every day list - it is very good!

06 October, 2006 09:53

Blogger BelfastPeeler said...

I know this is a bit flippant, but is their picture on their passport/driving licence with or without a veil?

06 October, 2006 11:49

Blogger PC South West said...

I have now read that 90% of radio 5 listeners agree with Jack Straw, how about that?

08 October, 2006 16:41

Blogger staghounds said...

I can't see the difference between a veil, a klan hood, and a robber's mask. It should be the same law for all. If your religion compels you to break the law, move, keep it at home, or become a martyr for your faith.

Just because your invisible friend told you to do it makes no difference.

That's what we said to the polygamists and female circumcisers.

The Turks outlawed the veil 80 years ago and their Islam doesn't seem to have suffered.

09 October, 2006 17:12

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