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Thursday, October 05, 2006

We Hate Race Hate.

It has come to my attention that some police officers HATE attending RACIST INCIDENTS. I cannot understand this attitude. Race hate crime is a serious business.

For some context, the Stephen Lawrence Enquiry defined a racist incident as:

"Any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person."

This means if anyone mentions Racism when I attend their report, the crime is elevated from just requiring a crime reference number, to a full statement from the victim, a Racist Incident Form, a checklist, and a signature from a supervising officer.

A racist incident can be identified by anyone. Whilst we police officers would love to do all the extra paperwork brought on by the naming of a Racist Incident, we are not always very good at identifying them and we have to be helped out by others.

For example, the control room operator. It may appear he/she is just a civilian sitting in a room 48 miles from where the incident took place, but in fact he is capable of sensing Racism through the telephone line by the merest mention of skin colour. Other parties who are excellent at spotting Racism are random passers-by with no connection to the incident. Sometimes we police get too immersed in the fact that an incident is a criminal offence, and we need to have it pointed out to us that one or other of the parties is not white.

Likewise, the attitude of groaning when sent to a Racist Incident is misplaced. Now that the police force is no longer full of the Ku Klux Klan and has wiped bigotry out of its staff, we can go about our work with a happy heart. We should jump at the chance to fill in a checklist which is going to eradicate prejudice and hate. When I see an officer taking a five page statement for a job which should never have been a police matter, I thrill with anticipation of world peace. And yet some of my colleagues have no faith in the methods used to tackle this scourge of society! As if they somehow feel that these important procedures and forms bear no relation to the deep-seated grudges and bad feeling circulating in the souls of the masses!

The only thing I can put it down to is that Racism just isn't talked about enough in our training.

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Blogger The Conservative Bookman said...

this is an interesting news story, bloggs.

minefields, cans of worms and pandora's boxes springing open and being walked into left, right and centre with all this race nonsense.

05 October, 2006 09:39

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Yes I linked to that too. I wonder if the guy really felt "unsafe" or if he just didn't like the twelve hour days on his feet in the street and decide to wangle a way out of it. We've all done it. Ooh, I just don't feel safe attending this griefy domestic on my own... I had better not go.

05 October, 2006 12:38

Blogger Joe90 said...

Yes, racism is a very serious business. But just because a white man assaults a black man, or vice versa, doesn't make the incident racist.

05 October, 2006 15:28

Blogger staghounds said...

It does if one is paid to "plan strategies to combat" racism. If there's no racism, anno racial crime, then it's back to a real job. Ergo, racially motivated crime.

Nearly all crime is motivated by hate for others and the desire for the joy the criminal gets from harming them. So any crime in which the races of victim and criminal differ is by its nature a racial hate crime.

Think of the endless job creation and patronage benefits!

We have a white against black racism problem like we have a diptheria problem.

05 October, 2006 16:03

Anonymous Anonymous said...

PC Bloggs, a very brave posting I feel. You may attract the unwanted attention of the Nazi groups like combat 18 or KKK etc.
We don't want them posting their views on our sites.
But I must say when I attend any crime; it makes no difference what colour, religion or sexual orientation the victim is. I will investigate the matter how I feel fit at the scene. Although if it is racist I will always cover my ass by fully documenting my actions. Sometimes the control room decides an incident has racial undertones just because the informant is foreign or of an ethnic group, when in fact the informant does not feel the incident is racist.
Also how many times have you been accused by someone as being racist.
I have stopped cars and been accused by the driver that I stopped him/her because of their ethnicity.
I recently saw a car parked where it should not have been; as I walked past I reminded the chap who was sat in the drivers seat that he should move on please.
This chap failed the attitude test and was checked out and given a HORT1. I received a complaint shortly after because of my racist actions, the driver was Asian. My actions were never anything to do with his ethnicity but his attitude. He just wanted to cause me difficulty and knows he can use the race card to get me inconvenienced.

05 October, 2006 16:23

Blogger Sperestillan said...

The past few weeks I have been losing faith in our police force. That was until I read your entry.

05 October, 2006 22:23

Anonymous ted said...

The plot was well and truly lost when MacPherson defined a racist incident as being "Any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person."
After 200 odd years of policing in this country being evidence based we now have the equivalent of a ruling that 2 + 2 equals 5 if somebody thinks it does.
Don't get me wrong racist crimes of any kind should get thoroughly investigated but just because the victim and suspect come from different racial groups does not necessarily mean the motovation for the crime is racial.
In practise the definition does not cause many problems as in almost all racial incidents the motivation can be inferred from the language or gestures used by the suspect. But that does not get away from the fact that definitions should be based on evidence and facts and not perceptions as perceptions can be mistaken.

06 October, 2006 00:13

Blogger BelfastPeeler said...

I recently went to an incident in a wetherspoons (I presume they attract the same calibre of clients on the mainland) where some bloke had thrown a chair a group of people.

The people in question were 3 local girls and two Polish guys. No one was hurt and no compaints were made (!) but in taking the details of what happened the girl said to me she thought the guy did it because the 2 guys were speaking Polish to each other. Plausible? Absolutely. Made no difference to me, the only thing I did different was tick the box on the incident form and sent it to the Minority Liason Officer (whom I have never spoken to, met, or seen).

But it is true I have eyes like a hawk: I can look at a car thats doing over the speed limit at night and can tell you from 50 metres away, from behind, that the driver is black, and that't the only reason I stop him. Isn't it.

06 October, 2006 11:48

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03 April, 2009 18:46


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