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Monday, February 08, 2010

Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy

1998: "
Mandy, I am going to declare war on you and I have declared it as of now. See what I will do to you. From now on you are dead. I will start with your mum first. If, in the next hour, you don't leave a message. I am so emotionally disturbed now, that anything is possible from me... You think it's a bluff? I give you an hour and see what I will do to you. If you think I am worried about my career, to get back at you, you must be joking. Just remember what I did to ******'s husband. It is not safe for you to stay in that house. You are not safe. I am going to come and catch you, on my mother's life. If you are at home, get out . . . because if I see you, I am going to lose it right now. 'You want war, bitch, you're going to get some war. You will see now what I can do, so you will cry for years. First, I will start with your family, then I come to you and your reputation. I will spread all over London that you are a prostitute."

2000-2001: "A witch-hunt of Orwellian proportions."

2003: "Absolute relief, I'm delighted that I have been unequivocally vindicated."
"The fact of the matter is, 44 officers crawled over my private and personal life over four years, and spent £7 million of taxpayers' money, and the best they could come out with is that I had some unpleasant telephone conversation with an ex-partner in 1998... This is only about the handful of officers who set out, as I said previously, to destroy my life, my career, and actually destroy the National Black Police Association. And I think that's the key."

"Not One of Us."
Public apologies. Integrity intact. We're Sorry.

"It is outrageous that the CPS, for the second time in four years, has commenced prosecution against the president of the National Black Police Association, Commander Ali Dizaei. This has not happened to any other senior police officer in the history of the MPS or the CPS."

2010: Guilty.


In all of this, spare a thought for PC Andy Moore and PC Andrew Collett. Imagine turning up to an assistance call by your Chief Superintendent, and arriving to find you don't believe a thing he's telling you. Imagine having him present to you an arrested male, and asking you to transport him to custody.

Whilst the abuse of businessman Waab al-Baghdadi is of course the clearest of the allegations against Ali Dizaei, the abuse of internal power is perhaps more pernicious and more damaging.

What are we to expect next from the glitterball of Mr Dizaei's life? An appeal? More reinstatements, climbdowns, apologies and compensation?

"This has not happened to any other senior police officer in the history of the MPS or the CPS."

There's a reason.

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in some bookstores and online.


Anonymous A Polis Man said...

I am sad at this news, not for Dazaei he’s got what was due (ish)

but for every other copper in metrocity and beyond who has been tarnished by his actions.

Only today I was saying to a junior collegue I’ve never known an officer in this force make something up (this doesn’t mean mistakes or errors don’t happen), this has an impact on every officer everywhere.

Hats off and congrats to the team that made this happen,(other forces take note, more of this type of prosecution is a must) saddened that someones oath and collegues mean so little to some.

08 February, 2010 21:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm yet to see a photo of that man where it doesn't look like he wants to stick the boot into me!

There's no doubt a colorful past here, and one that would have only gotten worse, in my opinion. I don't doubt he'll appeal, but the damage is done to his career. I hope he looses his pension, and all that he's clawed his way to acquire.


08 February, 2010 21:52

Blogger blueknight said...

He sounds like a dangerous liability. He had to go and now he has.
The Met should have been tougher first time round and disciplined him. They didn't and that made him believe he was untouchable.
They haven't said whether the witness is going to get any help or protection.
I wouldn't rule out Mr D arranging some sort of revenge.

08 February, 2010 22:18

Anonymous Steve D. said...

I remember when that all originally kicked off and it was a very bad time for us in the Met. The media were vitriolic towards the Service and even the Lawrence family came out to defend Mr Dizaei. Unfortunately, the damage caused to the Police’s reputation can never be repaired, and we’d be waiting for hell to freeze over before the media or the BPA apologised for getting it so wrong.

I also remember at the same time that a Sgt was charged with sending himself racist hate mail. He was later cleared and reinstated with back-pay etc, and it was clear at the time that high-profile cases like the above had an influence on this decision. I wonder how many legitimate cases were adversely affected by the Service fearing to act because of Mr Dizaei’s case and whether any will be revisited.

08 February, 2010 22:28

Anonymous Anonymous said...

0h what a tangled web he weaved...

He was brought to book despite his rank, and despite allegations of racism. Fantastic.


08 February, 2010 22:30

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is people like him and Ghauffur who give the job a bad name just so that they can achieve their own lust for power. Good riddance.

08 February, 2010 22:37

Anonymous Bill said...

Dizzy Rascal.

09 February, 2010 06:20

Anonymous Anonymous said...


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09 February, 2010 06:51

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Live by the sword. Die by the sword.

All the decent black cops I know want nothing to do with the BPA. The dodgier/lazier ones are all up for it. Says it all to me.

As for the Cops put in an awkward situation by having to give evidence against a SMT I do feel sorry for them but iam sure they will not lose any sleep over it. He would not have thought twice about shitting on them and sending them to prison. He'd have even lied to do it.


09 February, 2010 08:25

Blogger Doctor Bloggs said...

Millions of pounds and thousands of hours of police office time and the best they can do is a charge of being a bit aggressive towards an aberrant webdesigner????

That kind of conduct is the bread and butter of the police force. If you look in anyone's case book you will find far worse.

If Desai was half as bad as they are trying to paint him
a - there would be far worse and far more charges
b - he would never have reached the promotional heights he achieved.
c - this is the media hype showing that it is them, not politicians nor the people who are in charge

Methinks they doth protest too much

09 February, 2010 08:29

Blogger Hogdayafternoon said...

I recall the comments of a PC as he struggled to arrest one of our own chief superintendents, who was driving drunk and who turned violent as he played the `do you know who I am` card..."Don't come that with me. You're a disgrace. I have zero respect for you. You are under arrest". Boy was I proud of that constable. If ever a commendation was deserved.....

09 February, 2010 10:41

Blogger jerym said...

The real criminals are the gutless shits who promoted him and allowed him to get away with it for so long.

09 February, 2010 10:54

Blogger jerym said...

Oh!and I forgot what are the odds on the result of the appeal?

09 February, 2010 10:58

Blogger Nationalist said...

I'm just amazed that someone who speaks such broken English could reach such a senior rank. I can't believe he was there on merit.

09 February, 2010 15:53

Anonymous R/T said...

Ellie (et al) - for Chief Super, read "ACC". That's the equivalent and makes it doubly scary, I think.

09 February, 2010 16:18

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At long last someone finally had the guts to nail this bastard! Let's be honest; even if they couldn't make a criminal charge stick the bosses could have had him on disciplinary charges before now. Lets hope that the BPA, GPA etc. are flushed away and that those like Dezai who've played the race/gay/religion card to get out of trouble get what's coming to them. We don't want types like them in the job nor do we need them. Time for a long overdue purge.

09 February, 2010 16:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I've read over the past few years, Dizaei should have been done for numerous disciplinary matters but wasn't because the investigations were muddled, confused and poorly documented thanks to non-existent or ill-thought out policies and procedures.

The muddle and lack of clarity—especially about the reasoning behind key decisions—allowed Dizaei to play the race card and get off even when there was substantial weight of evidence against him. And even when he admitted various disciplinary offences.

On top of all that, there was a high level of political interference and an overwheening desire to keep special interest groups sweet.

Put it all together and it's obvious the real problem is the Met's SMT, just as it has been with so many of the other issues that have plagued the force in the past few years.

The Morris enquiry set it out quite succinctly: "Finally, we are concerned by the apparent failure of the organisation to learn lessons when investigations go wrong. We suspect that one reason for this is that officers of senior rank seem consistently to avoid accountability for either their actions or those of the officers under their direction."

09 February, 2010 18:52

Anonymous MarkUK said...

Many thanks to the officers who worked on the Dizaei case. As a MOP, I'm glad I won't be contributing one penny more to the upkeep of this scrote. (Well, apart from contributing to his board & lodging, and that I don't begrudge.)

Dr Boggs; if a suspect is in a powerful position in the very agency that is likely to investigate him, and also has a "get out of jail free" card (race), then it's hardly surprising it took so much to get him on so little. Remember, Al Capone was done only for tax evasion.

09 February, 2010 22:40

Blogger English Pensioner said...

Perhaps this will also be the end of the Black Police Association. As the Daily Telegraph put it today, just imagine what would be the reaction to a White Police Association!

10 February, 2010 00:04

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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I don't mean this in a bad way, of course! Societal concerns aside... I just hope that as the price of memory drops, the possibility of uploading our memories onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It's a fantasy that I daydream about almost every day.

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10 February, 2010 03:50

Anonymous Anonymous said...

THERE IS A REASON, that Ali Dizaei has been TARGETED, harassed and stitched up for this latest minor incident. How much did the Met spend to ruin Dizaei? MILLIONS? On a petty public order offence. It just doesn't add up. Dizaei WAS STITCHED UP. I feel saddened that people seem keen to stick the boot in, and that they cannot see beyond outward appearances. A farce.

But I am even more DISGUSTED, by some in the Met, and elsewhere, who ARE a true disgrace to the force and the uniform, and that has been covered up by them, to save their own deceptive skins.

You should perhaps ask yourselves, HOW COME those in the Met, AT THE TOP, who screwed up about Intelligence info, which could have PREVENTED 9/11, Madrid and 7/7, and the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, get to keep their jobs/pensions, reputations? Liars.

You should also perhaps ask yourselves WHY IS IT, that some who have committed SERIOUS CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN, are still in their jobs - NO prosecutions???
This deception and hypocrisy by those at the top in the Met, and elsewhere makes me sick.

Ali Dizaei is mentioned in Intelligence records, as being the TARGET OF A CONSPIRACY to undermine him. BECAUSE......He had/has a very special God given destiny IN IRAN, as a leader of men who would/will help prevent Nuclear disaster and further trouble there. That's the 'reason' he has been smeared, because some people in government WANT WAR AND TROUBLE.

The Met have kept quiet about proven accurate Intelligence records and warnings, and have sabotaged 'key players' lives. Ali Dizaei is just one victim of this dirty tricks campaign and cover up.

Some at the TOP have committed FAR WORSE, SERIOUS CRIMES, than Ali Dizaei's 'colourful' escapades. I hope that he proves his case and wins his appeal, because he did NOT deserve that one bit. The so called 'victim' LIED to cause trouble for him, and that suited someone's POLITICAL AGENDA.

That is the reason Bloggsy.......

10 February, 2010 04:40

Blogger Doctor Bloggs said...

I will assume that the medical profession runs itself in a way very much like the police. Both are large bureaucratic institutions with high status and wield power well beyond the intelligence and integrity of most of those in authority within the professions.
Were this case to come before the GMC it would not mean the Dr Dizae were a bad doctor, rather that he had run out of political connections with which to protect himself.

Compare this case to Dr Raj Patel - small offence, disproportionate penalty, and Dr Jane Barton - large offence, disproportionate penalty. Dr Jane Barton's brother is an retired Council Member on the General Medical Council

I think it is naive to assume that the baddie has been caught. Rather both medicine and the police may be institutions that are deeply corrupt and racist. When those institutions are put under pressure to clean up their act, they protect their own. Hence I do not believe that this is a cause for celebration that others would have us believe.

In my view of the world, it means that the old guard have won because they picked him up on a "relatively" minor point and this now means we can all have a go at him.

And Anonymous, yes I read AD's biography and had forgotten the Iran question. It makes sense with UK and US lining up to invade Iran to discredit the leading Iranian police officer, on any offence that can be scraped off the boot of a collaborating member of the public.

10 February, 2010 07:13

Blogger Doctor Bloggs said...

And MarkUK - re tax evasion for doctors has now become an offence which is punishable by the General Medical Council. There are a few months amnesty before the next tax form is completed and then - hey presto, not only can the Inland Revenue send you to jail but they can also make sure you never work again!

10 February, 2010 07:16

Blogger Metcountymounty said...

He wasn't charged and convicted of a public order offence, he was charged and convicted with malfeasance and perverting the course of justice.

10 February, 2010 13:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like the tin foil hat wearing brigade are at it again. The man was bent, he got what has been a long long time coming. End of. No great conspiracy, just a case of someone bending the law and getting caught, happens everyday.

10 February, 2010 17:05

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Metcountymounty....True, but the FARCE began as a genuine public order offence committed AGAINST Ali Dizaei. It was turned against HIM, by a few BAD EGGS within the Met, in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and to ruin a man whose destiny IS to help ease the hostility with Iran. The people responsible for this act of sabotage, are EVIL B******S.
They know who they are and they have no consciences, nor morals.

It has been confirmed today, that MI5 and the Foreign Office KNEW about the torture of the innocent man Binyam Mohamed et al, and that they have done their best to cover that up. The Truth Will Out......

To their utter shame, MI5/6 and government, are covering up about Intelligence records, and warnings, that have been proved credible and accurate.
Those Intelligence records state the importance of Ali Dizaei's POSITIVE role in calming down the threat and hostility coming from Iran. The records also state, there would be a determined long term conspiracy to undermine and ruin Ali Dizaei..... to derail a long term Operation to ensure PEACE and a Nuclear free world.

Operation Beelzebub - codename Lawrence - 1958 - Royal Protection Officer.

11 February, 2010 00:08

Anonymous shijuro said...

nuclear free world?

good job we have them - we would be speaking Russian now if we didn't...


11 February, 2010 12:14

Blogger jerym said...

`Those Intelligence records state the importance of Ali Dizaei's POSITIVE role in calming down the threat and hostility coming from Iran.`
Anonymous 11 feb 00:08---------Where can we see these records?

11 February, 2010 14:04

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool article as for me. It would be great to read more about that topic. Thanx for sharing this information.

11 February, 2010 15:27

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jerym.....The Security Service AND Military Intelligence hold the Intelligence records, documented carefully by a royal protection officer. Those records contain foretold warnings of very serious dangers humanity would do well to avoid, including getting dragged into a US led war with Iraq.

For security reasons the WHOLE of the information was not held by any one 'body' and was spread out amongst a few. Put together, the jigsaw gives the full picture, and spills all the beans, on the betrayal done to H.M the Queen et al, and the good people of this country, at the hands of H.M's TREACHEROUS GOVERNMENT.

Considering that the government have fought and twisted the truth for years, to keep their deceptions and collusion in torture, HIDDEN from the public, they will not readily 'fess up' to the Intelligence info....Which has been held by Security for over 50 YEARS.... Because it will PROVE the many mistakes made, their bad faith, lies, treachery, deceit and their selfish hypocritical, self serving that really DOES NOT give a toss about the people of this country, despite what they may say to the contrary. Their actions prove that.

And, that Dr David Kelly DID NOT commit suicide. His murder, other dark plots, and the assassination of Diana, Princess of Wales, WAS foretold, and who 'done it'.

The 'Emperor' has used every trick in his Dark Book to conceal the truth, smear and ruin the good, and to establish a Stalinist regime over which he intends to 'reign supreme', which will lead this country to ruin and Nuclear destruction. GOD FORBID.

He has bewitched many of the public with his guile, lies and spin, and corrupted some, in very high places, to maintain his position of power and control.
But many have now woken up from the NuLab 'dream'. Hallellujah!

However, it has been noted by an honourable member of the judiciary just recently, that the integrity of MI5/6 HAS BEEN CORRUPTED. Further, that they have an interests in NOT revealing the truth and the facts. Mistakes have been made, and added to, time and time again, by people at the TOP of the pile, which they have covered up with layer after layer of utter crap, to conceal the truth, and the serious crimes of many in positions of power and authority, some in VERY high places.

I was told a long time ago, that it will all come out 'in the wash'...well roll on washday please! Before it really IS far too late and this government just carries on regardless with their own destructive agenda. An agenda which is in total OPPOSITE to the PROVEN to be accurate Intel warnings, given to protect the lives of the people of this country and the wider world.

This Intelligence record SHOULD be made known to the people, BEFORE the government 'consultation' farce on the 'need' for new Nuclear Power is finished in 10 days time. This is the BIGGEST LIE and DECEPTION of all time, and the most dangerous and deadly to future generations, who will suffer.

Intel WARNED of terror attacks that happened, because Intel was arrogantly dismissed as 'fantasy'.
The Intel STRONGLY WARNS THE WHOLE WORLD, including Iran and Korea, against continuing with ANY form of Nuclear Power, which, IN THE FUTURE, will prove to be a DEADLY MISTAKE for future generations.

And the governments' just ignore it??? How the Security Service can keep silent about this serious threat to humanity, National and Global security, IS A DISGRACE.

Minority Report Officer

12 February, 2010 03:12

Anonymous Shijuro said...

'Dr David Kelly DID NOT commit suicide. His murder, other dark plots, and the assassination of Diana, Princess of Wales'


you are having a Stephi-Graff ...

True - the world has been to the brink if nuclear war a couple of times- however, we are still here- because the Ruskies knew - no matter how much damage they did to the capitalist states in the West- the nuclear armed subs on our side would fire and destroy them too.. making it a loose, loose situation.

The concept of Mutual Assured Destruction- has kept the peace to date- however, some people dont appear to mind they are blown up (says popular press of Alan Kahededa) ...

That is a crock.

I notice- that no senior 'leaders' of Al-K end up going bang? I can hear it now... 'yes my son, Allah in his wisdom wants you to blow up the infidel and yourself etc- I would go with you on this trip to paradise but - Allah wants me to stay on Earth to do his bidding- I really wanted to go - but who am I to go against Allah's will... etc...

The A-K boys dont want nuclear war anymore than we do.

For all Muslims reading the above- I suspect Allah would NEVER order the murder of innocent people.

12 February, 2010 11:11

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

12 February, 2010 15:50

Blogger jerym said...

This blog is begining to sound like old moores almanac.
Pull the plug Bloggs

12 February, 2010 19:56

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

12 February, 2010 23:28

Anonymous Shijuro said...

It's the troll ...

12 February, 2010 23:45

Blogger Virtual Supply said...

Simple, he was corrupt and sat for two years on full pay at our expense.

Daft Police choices affect us all the time. See my blog...

Daft Police and a Navy Exercise of Somalia to rescue the Chandlers

A nearby Police force seem to have lost the plot, like many Forces, they are entertaining swingeing staff cuts, massive savings and using over bloated, commercial strength advisory teams to tell them who is to go and who is to stay. I bet they have an IT/HR department with more staff in it, than they have Officers on Nights shift! Or days shift come to think of it.

Now, in their infinite wisdom, they are trying to educate householders who leave a window open, or an unattended door unlocked, they could fall prey to Billy Burglar. We know householders become lackadaisical and leave doors open, or the kids will go out and not shut it properly behind them, or they will sit watching TV at full blast while the rest of the house is left to fend for its self.

13 February, 2010 08:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How strange Bloggsy......I wanted to email you direct from your blog link, but for about a week now, when I log on to this site, it is not bringing up your sidebar of links. This isn't happening on any other blog I go on. How weird!

16 February, 2010 01:43

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fail to see what could cause Shijuro to 'lol' regarding the killings of Dr David Kelly and Diana, Princess of I failed to mention in my previous post, also Diana's lover Dodi Fayed - no offence intended there.
Dr Kelly was the person who raised serious doubts about Saddam's WMD's and the need to go to war. Diana had been warned off the Anti-Land Mines high profile campaign.
Nothing at all amusing about any of the above.

Assured mutual destruction regarding Nuclear WMD's may well have prevented all out wars in the past. That was then, this is NOW.
The world has changed considerably.

Like it or not, whether Ali Dizaei is or isn't the most perfect of human beings, he was and would be very helpful in diplomatic negotiations with Iran, regarding the Intelligence about Nuclear.
'Someone' sabotaged that by smearing Ali Dizaei and then by fitting him up.

There are vested interests, and governments, who are totally ignoring very serious Intel warnings about the danger to the whole human race, and this planet, from ALL forms of Nuclear power, and that includes using it to generate electricity. They are leading the world to disaster, in the future, and no one appears to care about that. Or that someone who would have helped with the problem in Iran, has been got at.

Minority Report Officer

16 February, 2010 02:02

Anonymous Shijuro said...

I lol because it's so absurd.

The idea Di was assasinated is silly for a number of reasons:

1. She wasn't doing anything to warrant murder.
2. The method wasn't sure enough- a pro would have shot her.
3. If she had worn her seatbelt - she would have walked away.
4. I could go on but I feel silly pointing it out to a grown up.

18 February, 2010 18:29

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shijuro....You are entitled to your own personal opinion, which reflects the convenient "official line" of palatable explanation to feed to a shocked and grieving public. One that also hides the extent of the treachery and deception that has been going on for decades.

There are those who KNOW the truth of what really happened, and those who chose to fall hook line and sinker, for the lies of the official cover up.

1. Diana went on Panorama and talked about her past life, in which she had a sister and was very poor. She WAS murdered in her past life, by an evil entity who also murdered and abused many other children, and adults. He got twitchy following that programme, because IF she had had clear recall of her past life, DNA would have nailed him. The arms industry do not like those who oppose their zeal for wars and destruction. Diana HAD been warned off the Anti Landmines Campaign.

2. The method was sneaky and underhanded, with all the hallmarks of shaddowy organisations and corrupted rogues. Mr Al Fayed wasn't wrong about who was involved in the deaths of Diana and his son Dodi, except for his mistaken belief that the Monarchy were behind it. They were not involved in any way, and became the victims of a deliberate smear campaign against them. 007's don't shoot people these days, and the "method" was one used by "agents" who want to make it look like an "accident".

3. Maybe she would have survived if she had worn her seat belt, but maybe she would not, as there was a determined plot to end her life.
She was regarded as a loose cannon, out of control and dangerous to the establishment.
Don't be so naive Shijuro.

4. Yes, best not "go on", because you do look a bit silly, spouting off about Intelligence, of which you either know nothing, or seek to cover up the truth. Best not, that you try to teach your granny to suck eggs, Shijuro.


19 February, 2010 03:33

Anonymous Anonymous said...

MRO - if you genuinely had access to such intel, you would have had to sign the Official Secrets Act AND would in no way be spouting of about it on a public blog - some of your argument is interesting, but undermined by the "i know more than you do" attitude.

in fact, why don't you start your own blog?

21 February, 2010 09:16

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon above @09:16 21 February.....

Please do not mistake my confidence in what I have stated as the truth, as an attitude of "I know more than you do". On the issues that I "spout off" about, I do happen to know what I am talking about. And at times I really wish that I didn't know, but that's the special assignment I was given a long time ago, for reasons I won't go into here, now.

Someone who was/is deep undercover BECAUSE of the sensitivity and serious nature of said Intel- long term planning - would not have had to sign the official secrets act, and I didn't. "Spouting off" as you call it, on a public blog, is often the ONLY WAY to get the truth out into the public domain, because of the control and deception by government et al, and their hidden agenda and desire to hide the unpalatable truth from the people.
As you correctly point out, those who do have knowledge of the DOCUMENTED INTEL RECORDS have been gagged by the OSA. My knowledge of the Intel comes from the source of the info, and recall of it.

In Defence of the Realm

Operation Beelzebub - codename Lawrence - Royal Protection Officer

Minority Report Officer - Job Done!

21 February, 2010 17:21

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not For Publication. Confidential.

Hello Bloggsy,

You are probably aware of the recent news about Gordon Brown being accused of bullying. The NuLabour spin machine swung into action to smear the woman from the Bullying Helpline, who broke the story.

Because supporters of Gordon Brown had knowledge of highly sensitive Intel, disclosed 1957 at the briefing for Op Satan, they abused it. In a long term plan they sabotaged the Op and key players lives, Richard's and especially mine, with subliminal mind manipulation via TV media, to misdirect lives and to smear names.

Gordon Brown claims he has never "hit" anyone in his life.
Well Bloggsy, it was foretold in the Intel records made by Lawrence, that he would order a "hit" upon myself, and there have been numerous attempts to snuff me, that have failed. The latest was a few weeks ago via a lightweight vacum cleaner advertised in the Mail, by "Shop@Ease" Southampton. When it arrived, it looked like it had been tampered with and I got a strong sense to NOT use it. I sent it back without even plugging it in, but didn't report it formally to the local force.

I recalled Intel from 1958, that ROGUE "5" agents would sabotage the vacum cleaner, to electrocute me when I switched it on. I told "Confused Constable" about that via the direct email link to his blog. And that I suspect my landline phone, mobile and computer use are all being snooped upon by government. I recall Intel that says this IS the case, so they know how to get at me via vulnerable purchases, or sabotage whoever I contact, even for help.

I also recall Intel that the electroction method would be used on the elderly, disabled and frail, to reduce their numbers, as they would be considered to be a financial burden upon society, by evil gits in government. I have not told anyone else about this latest "snuffing of the elderly" Intel recall.

You may have seen in the press, that the recent assassination of the Hammas commander in Dubai by S.I.S agents, was done using electrocution, and then suffocation. Their chosen method is to make it look like an accident, or suicide, or drugs that cause a heart attack and leave no traces. Poison is another [failed] method used on myself. Numerous attempts. Long story.

1958 Intel stated, that it would be rogue French S.I.S agents who killed Diana, deliberately, and claim it was nothing more than an accident. Then bits of Intel would be leaked to Mohamed Al Fayed blaming the Royal Family, in a plot to discredit and undermine them. It very nearly worked, but I fought it.

Lynne told me "they" would manipulate a car crash that would kill her lover Dodi and the driver, whom they would blame for it. She told me that "they" would finish her off in the ambulance, by injection that would cause a heart attack. She could have been saved, but The Beast had manipulated dark forces against her. She was doing too much good to help those who were suffering, plus the Landmines campaign, and her appearance on Panorama, talking about her past life, and her sister, me, both child victims of The Beast.
All in all, one HELL of a scandal that the establishment want swept under the carpet, but that will only maintain the rotten status quo. Above Intel given to local force.

There is an intention to snuff Ali Dizaei in prison, to derail the attempts to gain peace and a Nuclear free Middle East. His perceived arrogance is most likely a defence reaction to opposition and dark forces. He's one of God's A team and a KEY PLAYER.

Rgards, MRO

23 February, 2010 04:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Bloggsy,

You took me by surprise there, publishing the above "confidential" Whistle-blowing. I can only assume that with the best of intentions and your Professional Judgment, you must have decided that it was WASH DAY for such shocking information.

In that spirit, here's another load best aired....... The 1957/8 Intel records also foretold of the recent financial crisis and recession, which Gordon Brown would be in denial about initially. Then claiming that "no-one could have forseen the problem" - rubbish they were informed and Gordon screwed up, big time, but then managed to mitigate the disaster to a degree, for which he now tries to claim much credit.

Alistair Darling has just spoken on TV about "The Forces of Hell, being unleashed upon him", because he spoke the truth about the recession. He was subjected to a lot of negative energy and "briefings against him". At least Mr Darling will now understand a little of what I have been subjected to, since my childhood "Whistle-blowing" about paedophiles in high places.

The Forces of Hell is an accurate description to describe all the nastiness and malice directed at those who tell it like it is. They were/are directed at Ali Dizaei and numerous others. Diana spoke of "being under seige, and she was.
The Beast may have been conquered, but there ARE STILL DARK FORCES ruining people's lives, despite denials and claims of "innocence" on TV!

The scandal of 1200 deaths by NHS negligence and abuse in teh Hospital that has just been in the news, was also foretold in the Intel records, and the attempt to cover it up. Plus, that it is NOT an isolated case of bad practice. The system has been "infected" by very nasty, callous attitudes. I too have been a "victim" of NHS malice and ill treatment. I was warned by Intel to keep away from the NHS, especially when I had a recent injury, because I would not have survived contact with the NHS.
They have abused me in the past and smeared my name in their records...because I told the truth.

Intel records also warned that NuLabour would bring in extreme electronic surveillance of the whole population - Orwell's 1984 style. I wouldn't have a "Free Sky Box" etc if they paid me!

Also, the "free" laptops with built in webcams, that Ed Balls wants to give out to CHILDREN. The webcams can be activated remotely and used to SPY ON PEOPLE. There was a case of this happening in the USA, reported in the Mail last week. It only came to light when a boy was accused by school staff, of behaving inappropriately at home!

Government have gone too far. They have dismissed Intel info and warnings to NOT go down the road of over surveillance and draconian laws that oppress people and violate their privacy. Intel warns to NOT bring in body scanners at airports, because they will not solve the problem one little bit.
Intel warned that govt would make the problem with religious fanatics worse, and they have, because of a failure to take notice of Intel, that has actually saved numerous politicians lives.
The hypocrites Cherry Picked the Intelligence info to suit their own dubious agenda, that is against the best interests of this country.

Regards, MRO

25 February, 2010 01:41

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

MRO, not all comments are moderated, only ones on older posts, so if something is confidential I suggest you don't post it!

26 February, 2010 10:21

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Bloggsy, your system of 'comment moderation' means that you decide whether or not to publish something on your comments page.

Given that you claim to be a police officer, and this country is in the grips of the worst government and system in our long history, and you were given some serious Intel, at the top of which it stated "not for publication'....You decided to publish it anyway..... Thanks Officer, it's nice to know that you do care [not] a lot, despite your claim to be a 'warrior' against all the rubbish that is being inflicted upon the people of this country.

27 February, 2010 02:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Certainly. And I have faced it. Let's discuss this question. Here or in PM.

13 October, 2010 05:28


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