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Monday, January 04, 2010

Blandshire's New Year's Commitment

Back in October, Inspector Gadget revealed the straplines that make Ruralshire Constabulary the shining light among modern police forces.

I've been pondering whether Blandshire Constabulary should likewise have a motto, and after months of brainstorming, team-building exercises and picking things out of a hat, I have come up with:

Note: Due to the force-wide implementation of Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB), which means doing everything with a budget of zero, the Motto Development Department of my blog has saved money by borrowing a logo that is rarely used any more, in the hope that no one will notice. When someone does notice, I plan to vigorously defend the use of this logo until an Appeal Court rules against me, and then spend several million pounds developing a new one.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL- isn't that the 'ThunderCats' logo?

am I odd- but when I was a kid- i quite fancied that cat woman 'Cheetara'...


Bender the Robot

04 January, 2010 09:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked the Northumbria Anti D&D Xmas campaign a couple of years ago. " get drunk. Get disorderly. Get locked up" especially when some card changed it with a marker pen in the city centre bus stops to " get drunk. Get disorderly. Get... A kebab".

04 January, 2010 10:22

Blogger Hogday said...

Has Blandshire got a `logo and stickers` department like Cumbria, giving its finest the benefit of things such as `Drive to Arrive` labels stuck in all its vehicles, or wallet sized plastic cards bearing `The Pledge`? It just gets worse and worse (Hey, is that a slogan I've inadvertently coined?)

04 January, 2010 10:56

Anonymous A Polis Man said...


04 January, 2010 11:07

Blogger Metcountymounty said...

flip it around and you've got the SOCA logo!! good choice though, and the tagline says everything we need it to!!

04 January, 2010 14:28

Anonymous MarkUK said...

So where do we but the mugs from?

04 January, 2010 21:24

Blogger Nurse Anne said...


I am enjoying this blog. I am an NHS staff nurse blogger and have many friends and family members who work with the police force.

Targets and paperwork are screwing things up for us as well.

05 January, 2010 12:24

Anonymous NottsSarge said...

I always thought we should have nicked the Toyota strapline,
'The car in front is getting away'
'Crime - Together We'll Record It'

Be careful Bloggsy, if you choose a logo we can all use just think what other savings they could start making by taking a national approach...
I think we'll spend thousands adapting yours.
"Grow Up - In a safe community for all". Nice.

05 January, 2010 13:25

Anonymous Anonymous said...

During another 5 minute refreshment break on typical weekend night shift caught a glimpse of a tv clip show, 1 of which involved a man walking around cities bearing the soon-to-be slogan of every UK force ---- "FREE HUGS". Now, would that not make the world a better place?? Marketing Dept here i come ;-)

06 January, 2010 02:40


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