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Saturday, January 23, 2010

In other news...

For God's sake, Blog!, says Pope to priests.

I'll buy a beer for the first Chief Constable to follow suit with his/her employees.

I suppose the real question is: what happens when the Pope, or Chief, doesn't like what appears on said blog?

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in some bookstores and online.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are quite a few blogging priests already, and some of them are really good. Father Z is great fun, if you can tolerate a bit of mild misogyny and homophobia.

The constabulary, as you say, is lagging well behind the RCC. Maybe the chief constables are missing a trick, communications wise...

23 January, 2010 20:31

Anonymous MarkUK said...

"I suppose the real question is: what happens when the Pope, or Chief, doesn't like what appears on said blog?"


23 January, 2010 23:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe if the pope , or chief, doesn't like whats said then they'll bloc the comments.
Just like you did in the last blog.

24 January, 2010 06:02

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps APS Bloggs is too young to remember Half man half biscuit.

24 January, 2010 08:38

Anonymous ccslb said...

The Pope can send you to hell. Our CC can send you to Goole.

24 January, 2010 09:38

Anonymous bender the robot said...

As Father Dougal once remarked- 'the Pope? that man who lives in the art gallery?'

24 January, 2010 11:13

Blogger Carneades said...

CC Richard Brunstrom, DCC Clive Wolfendale and many other senior officers in North Wales Police have been blogging for a couple of years.

24 January, 2010 11:32

Anonymous ccslb said...

What they do is called 'Spinning'.

24 January, 2010 12:33

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Carneades, but do they encourage their officers to blog?

24 January, 2010 14:59

Anonymous copperbottom said...

we have had a message from PSD to the effect that they have never been busier- mostly with facebook and blog entries that 'breach the standards of professional conduct required etc'...

I guess they dont like it that much.

24 January, 2010 16:31

Anonymous MarkUK said...


Is there much difference?

No, didn't think so.

24 January, 2010 22:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of them already do blog regularly. But kids chat rooms don't count.

24 January, 2010 23:35

Anonymous NottsSarge said...

After the amusing reference to Godwin's Law in the last blog, I'll refrain from any mention of the Pope in his youth. Suffice to say, he's a Policeman's son...

MarkUK - I suspect you're right. Our last Chief was criticised internally and externally for telling it like it really was at the time. In person, he was open, honest (even about what he couldn't achieve) and, I suspect, preferred the comments, views and opinions of the actual workers to the sterilised doublespeak of those in the upper echelons. He'd have had an interesting and lively blog.

The current line and reply to any critical blog at the moment would be that crime has fallen consistently for the last few years and that we are doing a good job. I'm sure that's reassuring if you are one of those who is a victim of one of those (increasingly rare) crimes and the job remains undetected.
Alas, we can't mention the unmentionable or voice uncomfortable truths.

The other difference is that the Pope has made use of ancient texts to justify his position. If CCs start referring back to the Authorised Robert Peel Version, they might find they've got it very wrong indeed at the moment

25 January, 2010 01:26

Blogger Carneades said...

Carneades, but do they encourage their officers to blog?

Not sure about that. And both CC and DCC Have recently changed, so I have no idea what's currently happening.

25 January, 2010 14:17

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.


25 January, 2010 16:01

Anonymous bender the robot said...


in fairness to our old c/supt- he blogged about changes to the BCU and invited comment... Real gent.

The new chap- doesn't.

All SMT have their own ways of communicating- some do not believe its their duty to do so- I can see why.

I don't blogg. Too boring.

25 January, 2010 16:20

Anonymous Johnny Law said...

Bender dude, you are one crazy mixed up S.O.B

Maybe its time you took special leave buddy. No shame partner. It happens to the toughest of us

25 January, 2010 23:00

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL...he he he he he he!

I was only saying the other day, that I needed a good laugh...ha ha ha ha ha, thanks ever so much Mr Bendy Robot, my hero, you have saved me from a fit of the glums.... he he he he he,

oh dear, too much laughing,.... stress incontinence, how embarrassing....
I must get some of those pelvic balls gadgets I have seen advertised in home shopping catalogues.....

26 January, 2010 03:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carneades said that CC Brunstrom and DCC Wolfendale used to blog frequently. Last time I checked out the website, months ago, both blogs had gone.

Rockhard Brainstorm went sailing off into the wide blue yonder, never to be heard from again. Can't blame the bloke can you, all the stick he got from the press, for doing his job. That would do anyone's head in. But what's the story about DCC Wolfy? No mention of his going in the local press.

No surprise to hear what Notts Sarge had to say, re not being able to mention the unmentionable, nor uncomfortable truths.
It's that "Old Devil Magic", the Official Secrets Act, often used by government to cover up a multitude of sins. They can't use that on victims though, can they?

Hey Ho bender the robot. Words of advice - best not bend over too much, in case that Stalker bites your bum with it's big teeth!

But it has to be said bender, that it's clearly your own fault that you are being stalked. You shouldn't have been born so attractive, so wonderful, so charming, and so shiningly clever!

You can hide behind my skirt if you like. I don't normally wear them, but for you I would make a very special effort.

Trinny the Tree Hugger ;0)

26 January, 2010 06:33

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They (the SMT) might take up your offer of a beer just to expose you, of course.

26 January, 2010 09:28

Anonymous NottsSarge said...

I don't think it's the Official Secrets Act Trinny, I think it's that telling the truth and admitting shortcomings isn't the done thing. Steve Green got dragged over hot coals for saying Notts were struggling to cope with a spate of murders and drug-related gun crime, even though it was true at the time. Apparently, that wasn't the sort of message he should have been putting out there - as if it wasn't blatantly obvious anyway.

The Police have always had an uncomfortable relationship with the media and the 'official line' often sounds like propaganda - and of course it often is (a disturbing thought has just occurred to me - that Chief Superintendent Deskbound et al might actually believe their own PR messages). That's why these blogs are great, this is how it is at the pointy end, not the HQ Dream Factory. You, the discerning reader, can decide who you believe.

Something else has occurred to me linking Popes and Chief Constables - they all seem to have 'Visions'...

26 January, 2010 10:52

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloggsy, I see that you did delete the comments made by someone claiming to be bender the robot. One couldn't help but laugh at them, because in sequence it was quite funny. But the latest two above, which you will no doubt remove, @1.01 and 1.01 am are not amusing. And there was me thinking, like a couple of other readers, that the real bender the robot was in fact a comic genius! Ah well.......Not so.

Trinny the Tree Hugger

27 January, 2010 02:23

Anonymous the real bender -not the troll said...

Sorry bloggs he is doing it again...

Since its me that he is 'attracted' to, I will cease posting on your blog.

Hope it continues to be as great as it has been so far...

Take care.

27 January, 2010 14:59

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

It takes all of a minute to delete the boring comments, but has taken someone a considerable amount of time to write them. Shame.

27 January, 2010 16:28

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

PS Anon 09:28 - I'll order the beer online and post it to them, how's that...

27 January, 2010 16:29

Anonymous copperbottom said...

Our chief Super used to blog on our internal intranet... He doesn't anymore... i think he has caused more worries - as people keep reading between the lines...

On a lighter note, I can see a place for blogs on a NHT. If I was a beat manager- I would have a site and I would post relevant intel (unusual M.O.'s etc)... My work pattern, contact details etc.

The only way to remove fear is with knowledge... I think.. anyway.

27 January, 2010 21:18

Anonymous AC/DC Coppers Bottom said...

If I were a beat manager

Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle dum.

If I were a beat manager man.

I wouldn't have to work hard.

Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle dum.

If I were a biddy biddy rich.

Yidle-diddle-didle-didle beat managing man.

27 January, 2010 21:35

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Notts Sarg....I was thinking more about REALLY serious stuff, historical crimes against children. It has been rife in many systems for decades, including the Catholic Church, as was exposed recently, complete with apologies to the now adult victims of it.

What was in my mind, is a scandal that goes back over 50 years, that has been brought out on this and other blogs. Officially it has been swept under the carpet, for the reason you have stated.....The public perception of the police et al, as telling the truth and admitting shortcomings, and/or mistakes, never mind criminal activity, just isn't the done thing. It wasn't when I was a kid, and nothing much has changed, so far, with regards to that issue involving high ranking officers and judiciary.

It really is rather ironic, that the two professions who are supposed to champion the "truth" to protect people from wrong doers, will not admit to it when it comes to high rank and the sexual abuse of children. So much for human rights and equality! That does not appear to have been factored into government decisions concerning a now adult officer who was a child victim of very serious sexual assaults and attempted murder.

So yes, thank God for Bloggsy, this blog and others who have allowed the TRUTH to be revealed about that outrageous injustice, and all the other nonsense that has been coming from the Palace of Westminster. Because it is a fact, that NuLab have gagged the police and the media from reporting on the scandal, using the O.S.A, but I didn't sign it! ;0) I don't fancy going public though, having seen what the press do to people....

I don't really know that much about Catholic Popes and their "visions", but I have had experience myself of spiritually enabled visions. One has to be psychically sensitive to receive true visions, or "flashes". One gets shown a picture of an event or a situation, either taking place, or in the future. These are given as a gift, by Angels. Don't laugh please, it's true. There is proof of this, but that evidence is also being kept under wraps by the government of the day, for dubious reasons I should add.

I do recall one child who grew up to be a Chief Constable, who had and may well still have, the psychic sensitivity to receive visions. But it does tend to freak some people out, as they assume that a psychic knows everything about them, which is not the case.

Those who have visions are often the leaders in society, who bring about changes to help humanity.

Not too sure about the Catholic religion however, as they and Islam have been misguided regarding the treatment of women and homosexuals - highly controversial!


28 January, 2010 01:55

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would appear, that the Pope doesn't like the God given Divine Message, that it is WRONG for people to hate and persecute women and homosexuals, because God loves them equally. Heterosexual, or celibate MEN are not "superior" to the rest of the human race. Perhaps he could ask the U.K government, or MI5 to confirm the CREDIBILITY of that Celestial Intelligence, and end the confusion once and for all.
Operation Beelzebub - codename Lawrence - Royal protection Officer - 1958. There is PROOF of the Divine Guidance delivered over 50 years ago, to SAVE THE WORLD.

04 February, 2010 02:20


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