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Friday, August 31, 2007

Is humiliation good for the soul?

A victory blow has been struck for the small minority of police officers who don't think it's ok to put rowdy teenagers into the bin. A police force has just had to pay out £4000 because one of their cops did exactly that (albeit the boy was in the bin for less than a second).

Apparently the youth felt "upset and humiliated".

This is yet another example of the barbarism of UK police officers, who seem to think it is fine to order groups of antisocial youths to disperse, and even to lay hands on them if they won't! The fact that this officer seems to have tried to keep the tone light by bringing in props to his depraved activities makes it even more disgusting.

Twenty-First Century children are far too sensitive to be subjected to this kind of degrading display and should always be allowed to appear "hard" in front of their mates, with rebellious behaviour encouraged by a round of applause or even a standing ovation. By no means should children be made to feel in awe of authority or respectful of it, as this is a direct abuse of their Human Rights.

Interestingly, the Crown Prosecution Service were not interested in pursuing the officer for any offences here and all they got from their force was a "written warning". Is it vaguely possible that if we knew the full facts of the case, it might not seem quite so bad, and that perhaps the £4000 pay-out was just to placate an irate member of public in the hope the video of the incident did not appear on Youtube?

PC Bloggs - don't be so cynical!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a simply brilliant idea! Huge bins on every street to stuff horrible youths into, like those dog pooh bins but bigger.

31 August, 2007 17:07

Blogger Busy said...

Bin there dung that.

31 August, 2007 17:37

Anonymous Anonymous said...

With a number of the 'chavs' around here a garden shredder would be more effective. I could leave them out for the garden waste recycling lorry then.

31 August, 2007 19:03

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conkers £0
Being stood in a bin £4000.
The look on the "victim's" face - priceless.
There are some things money can't buy. For everything else there's IPCC Card.

31 August, 2007 20:05

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being made to stand in the bin in woodwork lessons never did me any harm.. it was a big bin filled with sawdust and off-cuts of wood

31 August, 2007 20:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucky guy. There was a camera in the right place, for once.

31 August, 2007 21:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If £4000 for a binning of 1 second, how much for a feather and tarring??,,70141-1281806,00.html

01 September, 2007 10:19

Blogger BelfastPeeler said...

It beggars belief! If yo were paying an out of court settlement for £4k the LEAST you would stipulate is a no press clause. How moronic.

01 September, 2007 10:20

Blogger PC South West said...

What he should have done is arrest the kid, get an appropriate adult and a solicitor. Fill out the many juvenile forms, referral to the youth offending team. Waste hours of police time in custody just so the lad can be told off.
What a joke!!

01 September, 2007 10:24

Blogger Unknown said...

It didn't hurt me to have to stand in the bin, when I was a kid (in a big wood-work bin full of sawdust)

Dunno whether my bro liked being lowered head first into a bin for saying his teacher's name was common as muck..

Guess these days that guy would be in the dock

01 September, 2007 13:50

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one of the times that the claim should go to court. I suspect the young scroat would win the case but I doubt he would be awarded more than 10p!

01 September, 2007 14:26

Blogger metcountymounty said...

A sin bin you're in, skin

01 September, 2007 21:57

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He should never have placed the kid in a rubbish bin. Try a compactor, they do a better and more permanent job.

03 September, 2007 07:02

Blogger ba ba said...

What follows is a comment made over at the policeman's blog ages ago. I re-posted on at my site at the time and just came across it again now. Pay particular attention to the part in bold!


A couple of examples from the old days of policing (pre-WW2) across the pond.

I hope they are an interesting read - I guess all things considered, they won't be anything more.

The first example is as follows.

Vincent "the Schemer" Drucci was a hit man for the northside Chicago mob (1927, Dion O'Bannion).

He was arrested for carrying a weapon and hauled off to the station in the back of a patrol car, guarded by a tough young cop named Danny Healy.

Drucci started verbally abusing Healy, who put a loaded .38 against Drucci's ribs and quietly ordered him to "Shut up."

Moments later, after more abuse from Drucci, a scuffle ensued, started by Drucci.

Healy put three bullets into him.

Drucci was DOA. At the station, his lawyer demanded that the police chief put Healy on trial for murder.

The police chief laughed and said, "We're havin' a medal made for Healy!"

The second example concerns an NYPD officer named Johnny Broderick, 5 feet 9 inches tall, 185 pounds.

Broderick was an expert with his fists. He gained his expertise the hard way. Hospital X-Rays showed that all his knuckles had been broken at least twice and three of them seven times.

Jack Dempsey, heavy weight boxing champion of the time, said that Broderick was the only man he would be afraid to fight outside of the ring.

One time, Broderick seized three mobsters, pitched them through a plate glass window and then arrested them for "malicious destruction of property."

On another occasion, he was assigned to arrest the notorious Jack "Legs" Diamond. Broderick hauled Diamond out of a theatre, punched him onto the pavement, then picked him up and bodily shoved him head first into a large garbage can, in front of a laughing crowd.

Diamond was so humiliated he left town. Later he was "hit."

When asked why he hadn't brought Diamond in, Broderick said, "Shoot, some crooked lawyer would have gotten him off the hook in an hour."

In those days, a woman could walk through Central Park in NY at night in complete safety, by herself.

In many parts of the US at that time, even in sizeable towns, like Topeka, Kansas, you could safely leave your car in the streets, unlocked, at night, with the window down and the keys in the ignition.

"Civil Rights," i.e. criminals' rights, changed all that, in the 1960s. (Darwinian 'progress,' the academics would call it. Rational folk would call it something else.)

The seeds of destruction were clearly being sown in the US long before then and the results have been transplanted over here.

You reap what you sow.

Johnny Broderick died peacefully, at the age of 82. He never drank or smoked and refused to go see the gangster movie 'Little Caesar,' starring Edward G. Robinson, because he thought it would have a bad effect on his children. The movie contained scenes of smoking and drinking.

I think that the '(in)Human Rights' industry has a lot to answer for.

I heard a Radio 4 programme about 20 years ago where an ex-WPC, then disabled, recounted how she had been attacked in the station house by a female who had been detained. Male colleagues did not intervene until the WPC was on the verge of having an eye gouged out, because they were afraid of violating the attacker's 'human rights.'

The WPC's injuries resulted in her being medically discharged from the force.

This WPC had on an earlier occasion suffered severely from being repeatedly kicked in the shins by an irate skinhead.

A pity Johnny Broderick wasn't on hand on those occasions - or Danny Healy with his loaded .38.

P.S. I think that PC Beshenivsky's killer won, in a sense.

He was allowed the leave the country disguised in a burkha.

So as not to upset community relations.


05 September, 2007 15:43

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