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Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Kill that Keeps on Killing

PC David Rathband has been found dead at his home in Northumberland.

In 2010, the hunt for murderer Raoul Moat turned farcical when a faction of the public began coming out in his support.  The only reason for his faux-hero status was the attempt murder and blinding of PC Rathband, who struggled on with his injuries and founded the Blue Lamp Foundation, in support of criminally injured emergency services personnel.

In Blandshire Constabulary now, if you are injured on duty and can no longer work as effectively, the force's HR department will work hard and fast to get you off the pay-roll as quickly as they can.  This is part of the new sickness policy designed to save money, and it is boasted about on training courses to line managers.

My next royalty cheque will go to David's Blue Lamp Foundation.  You can buy a few copies here, or just make a donation.

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in some bookstores and online.


Anonymous A Polis Man said...

Another victim of Moat along with Pete Boatman

I hope they found their peace, and their families can love them

But for the grace of God go us all


01 March, 2012 17:08

Anonymous DB said...

RIP David, RIP.

01 March, 2012 19:58

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the press assault on the police is temporarily suspended whilst they feed off this news.

Then they will police pensions blah blah.

What a country, i recall that obnoxious woman on the tv saying how Moat was like Robin Hood. Ignorant stupid woman, i hate this country at times, i hate the bosses, i hate parts of the public.

RIP David

01 March, 2012 21:47

Blogger Gary Williams said...

Thats a little unfair, you have to remember that cost savings also go to pay for things like a £566 meal (

Seriously though. PC Rathband was killed by a combination of Raoul Moat, an uncaring senior Police leadership team and a penny pinching Government out to do what it can to screw the front line over over.

RIP David, you are now far from those who caused you this pain.

02 March, 2012 00:13

Anonymous Mrs Doughnut said...

Not a lot more could've been done for him now,what could've been different is what happened BEFORE he was shot, BUT there's no way to change that, now, is there?

SO SAD....

04 March, 2012 16:15

Blogger Rohiteshwar Singh said...

It's not first time when this type of cases occur and the people supports the criminal .I hope it all settled down soon.

04 June, 2012 11:07


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