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Thursday, December 16, 2010


John Onyenaychi has stabbed a police officer and a PCSO in London. Like another would-be cop killer, Kes Nattriss, Onyenaychi had been released early from prison and gone onto breach his parole.  Like Kes Nattriss, he was due to be returned to prison when he found himself bumping into the officers engaged on another matter.  Like Kes Nattriss, he was recognised by the officers, and he then slashed the PC across the throat when he tried to arrest him.  Like Kes Nattriss, he will probably now serve the sort of sentence he should have served to start with.

The Conservatives 2010 manifesto promised to ‘rebuild confidence in the criminal justice system so that people know it is on the side of victims and working for law-abiding people not criminals'.  But under the Coalition's latest plans, new sentencing guidelines promote fewer prison sentences for violent offences and greater use of the sort of community orders that the likes of Nattriss and Onyenaychi will not blink at before breaching.  More and more convicted recidivist robbers and thugs will be released early, and parole restrictions or community orders won't stop them reoffending because they've had to commit two dozen offences to even get sent to prison to start with.

Why isn't the Met Commissioner jumping up and down, pointing the finger at the criminal justice system and demanding to know how he can be expected to protect the public when his officers are spending days, weeks and months locking up the same people for the same crimes, time and again.

And finally spare a thought for the stabbed PCSO, who went hands-on to arrest this man armed to the teeth with a pen and a book of penalty tickets.

Is there any perspective from which this state of affairs is not utterly, totally and completely barmy?

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Blogger English Pensioner said...

I fully agree with you and all those involved have my sympathy.
I just don't think the government is "in-touch" with the people of this country, and just hear what "experts" have to say. However, like many other experts, they earn their living from their "expertise", and if the problem went away because these criminals were given long, long sentences (preferably with hard labour), then they would be out of a job.
As far as I am concerned, murders should be hung, and of course in America and a number of other countries, anyone stabbing a Police Officer would probably have been shot dead on the spot. No wonder politicians favour an unarmed police force!

16 December, 2010 22:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The system makes perfect sense if you earn your living repeatedly defending or prosecuting the same scum again and again....velocity of circulation, I think it's called....a huge gravy train for "the establishment" and a downward spiral into hell for the rest. Still tose school fees and Mercs don't pay for themselves.

16 December, 2010 23:27

Blogger Crime Analyst said...

Brilliant Ellie. You've captured in so few words what so many of us are feeling.

The world has gone absolutely bleeding crazy when low life like this are free to wander the streets and put you guys (and us) at risk and its mafe even crazier when politicians in their last career breath make idiotic statements like prison doesn't work.

Well until someone comes up with a better alternative, its the best place for scrotes like this, for the sake of all the decent folk you spend your days protecting.

Best wishes to the officers and their families, get well soon chaps.

Thin Blue Line

17 December, 2010 00:17

Blogger Oscar said...

>Why isn't the Met Commissioner jumping up and down etc.

Because the Met Commissioner, despite his best efforts, is a moppet of the central government.

17 December, 2010 00:30

Anonymous Lance Manley- former Stab Proof Scarecrow said...

In Maidstone Kent they now have Environmental Control officers who ponse about the main shopping area in uniforms and fine people 75 pounds for dropping litter.

If you refuse to provide details (name and address) they use their radio to call for the police.

I once arrested a violent drunken male for drunk and disorderly that it took 5 of us to put in a cell. Next morning the Custody Skipper gave him a PND for 80 pounds and pointed him in the area of the nearest pharmacy before he headed home.

Now that I am no longer carrying a warrant card I would probably thump one of the Environmental guys if they tried to fine me, not because I disagree with what they are doing but because, as they flip open the fine book, I will be picturing the shirtless, filthy, violent scrote it took 2/3 of a Section to subdue....who was fined 5 pounds more than someone dropping a fag end.

17 December, 2010 03:59

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be fair, the Met Commissioner is in hospital...

17 December, 2010 09:03

Anonymous NottsSarge said...

Nearly 8 years ago a Notts dog handler was killed trying to arrest someone for robbery. He was also wanted on a prison recall. I can remember at the unveiling of his memorial how scathing his widow was of the criminal justice system, how it had failed everyone, not least her, her husband and her children. Despite all the promises, nothing seems to have changed, and here we are again.

It's about time we stopped this social experiment of 'reforming' and 're-educating'. The cases where it has worked are few and far between, yet we continue to throw resources and cash at these recidivists in the hope that they will change their ways. Who are we trying to kid? I'm sure all the rhetoric will sound very empty to the Met PC and PCSO as they recover from their injuries.

17 December, 2010 09:32

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lance Manley's comment is interesting because he has seen the world from both sides of the fence. Perhaps now he has more of a MOP perspective.

"The Law" and "Justice" seem to have been on divergent paths for a long time. The impact of penalties applied to the general public seem to be way out of line with the offence - and I'd even include 'drink driving' offences in that, even though it's non-PC.

The scrotish names you quoted don't seem to be Anglo-Saxon in origin. Or even Norman. Maybe, instead of being summarily shot, they should be relocated to a cultural environment in which they'd be more comfortable. Somwhere like Somalia. That would be justice.


17 December, 2010 11:18

Blogger Russell Haynes said...

It truly is a shame the justice system seems to be on the side of the criminal... Just look at the latest issue with the Prisoners being able to vote (human rights)... the Hit and run asylum seeker (Mohammed Ibrahim) granted leave to stay in the UK after killing a 12yr old girl and numeroius other offences.. (Human Rights)

Where are my rights defended when i'm burgled (Right to a Private life) when are my rights defended when a Robber, Burglar or violent offender gets released and commits another offence... We shouldn't be rioting about student fees... we should be rioting about our Rights to Stay safe and be kept safe!

One final thought... Taser! Its proved its self over and over again... Would this have helped?

17 December, 2010 18:33

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It boils down to profit, The victims pay at least twice, while the Justice system is fully employed with tax payer money. It is part of the hidden GNP, lives damaged, means work for many and making of more product, replacement of lost or damaged goods, cars, buildings etc, the more criminals running around creating havoc, better the profits are, cynical, yes but it does explain why the elite want perps on the streets, while they the elite enjoy their vichy water.

People rarely see life as it is only thru tinted filtered glasses and moat defended abodes.
Tis why I pick where I live so that I can near crime free living.
Crime PAYS, makes work for so many. No crime, see how many unemployed there be. Luckily a large percentage will always be criminal, 'tis natures way of keeping every one on their toes, Eden, is the myth we wish for.

17 December, 2010 19:32

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't there a view that the Met deliberately placed a couple of officers on that bus in a cynical attempt to force Onyenaychi to attack them?

You know, just like the police van in Whitehall?

17 December, 2010 20:52

Anonymous jaded said...

"Lets learn from the mistakes made here and move on".....oh sorry just quoting the head of probation/prison governor/justice secretary/social services or whoever is responsible for this scumbag to be out on the streets,in about 12 months time.
By that time another shocking attack will have taken our attention.

17 December, 2010 21:38

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope he had the sh*t kicked out of him in custody.

17 December, 2010 21:53

Blogger The World Weary Detective said...

No he didn't. The suspect was taken to an off-borough station. All the officers that dealt with him acted with the highest degree of professionalism. Nobody wanted to do anything that would risk a successful prosecution. It would demean the bravery of the PC and PCSOs if the defence got a sniff of improper police behaviour.

18 December, 2010 09:09

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes but even a sucessful prosecution won't be enough for this lowlife. The bleeding heart liberals will still have there say about him

18 December, 2010 17:16

Anonymous Sergeant Kothead said...

The recidivists down my way keep re-offending

19 December, 2010 14:18

Blogger thespecialone said...

Even as a special I have arrested the same person twice; once for a serious assault on a shopkeeper. I have also had to speak to him a couple of other times.
Clarke et al should have to spend a lot of time with the frontline to see the kind of people out there. But he won't. Like all politicians they just want to remain in their own bubble.

19 December, 2010 19:42

Anonymous Anonymous said...

World weary.. Makes me mad but it's true. Prejudicing the case wouldn't help the injured officers. But it would be pennies from heaven for the defence. I can hear it now how "my client has a fear of the police, which was shown to be well founded".
I hope the courts do the right thing. I hear he started his "barking mad" defence by insulting the judge.

19 December, 2010 20:34

Blogger Dave the Dog said...

Well said, Ellie, well said.........

19 December, 2010 20:41

Blogger Hogdayafternoon said...

The guy who shot two of my colleagues and tried to kidnap Princess Ann in 1974 is still locked up, 36, yes thirty-six years later. But of course, he was a nutter.

23 December, 2010 10:50

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas 2010!

24 December, 2010 21:20

Blogger Crime Analyst said...

So often we take our freedoms for granted.

We forget those who put their lives on the line every day to ensure our safety and freedom.

Police officers do more than enforce the law; they serve and protect. Every day, officers go to work not knowing the challenges they will face, but they do know the danger every challenge will bring.

Rather than think of danger, officers think of courage. They selflessly work to make this country a safer and freer society.

Police officers sometimes have to make difficult choices. They have to protect those who want to do harm. They do it because they believe in the law. Justice has to be enforced, and they have answered the call of duty.

Police officers dedicate their lives to preserving justice and safety for us all in this country.

They continue to protect us from danger and risk their own lives in the process. We should pay tribute to police officers for the sacrifices that they make in the name of freedom.

"They are our soldiers of humanity. When the devil roars, they shield us from evil".

Wishing you all a safe, peaceful and enjoyable Christmas.

To each and every one of you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Have a great Christmas Ellie!

Steve B

Thin Blue Line

25 December, 2010 14:13

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish you could get a post am PM!! :)
In response to all your blggs: You talk such sense and I really dont understand how the government has not taken more notice of the things you write.

I have just got into the police as a special and am excited but nervous. But I will only be doing one day a week etc. Not full time like you. Your posts are an eye opener and I wish more could be done by the government to help.

I feel like the government makes things up as they go along. All the people in charge of these important areas don't seem to have any or enough experience with actually working in them. Wasn't someone in government at one point in charge of NHS etc previously in charge of bupa or something? What you need is a nurse to have that role and NHS nurse. Same goes for criminal justice. Have a experienced regular 'commoner' police officer involved.

This country is going to get worse without good policing.

Totally agree with the point about tasers. They work in USA. I know their system can be questionable at times but police need something better than just batons to use...they never use batons anyway.
Give police tasers.

Our country has grown too scared to use any force whatsoever. The yobs will take conrol and police will all be 'talking' them into police cars soon because the suspect might get upset if they are handcuffed.

25 December, 2010 23:32

Anonymous Peter said...

Ah, Madame Author.... the old blog just about expired, I see.

The word: "moribund" did actually have a special resonance for you after all I see. You rancid fcuking bitch.

Bye, bye, cnut. Turn off the light on your way out won't you? .. and please give my regards to TUPC, BusyBusy, Dogberry, Constable Confused, PC Blogggs a Lotte and old "Sheepdogs and Wolves" Metcunty himself ...and all the other police blogs I have destroyed.

Happy New Year, sow.


28 December, 2010 23:51


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