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Monday, August 02, 2010

Perjury, or just Guilty?

SC Peter Lightfoot has been convicted of perjury and assault following this incident back in 2008. We all had our opinions at the time, mostly guided by the CCTV, which is not pretty.

An appeal may be pending, but either way a jury was convinced. I could raise all the usual police responses when something like this occurs, but we've heard them all before and in the end it comes down to the individual situation and what exact evidence was put before the court.

I am quite surprised to read however that the convicted officer has also been convicted of Perjury in relation to the evidence he gave at the aggrieved's original appeal hearing in 2008. Every time I try to get a defendant charged with perjury for lying in court, the CPS tell me "it's only to be expected" that a guilty man would lie about his actions. And yet if someone makes a frank admission, we give them credit for it.

I also wonder, in cases like this, how much evidence the court is allowed to hear regarding resourcing levels, the officers' training and experience (especially given this was a volunteer Special Constable - which is not an excuse, but their training does vary), and what else those officers had dealt with in town that night.

David Cameron's Big Society will encourage a greater percentage of police resources to be created by volunteers.

Would you?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"David Cameron's Big Society will encourage a greater percentage of police resources to be created by volunteers.

Would you?"

Not a chance.

You all have my respect - there are so many times I wouldn't want to get involved even as a reasonably fit bloke in my mid-twenties.

02 August, 2010 23:20

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did, and was used as "the scapegoat".....I was between the age of 5-7 years old and in the clutches of paedophiles, who NEVER got taken to court, despite the fact that the Home Office were told about the corruption, and it was investigated by special branch officers; who made reports for the Home Office.....who decided that they wouldn't do anything about it then [1957] but would leave it up to a group of child victims to tackle when they grew up.

Did that, wrote the letter in 1986, which kick started a more effective system to protect kids from serious abuse. Only trouble was, the government [et al] actually ALLOWED the main target of the long term police operation to hijack the bloody letter, the concept, and mis-direct the system that was put in place to protect kids. He went on TV, took the credit for the idea and the cheque, smearing MY name to all and sundry, as he did it!

He was brought down many years later, but the New Labour government covered it all up, and FAILED to put the records straight and pay me, a child victim of serious abuse, the agreed payment for my suffering and for my long term efforts.....and this was NOT government money, but from the abusers estate. I was ripped off, and ALL communications about this have been ignored, so far, to date.

I have seen convicted paedophiles treated better than myself, a sworn officer committed to doing a difficult operation to instigate a better system to protect kids from paedophiles. I WAS UNDERMINED.

I was also used and abused......

Is this a good advert for the Home Office's plans to enlist more "mugs" from the public, to risk their lives, for NOTHING??? Hmmmmm


03 August, 2010 07:12

Anonymous Paul UK said...

I have just seen on the "Jack of Kent" blog that issues regarding SC Lightfoot were raised at a divisional commanders meeting and he was spoken to about these issues by a Superintendent and a chief inspector but was still following his own agenda. I cannot see what the issues were but I am willing to bet it is not about his boots not being shined.

03 August, 2010 14:24

Anonymous george said...

not any more, i quit last week

03 August, 2010 18:47

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I work in civil law and we never seem to get anywhere with following up perjury charges either - even in instances where it is obvious that the witness at an inquiry is lying. However, I think there is a difference when persons in a position of trust and responsbility are lying on oath and that perhaps is why this charge was followed up here.

As for the Big Society I can't see this going anywhere. I'm old enough to remember Mrs Thatcher and "there is no such thing as society"; the 'me first and me only' culture of the 80s destroyed most of our volunteering habit. I teach Parish Councillors and other volunteers highway law - I'm 50 and the majority of them are a decade or so older - I rarely meet a parish councillor who is younger than me...


04 August, 2010 18:30

Anonymous Retired Sgt said...

Chief Constable looks out of window on 17 th floor of FHQ and sees a long line of people holding Specials uniforms.He calls his Staff Officer over and says"Look at that we are easily going to reach our Specials recruitment target so I will get an even bigger bonus this year.
"No Sir" says the staff officer,"they are all Specials that are resigning following the Lightfoot incident"
On hearing this Chief starts to foam at mouth falls to floor and starts eating the carpet.

05 August, 2010 11:20

Blogger thespecialone said...

I am considering quitting. I dont really want to as I enjoy being a special but wondering if it is worth all the crap.
Of course you regulars think that we are mad in the first place!

06 August, 2010 14:34

Blogger SadButMadLad said...

You obviously have forgotten about the the Margaret Thatcher quote about there being "no such thing as society". Here is the full quote to remind you.s

"I think we have gone through a period when too many children and people have been given to understand "I have a problem, it is the Government's job to cope with it!" or "I have a problem, I will go and get a grant to cope with it!" "I am homeless, the Government must house me!" and so they are casting their problems on society and who is society? There is no such thing! There are individual men and women and there are families and no government can do anything except through people and people look to themselves first. It is our duty to look after ourselves and then also to help look after our neighbour and life is a reciprocal business and people have got the entitlements too much in mind without the obligations.."

She was promoting the same Big Society that DC is currently campaigning for. She was equating society with the state and how people stop looking after themselves and expect society to look after them instead, as if they were children. The state shouldn't provide for people who can't be bothered. It should only provide a safety net for those who really need it.

07 August, 2010 10:05

Anonymous DBRG said...

Pete, you charmless anal grievance, why not simply fuck off and die and spare us your virtual odour?

In other news, I'm training with a load of Specials now - and not one of them thinks this case is even an issue.

They're much more concerned with passing exams and how awful the female trousers are than anything else.

Keep up the good work, Skip.


07 August, 2010 20:25

Anonymous Ambulance Amateur said...

Ignoring "Pete" for the dipstick he is...

I'm a "Special Ambulanceman" - a Community First Responder (CFR). We're trained well beyond First Aid at Work and go to assist the ambulance service in our area in cases of illness. (We don't knowingly do trauma.)

Whilst we stop the clock on timings to reach a patient, I'd be horrified to think I hadn't got backup coming, even if (like tonight) it takes longer than usual.

If I was ill, I'd like to know that a fully-trained professional was on the way, however good the amateur was who came first.

I feel the same about the Police. Sure, SCs can do a great job in helping the professionals but I'd want the professionals involved as soon as possible.

A CPR, and a SPC, can do a great job in assisting the professionals. What we can't do, and should never attempt to do, is replace the professional members of our respective services.

07 August, 2010 23:44

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi bloggsy, I sent you an email from a googlemail account but you haven't replied did you get it OK or did it go to junkmail?

08 August, 2010 13:58

Blogger Gary Williams said...

I've recently put my specials application in and it's still something I want to do. Any job will have a negative side but it does seem that as police officers you have more than the average amount of crap and pressures to put up with.

08 August, 2010 15:39

Blogger jailhouselawyer said...

Totally off topic. I apologise...

Armed Response Unit in Hull

When the so-called little gangsters call the police if you challenge them...

08 August, 2010 22:08

OpenID allcoppedout said...

There was a case years ago involving an off duty Manchester jack in North Wales. He was at first done for perjury on the basis of his not guilty plea (over his alleged drunk driving), then the NW cop case collapsed on new evidence and they were not charged. I can't remember a single case of a toe rag prosecuted.
Was Lightfoot worse than the stat bending or the people who knew before the CCTV?
What worries me is courts deciding on credibility issues when no one is trained to understand how bad we are in judging them.

12 August, 2010 22:15

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Anon 13:58, if it's the one I've just replied to, apologies I've been rather snowed under! If not, send it again please.

12 August, 2010 23:12

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Special Constable Peter Lightfoot was a waggon driver who was allowed to put on a police officers uniform at the weekend.How can you possiobly expect the same job to be done as a full time properly selected, properly trained officer.
When i worked in engineering would the management bring in somebody off the street to do my job for me at weekends?
They ( ACPO) talk about professionising the police, and want to increase the number of specials

There will just be more Peter Lightfoots. Ordinary well meaning individuals who are stuffed on the altar of saving money.

17 August, 2010 07:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some specials really are "special" and dedicated to serving Queen and country.

GMP must have let their standards slip regarding Lightfoot.

Saving money at the expense of a quality, properly trained and paid police force does appear to be the government agenda - Big Mistake.

As big a mistake as ignoring some VERY SPECIAL Intelligence warnings against the continued use of nuclear power staions, Trident and the LHC Doomsday Machine, plus the signing of the EU Lisbon Treaty that undermined the Monarchy as our ultimate head of state.....and the head of the police force and the armed forces.

New Labour have a LOT to answer for.

20 August, 2010 08:38

Anonymous Adrian Peirson said...

The World is turning into a Prison Planet

I regret to inform that the Collapse in Western society we don't notice is by carefull design.

If you and I were born in new guinea, we'd be cannibals and think nothing of it.
The kids living today think it's normal to have CCTV everywhere, to be photographed naked at airports and have armed police on the streets.
The slow collapse into a Soviet like hell where the state has life and death control is all by design.

Do it slowly and no one will notice what's happening.

More interviews you wont see on the Telly

24 August, 2010 19:33


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