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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's bad for the police is good for the police.

A detective has been stabbed trying to apprehend an armed robber. Let's hope and pray he pulls through.

The plainclothes officer stumbled across a robbery whilst on unrelated enquiries with a colleague. Now he's serious but stable in hospital, with his family at his side.

Sometimes people need a reminder of what our job actually involves. They shouldn't.

It makes me sad that the only time you see the words Hero and Police in the same headline is when someone has died or nearly died. Every time we stumble across a crime, every time we go to make an arrest, someone could pull out a knife and put us within an inch of our lives. We know this, and yet when it happens we still feel betrayed, we still become angry, we still get scared.

Not scared of trying to take down the scum. Scared that no one appreciates our efforts. Scared that we may die in the street at the blade of someone who will be free from prison before our children grow up to wonder what we were like. Scared that we're fighting a losing battle, and that one day no one will care when they see our name in the headlines.

Here online, anonymous bloggers have taken on an abstract war against negative media headlines, and the desire of the state to shut the public sector up. Winston Smith has won the Orwell Prize in the name of that war.

But that's a glory for another day.

For now it is just about a man, and his colleagues, and a bedside in intensive care.

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in some bookstores and online.


Blogger Kaela said...

Hope the Officer recovers and the wrongdoers are bought to bear for their crime.

Again, good writing PC Bloggs

20 May, 2010 07:10

Blogger Minnie said...

Yes, will say & request prayers for the officer and his family.
I think many people do appreciate what you do, and are aware of the dangers you face daily (let alone the insults, petty spite etc). But we just don't say so - and there's no excuse for that. So here's a very big 'thank you' from an expat who has had reason to be grateful to the Force on several occasions (I even wrote a commendatory letter to the commanding officer in one instance).
You must often feel you're fighting a losing battle ...
Hooray for Winston33! His is a great blog and his voice one that really needs to be heard.
As is yours; Kaela's right - your writing's excellent.
Bon courage, PC B!

20 May, 2010 07:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best wishes to the officer concerned;
See you called them "scum" - hope that doesn't mean you will be suspended like that magistrate in Blackburn

20 May, 2010 11:09

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No - quite a few of us MOPs who read your blog (+Gadget, Nightjack et al) appreciate what you do.

I don't do the prayers thing, but do hope for the best for him and his family. Especially his family - they will probably suffer far into the future, whatever the outcome.



20 May, 2010 14:39

Blogger Oscar said...

I'm always sorry to hear about anyone getting hurt, so I hope he recovers.

And I'm sure he'll be getting properly assessed on why he got stabbed, whether he was following the H&S procedures, and everything else.

20 May, 2010 16:55

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So why was the stabber out of prison already ? I heard he was doing time till 2014???

20 May, 2010 22:19

Blogger Oscar said...

@Anonymous at 22.19:


20 May, 2010 23:34

Anonymous Anonymous said...

PC Blogs: do the Job for its own satisfaction, it is very rare for for anyone doing a good job to get true recognition. Real Heroes do not need meally mouth thanks from the Brass just recognition from those that you respect, your comrades.

21 May, 2010 01:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor guy, there but for the grace of God go any of us. Prayers and good wishes for the detective's swift healing, of body and mind.
He must be feeling lucky to be alive and have his family around him. A horrible shock for them too no doubt, and one they must have feared could happen, given the dangers of the job, from the dregs in society.

It is hard sometimes to not "fear" the bad sorts, their nastiness, violence and lack of conscience or compassion for others.

What has scared me, has been the arrogance and stupidity of the government failing to take the appropriate measures to avoid some very dangerous mistakes. The sheer strain and constant stress of that has ruined my health over the past few years.

I am hoping that the new lot HAVE taken notice of the warnings and will take their responsibility for public safety seriously, and will make the right decisions.

It's sounding hopeful..... But I have heard similar sounding words before, like "we will make the tough decisions"....which was code for getting it badly wrong.

That is what scares me, that those in government will continue to dismiss serious warnings, and as a result people will suffer very badly in the future. I hope not.

21 May, 2010 03:48

Anonymous richardfrost2003 said...

Let's hope that under a new government things will change for the better (okay, I know... been there, done that, seen it all before. But we can but hope).

21 May, 2010 18:23

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a front line PC, years ago I gave up worrying about what sentences are handed out, the goverment whoever is in dont care about crime, they only care about how much it costs too keep people in prison. Bosses dont care about humble PC,s, my last 4 night shifts 40 hrs in total. NOT one meal break, any other job the union would be up in arms. We get the job done and when we make a mistake they jump on us without a thought. When I first joined you did get some back up from the bosses, now they have no backbone and are fightened to stand upto the homeoffice. We now have civilians telling us what too crime, we are only bobbies what do we know.I retire next year and it cant come soon enough.It has been a pleasure to work on the front line, the public do not know what we have too endure, the hard work that goes on. The police need a proper union and the right too industrial action, until theh we will be treated like scum by the bosses. They get paid enough it about time they started too earn it.

23 May, 2010 17:36

Anonymous Private Detective said...

wishing he will be alright very soon.

26 May, 2010 21:22

Anonymous Ambulance Amateur said...

Best wishes to you and your colleagues.

It must frustrate you to death when you apprehend a scrote and they get a mere slap on the wrist.

We, the majority of the public, do wish the police well. Yes, we'll get annoyed if we get a speeding ticket but we still want you to do the job you do.

Best wishes.

26 May, 2010 22:13


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