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Sunday, May 09, 2010

If Brown Won't Go

Every police officer knows the scenario: after weeks of negotiation, the new tenants of an address are given the keys and come home to find the previous occupant still squatting there. The landlord immediately calls the police, expecting us to turn up and forcibly chuck the old tenants out.

"Hell no, we won't go."

When, in fact, we turn up and start talking about Notices to Quit and Displaced Residential Occupiers, most landlords become exasperated. The fact is, even if a tenant has failed to pay any rent whatsoever and has ignored all calls and letters, unless the correct Court Order has been applied for and granted, it is strictly illegal to forcibly remove them, cut off their water/electricity, or wait until they are out to change the locks. indeed, to do so would be an offence under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 and the displaced tenant would have the right to reenter the property by force.

In the case of 10 Downing Street, there might be several options open to the new tenants should Mr Brown refuse to leave following a successful coalition agreement:
  • They can serve a statutory notice, giving Mr Brown a set period to pack up his things and go.
  • They can then apply to a court for an Order permitting them to remove him.
  • If granted, the police can at this point assist in an enforced eviction.
Unfortunately, the eviction process may well fail at the court stage. It is not clear whether, as a grace-and-favour home, 10 Downing Street would qualify as an assured shorthold tenancy under the Housing Act 1988. That is, unless the landlord (the Queen??? - reader's views welcome!) has issued the correct notice of address and can show that Mr Brown has breached any of the terms of the agreement. (Perhaps by designating another address as his second home, or by causing harassment, alarm and distress to other occupants - allegedly.)

Indeed, as front-line officers in England and Wales will testify, the "moodiest" jobs we attend are landlord/tenant disputes, as we have virtually no powers to deal with them.

So should a coalition be formed this week and the new leaders of the nation find themselves standing at the door to No.10 with a key that doesn't fit, their best bet is to take the course of action favoured by most Blandmore residents, to bypass all Housing law altogether: phone the police and allege that there is a High Risk domestic situation and Gordon Brown has assaulted them. He'll quickly be arrested and given bail conditions not to go back there.

Job done.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They'd have a job opening the front door from the outside with a key as there's no keyhole!

09 May, 2010 18:27

Anonymous Angry Rozzer said...

The Big Red key opens all doors...

09 May, 2010 20:24

Blogger MarkUK said...

The biggest trouble is that GB remains Prime Minister until he resigns or the Commons kick him out.

Until/unless the Libs and the Cons get together, he's still the sitting tenant.

09 May, 2010 22:52

Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's certainly responsible for a VERY high risk domestic situation Bloggsy! The man has no shame at all, clearly. Any normal person would have done what he stated to millions on TV that he would do if he lost the election, and that is stand down, resign.

But NO, he thinks he can tempt the LibDems into keeping him in power, as the PM, with a bribe of immediate legislation for PR, having fobbed them off for the last decade or more on that issue.

Nick Clegg, I am sure, along with the LibDems, have more sense and integrity than to do ANY sort of a deal with Gordon Brown and his corrupted NuLabour, who it has to be said, have RUINED this country.
The LibDems have a common ground opinion with the Tories on that issue.

But how predictable of Brown and his gang, that they would try to undermine any efforts by Nick Clegg and the LibDems to act in the best interests of the country, by thrashing out a deal to clear up the mess Brown et al created.

I doubt that I could feel any more dislike and distrust for Brown's NuLabour than I do right now.
He is arrogant, delusional and insensitive, even in defeat.
ANY so called "deal" with Brown to keep him in No10 would taint Nick Clegg and the LibDems for ever.
The full truth has not yet been told about how corrupt NuLabour have been. What a bunch of crooks.

10 May, 2010 01:39

Blogger John M Ward said...

Anon is right (which possibly explains why Loyd Grossman has never done a "Through the Keyhole" there).

It's still a good solution though, and there is a back entrance I believe which might or might not have a keyhole...

Anyway, I've linked to this post from my own 'blog, as it deserves to be spread further for its sheer brilliance. This might ultimately work where all else to date has failed :-)

10 May, 2010 04:54

Anonymous serpico said...

The magic red key will fix that.

10 May, 2010 08:04

Anonymous retired Sgt said...

I once walked up(in full uniform) to the front door of an address where colleagues were refused entry and wanted to smash down the door-it went like this
Knock knock
Whos there?
Its Bill
Ok mate I have unlocked the door but dont let those pigs in-
Me:(after gaining entry) Oink Oink!!

10 May, 2010 12:47

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The good news is [hurrah!] that Gordon Brown has announced that he will be going, he will resign....

And the BAD NEWS is.....that it won't be today, or tommorow, or next week, but not until September.....and that his bedfellows in corruption and cover ups, Ed Balls and David Miliband will be putting themselves forward in the Labour leadership contest.

Harriet Harman could take over right now, as she is their deputy leader. There is no need for Gordon Brown to remain in No10, as the P.M who lost the election.
Considering his "form" he should do the decent thing and go NOW.

Does Nick Clegg and his party fully understand exactly who and WHAT they are talking with, during the "stitch up" coalition discussions with NuLabour?

This is a P.M plus top ministers who have lied, deceived and misled the public and parliament about very serious matters.

Gordon Brown and Ed Balls are guilty [but not charged] of a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and of interference with and misdirecting the Child Protection System, in a cover up of historical and recent cases of child abduction and sexual abuse, by men in positions of power and authority, also not charged with the crimes they commited.

And these lying scheming selfish politicians keep trying to convince the public that they only act "in the national interest"..... despite the fact that they got so many serious issues badly wrong.
What a farce and a total disgrace.

They would stitch up their own granny just to stay in power.

11 May, 2010 01:21


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