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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finger off the pulse

Clearly I am existing in a space that moves at a different speed to the rest of the world. When I went to work yesterday I was under the impression that Nick Clegg had given Gordon the elbow, paving the way for a LabLib coalition. When I got home, David Cameron was Prime Minister.

Could it be that burglars, thugs and deviants actually do not care who or what our government is? Could it be that they know whatever laws are repealed or enacted, the greatest punishment the state can offer their crimes will result in them grinning broadly as they stroll out of court?

A pay freeze is on the way. Respect for the police is at an all time low. Targets are still flooding down from the Police Authority; resources are still insufficient; they still haven't fixed that wobbly wheel on the chair in my office.

Good thing we don't do it for the money. Although none of us would do it without it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I truly believe that overtime should go as part of the cuts.

12 May, 2010 21:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The LibLab negotiations broke down pretty swiftly when people like the former Home Sec Dr John Reid spoke out against it, as did David Blunkett, who said that Nick Clegg was acting like the worst Harlot in history! None of the Labour parliamentary party had been consulted and the talks were between some Brownite dodgy geezers of the NuLabour elite, including the notorious spin doctor Alistair Campbell. Nuff said! So the already thrashed out deal with the Cons was back on track and more or less finalised by yesterday afternoon. Hmmmmm
Realising that the game was up Brown resigned, paving the way for Cameron to become PM, and Clegg his deputy PM in a coalition.....I have explained all this for any readers who have been at work and missed the news reports on this political "game."

They have promised "new politics" but it really is the same old TORY MISTAKES on Trident and Nuclear power, which the Libs can deliver their "dissent" upon. Well I hope they DO, along with Labour Anti Nuke MP's....IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THIS COUNTRY - TO SAVE LIVES.

I wanted to believe what Cameron and Clegg were saying about cleaning up politics and how good it was going to be for people power....."In the National Interest". And then the details of the Con/Lib agreement came out on newsnight and the Tories ARE still stuck in the past, FAILING AGAIN to take any notice of historical Security Service Intelligence info warnings to NOT continue with Nukes.

It was reported that the Tories are still commited to Trident, although there will be a defence review on it. Another report stated that more Nuclear power stations will be built, placing future generations lives in mortal peril. That's how much the Tories "care". They NEVER DID. Maybe Dave Cameron says he does but his actions prove otherwise on the issue OF National Security and what is in our best interests.

And the "deviant" who had previously ignored Security Service Intelligence warnings to NOT continue with Nukes, left No10 with a smirk on his face, knowing that his negligence, his malice, his crimes will be swept under the rug by his "placemen" in the Met.

I didn't agree to do my bit for Queen and country for nothing.
I was promised a lump sum payment, which I suspect has been dishonestly taken by others. All written communications about this "mistake" have been ignored, to date.....Because some arrogant people think that MY payment for the long term Op I worked upon, is theirs, and that there's nothing I can do about it, being a female.

No doubt they are grinning and laughing very loudly whilst they enjoy my misfortune at the hands of their dishonesty and bad faith.
There certainly has been very little respect shown for myself, working as an undercover officer.

It makes me wonder why I even bothered.

13 May, 2010 00:30

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason respect for the police is at an all time low is simply, the public do not trust them. The public also do not believe that complaints about police thuggery and illegal behaviour will result in even a slapped wrist. Further, the public fear the police as they would fear the agents of an occupying power.
That is why respect for the police is at an all time low.

13 May, 2010 09:41

Anonymous NottsSarge said...

Lack of respect for the Police is simply a reflection of lack of respect for anyone in a position of power and/or authority. That's not to say that such respect should be granted automatically, and from Punch to Python to Private Eye we have quite rightly chipped away at the idea that those in authority are our 'betters' who should be trusted, obeyed and venerated without question. MPs expenses, the de Menezes affair, G20 etc have been defining moments recently, although the majority of MPs, cops and other public sector types have continued to get on with their work as usual.

The problem is, someone has to be in charge, society has to have rules and there has to be a means of enforcing them. The fact that the rules appear to have been suspended for some but not others is part of the malaise.

Personally I welcome a change, and maybe, if they do it right, the inevitable lean times to come will force a change in the way the Police operate. Less State interference, less bureaucracy, less social work, less law but better enforcement. We can but hope. Those expecting to be disappointed, get in line...

13 May, 2010 10:02

Blogger TonyF said...

I think that the Police have lost respect mainly because they are often seen to be puppets of government. I appreciate that, for example, you cannot just investigate anything you feel like. but in the meeja, that impression is given. Then you get something like the various 'frauds' and 'swindles' allegedly perpetrated by our 'leaders' and the police don't investigate. Because no one will, or can, report a crime. One thing that needs to be done is a step back to the Peelian Principles. They need to be taught at school, and they need to be understood. Anyone who wants to be a part of a decent society cannot object to that. Also, our 'leaders' should be accountable, and held to account.

Ho hum, it isn't going to happen.

13 May, 2010 17:54

Blogger Big Fella said...

Some people dont have respect for teachers, fire, ambulance, their own parents, in fact they just dont have any respect full stop. It starts at home at a young age. Ive got a young family and I hope Ive started them on the right track of being respectful of everyone and having good manners.

But as Ive also seen in my job is the lovely family with the nightmare teenager thats gone off the rails because theyve got in with the wrong crowd

nature or nurture???

13 May, 2010 20:21

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Good thing we don't do it for the money. Although none of us would do it without it."

Specials do... and some of us do it well, contrary to what some might think.

Sadly I feel your view on criminals and their punishments is bang on the money, though.

13 May, 2010 22:09

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big Fella was wondering whether it's nature or nurture which makes the child of a "lovely family" go off the rails.

Having been a bit of a rebel wild child myself, from a "lovely family", I can honestly say that the rebel streak was already in my soul, so that's nature. I have strong views on some things which makes me an independant thinker, rather than a follower of the crowd. The outrageous abuse to which I was subjected as a child, at the hands of a close friend of the family and his "friends", that was swept under the carpet because they were "untouchable", nurtured an anger within me fuelled by the injustice of it all.

However, I did have respect for the authority of my parents, teachers and other adults. When I hit teenage years and the hormones kicked in, along with the natural process of gaining a broader view of life, as I headed towards being a young adult; I had my own opinions and was less likely to comply with parental orders.

The more my mother became a stroppy po faced authoritarian who bossed me about, the more I was determined to be myself and my own person. It also has to be said that certain influences at secondary school were not that positive. Nor the constant sibling rivalry and bickering at home, which eventually drove me to flit the nest in early teens, to get some peace from all the argy bargy.

Teenagers will rebel against the boundaries and values of their parents. That is entirely normal and a healthy part of growing up and carving ones own path in life.

As a parent myself, I have been very aware of just how much the company my kids kept had an influence upon their behaviour and attitudes, especially in secondary school. I found myself saying to my kids some of the thing my mother had said to me. A child is only truly under the control and complete influence of a parent UNTIL they go to school.

Then teachers and peers have a huge impact upon the child, especially once they reach puberty, and the parent becomes the nag, the spoil sport who will not let them do exactly as they please. Battles take place, and sometimes the parents lose and the kids "go off the rails" for a time, due to peer influence.
I know from experience that the raising of teenagers can be a bit of a nightmare, and it's important to keep the channels of communication very clear, open, friendly and non dictatorial. Then if they are being pulled off track by unhelpful influences, one is there to listen, guide and sometimes to pick up the pieces.

It is the hardest job in the world being a parent and trying to raise a child in a positive way, whilst trying to protect them from all sorts of negative influences, situations and people, including at school. The NuLabour influence was being exerted on kids in secondary schools in the 90's, which I believe is responsible for the lack of respect many have for parents, teachers included.

The state set itself up as the ultimate authority over the public and especially their children. That undermined the authority of parents and the stability of the family. NuLabour has a lot to answer for, but of course they never will. They will just blame the parents for the mess NuLabour created with their nannying and social engineering.

14 May, 2010 02:59


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