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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not again.

Once again, senior officers in the Metropolitan Police are not only airing their dirty laundry in public, but hanging it up inside out and drawing rude pictures on it.

I don't know why, but all this talk of an Asian officer being discriminated against for so long that he only ever rose to the piddling rank of Assistant Commissioner, is grating on me. There's only one solution: I must be racist.

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Anonymous PC Michael Pinkstone said...

Just got back from a late shift to read this post and associated link. Must say Bloggs that the length of time you have spent writing the post is veritably proportionate to the amount of time that we should be concerning ourselves with such self-serving, egotistic morons in the higher echelons; whose values, aims and empathies are misplaced, misguided and wholly misinformed, and whose organisational constipation is nothing more than yet another vain blockage in an otherwise crap-filled political gut.

28 August, 2008 22:26

Blogger Nic said...

I have to agree with you. It's pretty galling - I was left wondering just how many female officers have reached that rank - and out of a proportion of the total force that is larger than those from ethnic minorities.

Rumour has it he has been sidelined due to not being up to the job. If that is true is the Peter Principle at work here, or tokenism?

If of course there is institutional racism at work that needs to be stamped on, but I question both the timing and the need to go public *before* the tribunal sits.

29 August, 2008 08:49

Anonymous gaz said...

blogsey, i think someones been suffering from sex discrimination as you haven't been promoted yet. Sue..... Quick!

29 August, 2008 09:06

Blogger uniform said...

why ,can he , on a rest day, parade in full uniform, in a London hotel , to pre-arranged press conference,to blather on about why he hasn't reached his talent threshold?

What gives him the right, as a sworn officer of the crown , to cause dissatisfaction in the ranks, speak inappropriately in a public place , pre-empt a behind closed doors grievance procedure?

Why could a lowly PC or Sgt not do this ?and ,if they did,not expect to have the professional standards department issuing reg 9 discipline notices like confetti?

Does rank and privilege suspend intelligence and good sense? does the SUBJECT matter make it MORE important than any other workplace dispute?

Will the BPA , with their national platform ,promote to the full their, members interest over the good of public confidence ?

Is the press conference about laying down a marker for the Met police authority? have any future employment tribunals also been put on notice about the decisions that need to be made ?

Is he being treated differently ?

Yes , he is .

29 August, 2008 09:46

Blogger Unsworth said...

A little guidance here. Tribunal notwithstanding, why has Blair not already suspended the man and instituted an independent inquiry into these extremely serious allegations?

29 August, 2008 11:44

Anonymous METVPC said...

i think Deputy Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson just about sums it up. Have a look at:

29 August, 2008 12:05

Anonymous TheBinarySurfer said...

Ghaffur is clearly out for a higher job, and isn't happy that someone's deemed him not talented enough to go further.

Clearly he doesn't earn enough as the no. 3 copper in the met....

I think the phrase "pissing upwind" applies here!

29 August, 2008 13:17

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One just does not know for sure exactly what goes on and what is said behind closed doors. There may well be a lot of truth in Ghaffur's complaint. He's not stupid, obviously, so why would he risk his reputation by making a false allegation against his "superior" officer.

And no, I'm not in the BPA. I'm white and female and not the biggest fan of Sir Ian Blair, who tried to insist that "42 days" detention without charge was necessary - RUBBISH. That would make the situation far worse, along with other ORWELLIAN tactics Blair favours. Ghaffur just may be doing us all a huge favour.

30 August, 2008 00:30

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of readers might not know that Mr Ghaffur reviews a lot of the appeals of rank and file who are suspended / reduced etc etc

His rulings were so out there that it resulted in a new disipline code that removes his input in any way shape or form becasuse the man is a flaming nutcase

31 August, 2008 12:19

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One wonders just far up the promotion ladder he would have got to if he wasn't an ethnic minority who came to this country as a refugee from persecution and was given the opportunity, and shed loads of assistance, of starting a new life for himself. If he had been a white, middle class bloke (or blokess) would he have reached such a high position with such apparent ease? It galls me to see that his case is being supported by the Black Police Association. Not necessarily because they may think he's right but because he's black and therefore one of 'them'! The formation of all these single issue focus groups within the Police are solwly destroying a profession I was proud to be a member of (but why isn't there a white, male, heterosexual, Police Association?). Someone once wrote that in any profession a person nornally reaches a position two steps above his, or her, capability. He should thank his lucky stars he reached this far (before being found out).

31 August, 2008 20:07

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone who has actually worked with this fellow when he was a mere constable/PS or Insp. got anything to say about his mettle.

01 September, 2008 21:46

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15 April, 2009 10:45


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