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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Newsflash! Emergency services make sensible decision!

I am outraged at the news that coastguards decided not to undertake a hazardous rescue mission of some drunk teenagers who did not need rescuing. The teenagers were on a cliff and were too drunk to walk down, but in the morning they made their own way home.

The BBC is right to label this a "top story". The pernicious tendency of emergency services to avoid those who do not need their help is clearly on the rise. Only last week I was driving my marked police car when I saw a fellow officer TOTALLY IGNORING a dog-walker, and the following day two PCSOs walked straight past some kids playing football without doing anything!

If we are going to stamp out this scourge of apathy, the media must take action. I would like to read many more descriptions of incidents where people who were not in any danger were left in that condition for several hours.

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in some bookstores and online.


Anonymous PC Michael Pinkstone said...

It was highly irresponsible of the coastguard to allow those poor stranded youths to stay overnight in such cramped and dangerous conditions. I mean, they only had an area the size of a football pitch to huddle together on. They could easily have slipped off the edge and into the ocean. Tsk.

07 August, 2008 20:12

Anonymous MarkUK said...

Hey, don't knock the drunks!

If it wasn't for drunks, the police and ambulance services would have so much less to do that someone would start to whisper "redundancy".

07 August, 2008 21:53

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My house wasn't burgled at all last year, and the police didn't attend at all
Yet when the house down the road was burgled, uniformed officers and scenes of crime attended and a few weeks later someone was arrested.

I think this is unfair. I pay their wages. I should get the same attention.

08 August, 2008 01:29

Anonymous James said...

Yes clearly you should get the same attention when there may be more pressing things to deal with, like people getting attacked.

Also you don't pay their wages you selfish little toad. You may pay into the same tax pool as anyone else, but there are probably people contributing more than you to the system and you're certainly not more entitled than anyone else.

Perhaps they're responding to more important things like the guy trying to break my flat mates door down with a brick in an attempt to kill him back when I was at University.

08 August, 2008 02:41

Blogger Clovergirl said...

I love it.
I can never remember - is it irony or sarcasm? I guess it can be hard to spot sometimes :-)

08 August, 2008 04:02

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Irony or sarcasm doesn't really matter, it's the "patently obvious" prefix that should have gone there that they missed :D

08 August, 2008 06:35

Anonymous Cadbury Moose said...

I think 'anonymous' clearly deserves the "Hook, line & sinker" award for their excellent catching of 'james'.



08 August, 2008 11:32

Anonymous Retired Sgt said...

Its a pity that the senior police officers dont take a leaf out of the coastguard books when it comes to attending calls such as arguements over pizza or which channel should be on 36 inch flat screen

08 August, 2008 11:38

Anonymous James said...

sorry about me.

Got to rush out and notify my change of address as part of the sex offender registration

08 August, 2008 13:20

Anonymous 3 CSES said...


08 August, 2008 13:22

Anonymous Dave H. said...

I witnessed the Cambs Fire Brigade failing to rescue a neighbour's cat from a tree. When I was a lad they used to do that. Typical for today's so-called 'Services'.

If bet if I'd rung and told them it was an ethnic minority cat, say a Siamese, they'd have scrambled a bleedin' helicopter.

The poor thing had to make its own way down unaided, after I'd taken the dog in.

08 August, 2008 14:04

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grendel, I don't think there is even an offence of 'assualt' on the statute books so any limitation would be, er, limited. However, dyslexia is punishable by death (only commuted to an FPN if you batter a door down and club a student! Any student!

08 August, 2008 20:33

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooooh Plodnomore, you have just answered an old mystery. Soooo, Dyslexia IS punishable by death?
That explains why some people HAVE tried to kill me....and there was I thinking it was because they didn't want me to spill the beans on their dirty little secrets...all covered up with Home Office approval, of course!

P.S The spelling "problem" of Dyslexia can be conquered after a lifetime of effort.....which is slightly easier than conquering government ignorance and stupidity!
Einstien, or is it Einstein, was a Dyslexic, as was Winston Churchill.

08 August, 2008 23:08

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

"Grendel" knows he is banned, as is anyone who refers to me by the sole title "WPC". Please don't respond to the trolls.

On the flip side, anyone wanting to totally misunderstand other commenters to the blog author's hilarity is welcome...

08 August, 2008 23:27

Anonymous Dr Melvin T Gray said...

Members of the public should be aware that any posting under a pseudonym affords no identity protection. Criticism of the police should be exercised with caution since the blog author publishes fabrications purporting to be subsequent afterthoughts of the penitent.

Belated apologies from the public confessing criminal convictions are very suspect. Such postings are untrue or involve misuse of the police National computer. Either way, these actions intentionally discredit original criticism by the dishonest substitution of an ulterior motive. Such falsehoods instigated by serving police have profound significance. Concern4Justice has no intellectual interest in the blog outside of maintaining a National database of public officials suspected of dishonesty and unethical practices.

10 August, 2008 10:15

Anonymous James said...

How's the promotion prospects coming?

Pass marks for OSPRE are only 55% now.

10 August, 2008 11:12

Blogger PCSO Bloggs said...

You've gotta love the press.

10 August, 2008 11:21

Blogger staghounds said...

As a Fire Dispatcher of my acquaintance says to callers,

"Ma'am, did you ever see a dead cat in a tree?"

10 August, 2008 15:04

Anonymous Dave hates neighbours' cats H. said...

Damn! If I thought it was completely safe in a tree, I wouldn't have encouraged the dog to chase it up one.

But you suggest that if I'd actually phoned, they'd never even have considered coming. I must admit to being slightly disappointed.

10 August, 2008 15:52

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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15 April, 2009 10:47


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