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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bloods and Crisps

There a strong Gang Culture in Blandmore, believe it or not, with young folk gallivanting around brandishing knives, guns and all kinds. So we keep being told in our morning meetings, but I didn't really believe it until this week.

A robbery had just taken place in Upper Blandmore (otherwise known as the Porle estate), with a description of some offenders. I duly stop a guy who matches the description. He's a young black guy, and he's wearing the rather distinctive floral red bandanna described by our victim. After a minute of talking to him, I'm convinced that he has absolutely nothing to do with the robbery. In fact, I think he might be on the way to an oboe lesson. The clue is the oboe in a case across his back.

Before giving him his stop-check form and apologising for making him even later by filling it in, I ask him about the bandanna.

"It's for the Bloods, yeah."

It's not my finest hour, as I have no idea what he's talking about. "Bloods? What because it camouflages?"

"You know, the Bloods." He's loving my complete ignorance. "It's a big gang in LA, you know."

"And you're in that gang?"

"Yeah we're the Blandmore Bloods."

I realise at this point that it isn't just me who has no idea what a "real" gang is.

The kid goes on, touching a gold stud in the back of his baseball cap. "It's our uniform, yeah. The bandanna for the Bloods, and this - this stud's for the Crisps."


"The Crisps. Bloods AND Crisps. That way no one can touch us."

"That makes you feel safe, then?"

"Too right, it's scary out here if you're not in a gang."

"I see. You know... I think it's the Crips, not Crisps."

His jaw drops. "Huh?"

"Never mind." I give him his form and he wanders off happily to his oboe lesson.

I do wish more gang members were like that. If they were, we might have more nights like this, and less like this.

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Blogger alanorei said...

For info. only.

This gang is dangerous.

They are of course also on Wikipedia.

Although they seem to be exclusively America-based, they may have affiliates elsewhere, e.g. in the UK.

18 November, 2007 00:43

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it on coming across one of these "gangstas".
How to wind them up...
(1) What are you doing with that hanky on your head, knee etc. My granny wears hers on her head too!
(2) Have you lost the other glove mate
(3) You're not from round here - just checking your safe as I don't want you getting taxed for your bling.
(4) What are you doing round here on MY streets.
(5) Nice bling - Elizabeth Duke/Argos do that one for £50!
(6)(When hands are down trousers) - Have you got crabs - did you get it off him ( point to mate with hands down trousers)
(7) ( When they shout abuse) Are you ok mate - we have a missing patient from the psych ward and I was wondering if it was you.

Any others..

18 November, 2007 13:58

Blogger alanorei said...

The question is, was the oboe actually visible in the oboe case?

18 November, 2007 21:22

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Oi! copper, take that Police sign off your back and stop rollin' like a soilder"

I have no idea what it meant but the effect was spoilt by the fact that he had a 2 litre bottle of white lighting (V. cheapo cider) in his hands and was cross eyed.

Annon 18/11/2008 13:58 was wondering how to wind "ganstas" up. Laughing yourself until you can't breath is one.

19 November, 2007 12:12

Anonymous TheBinarySurfer said...

I work in the SW region, and there is a prevalent Chav/Gansta culture at the college just up the road from my workplace.

I had a great one from one of the kids up there the other day. I was walking back to work with lunch under arm, the sun was shining and all was good in the world.

I was wearing a big coat, sunglasses and a suit as it was bright and cold and well i have to wear a suit to work (/sigh).

As i got closer one of them mimed a gun in his hand and said loudly (i had earphones in which i'd just turned off so they thought i couldn't hear them): "Matrix looking mofo. Bang Bang i'll put a cap in your ass".

Upon hearing this i turned around and said loud enough for every kid stood out front puffing away on their cigs to hear:

"You'll do what to my arse? Sorry kid i'm not gay".

Then just turned around and walked on, the kid just stood there not knowing what to say. One of my better wind-ups if i do say so myself...

19 November, 2007 13:31

Blogger alanorei said...

Sounds a bit like that Stephen Fry tea ad. (for PG Tips, or some other brand). In reverse, of course.

It would be interesting to know which orchestra this chap belongs to.

Or who his music teacher is.

And whether or not this is part of a trend.

Our elder lad was a cellist in the Tees Valley Youth Orchestra for some years. I don't recall that any of his fellow players were gang members. Maybe times have changed.

19 November, 2007 14:27

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15 April, 2009 09:46


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