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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am not a crook. Unless you count gross misconduct. You do? Oh.

The Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police has had a final warning for trying to give his relatives a leg-up into the job.  After denying any wrongdoing for the best part of a year, Grahame Maxwell has suddenly realised that cheating his force's own phone system by making an outgoing call to get his cousin/child/auntie an application form was in fact immoral and therefore a discredit to his force.  

The cause of this eleventh hour epiphany?  Dare I suggest that the "cough" came when he was promised a final warning rather than the sack.  Along with the admission was a statement that "a very difficult week led to errors in judgment".  Good thing he isn't in an important job then, where he might have to make life and death decisions under pressure.

Maxwell and Briggs: Where did it all go wrong?
Perhaps when they wandered off the set of Dixon of Dock Green.

The situation of having a Chief Constable who has admitted to flagrant nepotism and spent six months trying to crawl out of the hole he'd dug himself is unusual, to say the least.  I wonder if the two members of police staff who were fired for similarly bypassing the recruitment process, will appeal against the different treatment they got to that meted out at the top.  

A baffled Mr Maxwell: "But I joined up to help people... no one told me I wasn't supposed to help my own family get a job."

Of course, the papers have missed the real scandal in all of this: that North Yorkshire Police aim to recruit the best candidates for their force by a race to the phones in a first-come first-served application form bonanza.

Then again, at least they still have application forms.  I believe Blandshire's planning to recruit next year's batch by throwing rugs over people's heads on the street and dragging them into a transit.  If you fight your way free without uttering any racist epithets, you're in.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tvp J
You keep us going

11 May, 2011 01:43

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tvp J ? What does that mean please?

11 May, 2011 05:38

Anonymous DB said...

What a bloody farce. What kind of moral vacuum does this CC operate in? Spineless, cheap and guilty of the kind of shameless double-standards that'd make even an MP blush.

Resign, you arse.

Keep up the good work Bloggsy.

11 May, 2011 21:05

Anonymous Shijuro the bender said...

I want to teach little school kids "science"

Shijuro knows the Greek etymology of this too............

11 May, 2011 21:13

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is corruption on the level of a Politician.
I assume the outcome was worked out at the 'Lodge' over a handshake.

11 May, 2011 22:03

Anonymous DB said...

Pete the troll is still with us, I see.

What a sad little man.

Get a life Pee-wee, you freak.

11 May, 2011 22:30

Anonymous mrs mop said...

I have seen soooo many times theres no accountability at the top. Make a complaint against pc plod and the complaints process will apply and be implemented accordingly. Make a complaint against the top cops and all u get is shite from the police authority and 'I'PCC excusing the misconduct as direction and control issues and therefore not recordable or requiring investigation.

12 May, 2011 00:15

Anonymous Retired Sgt said...

This whole incident actually shows how weak "accountability" is.It also shows how weak Theresa May is.If David Blunkett or Michael Howard had been Home Sec they would have been all over his like a rash.They would have been on TV,in the House answering a planted question about Maxwell saying something along the lines of Have no confidence in him,people in North Yorks must wonder how this man still has a job etc....then if Maxwell had not gone they would send in HMI to dig out all the skeletons-but as our current Home Sec looks like a rabbit trapped in the headlights this criminal will get away with it.

12 May, 2011 14:00

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both Maxwell and Briggs are former Cleveland officers. Maxwell as a Pc and Briggs was a ACC. I'm not saying its anything to do with the water but.......
This is the same Police authority chair who has got together with the Chief to give us a privately owned control room, admin and HR, IT, custody suites (and staff) and the buildings they are based in. In the very near future the same company is getting PHT, CJU and Events planning. Policing by Tesco is here and may be coming to a force near you!!!
Oh and they are force of the year as well.....please call the doctor I've split my sides laughing!!

12 May, 2011 19:03

Blogger Steve Finnell said...

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12 May, 2011 21:02

Blogger PC Bloggs said...

Apologies to anyone who commented here, Blogger has lost your comments. It's not my fault, although I did it on purpose.

15 May, 2011 19:45

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was hoping you'd pick up on the dodgy Cleveland Police Authority story, especially after both of the bosses who you mentioned were former cleveland. It was worth a go!

16 May, 2011 20:42

Blogger staghounds said...

So Blandmore is seeking to recruit particularly violent people?

For shame!

20 May, 2011 15:09


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