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Saturday, June 06, 2009

From Blair's Babes to Brown's Bitches

Europe Minister Caroline Flint has "had a bit of a strop" and walked out of the Cabinet this week. Apparently, Gordon Brown is sexist and just plants women in his Cabinet as Window Dressing.

WHEN will whingers like Caroline Flint just stop bringing down the reputation of women everywhere? Her claims are simply ludicrous. You need only look at some of the successful females in Brown's (ex)Cabinet to know that he admires and respects women, and trusts them to run their ministries all by themselves. There's Jacqui Smith, who was allowed to fall out with the police as publicly as she liked, and moreover was single-handedly responsible for the government's humiliation on Gurkhas. Hazel Blears, who took her own initiative in paying back her stolen gains. Both women showed strength and autonomy by sticking to their policies on cannabis and PCSOs in the face of inconvenient scientific research.

If you need proof that Britain has moved on from the dark days of female oppression, you need look no further than my day-to-day experience at work. Barely a week passes in which I am not invited to join one or more positive action campaigns to Develop My Inner Strength. And I can't remember a month in the last year in which a woman was not promoted to an Acting DS or Inspector's post in spite of half a dozen more competent male candidates in the queue. All this is excellent for my self-esteem as a lowly woman, and I will be taking advantage of it myself in due course.

One other thing that Caroline Flint is overlooking is that she is a VERY ATTRACTIVE WOMAN. She cannot possibly expect to reach the lofty heights of Jacqui or Hazel with those looks holding her back, and would be far better off to have a couple of babies and enter an online bra-modelling competition.

'Diary of an On-Call Girl' is available in some bookstores and online.


Blogger Hogday said...

Confirming my suspicions that many of my `high-flying` colleagues were on the waiting list for a sex change in order to beat me to the pips and crowns. (you could always tell them by the 5 o' clock shadow after an unexpectedly long tour of duty). What bollocks. (and one or two had them as well)

06 June, 2009 10:36

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry but it has to be said...

"She can take down MY particulars anytime"

I am a bit sick of moderately pretty (and in some cases rather ugly) women using looks to further themselves or winning promotion through their gender. Women and Men (generally) are different. Thats why we like each other! I've seen a nice feminine face on a real tough copper calm a drunken fool in a way that a seasoned male collegue never could. Viva la difference.

06 June, 2009 12:52

Blogger Inspector Leviathan Hobbes said...

If she does enter an on-line bra-modelling competition, can you send me the link to it please? You know, just to see if she wins or not.

06 June, 2009 13:22

Blogger blueknight said...

Insp Hobbes, -apparently.

Yes Caroline Flint does have a certain something about her. Something that was sadly lacking in Hazel Blears or Jacqui Smith.

It's not Caroline on the cover of your book is it?

06 June, 2009 22:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The day before Caroline Flint resigned she had been subjected to pressure from No10, to go on TV and speak words of support for Gordon Brown. The next day, having realised she had been used and manipulated by Brown, to bolster his own position, whilst disregarding hers, she decided to "rock the boat", just like Hazel Blears did.
She spoke her truth, how she saw and experienced it. Good on her.

James Purnell spoke the truth too, in his resignation letter, which took guts in an act of service to this country. Some MP's may well have been shamed over some dodgy expenses claims, but their system's rules allowed them to do that. Even Gordon Brown has paid back some money he claimed.

Maybe, just maybe, Gordon Brown WAS a bit sexist towards Caroline Flint, BECAUSE she is an attractive woman.
Maybe, just maybe, the less attractive women are taken more seriously in politics, and are not instantly thought of in a sexual way. Men being men, they cannot help it. If they fancy what they see, their brains go into their trousers. Perhaps Gordon kept Caroline out of his inner cabinet because he fancied her and that distracted him too much......

It's about time that the women ruled the world, because the men have screwed it up, with wars and pollution, and joining the EU.

07 June, 2009 02:51

Anonymous JohnC said...

Can I be ageist & say that Caroline Flint looks really good for 47?

07 June, 2009 19:49

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Caroline Flint is one of those women who looks very attractive until she opens her mouth and starts to speak. I saw a presentation she gave on Europe; she was totally out of her depth and made a complete embarrassment of the whole thing.

07 June, 2009 21:05

Anonymous Hibbo said...

Blimey, so much to see!

Caroline Flint is certainly pretty tidy, and that copper bird, whilst not the bonniest, does have a cracking set and a good waist (making for an excellent BtW ratio)

Anyway, more seriously Bloggsy, it is indeed excellent that poor, useless, unintelligent, unable to cope on their own, not able to gain a job or promotion on their own merit, completely inferior to men in every way people are now getting the help they need to compete in this male-dominate world. As you say, without all this the useless wenches would only be allowed away from the kitchen to produce babies.

Positive discrimination is one of the more patronising practices there is.

07 June, 2009 21:14

Anonymous Hibbo said...

*most* patronising...

07 June, 2009 21:17

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard on the news that Caroline Flint had to be persuaded to leave out the words "devious sexist pig" from her letter of resignation.
I think that I would have included the words INHUMAN and EVIL before devious sexist pig. The truth may be a bit harsh, but sometimes it is required - for the greater good.

Gordon Brown may well have "survived" being kicked out of No10, because he bullied those who opposed him, being the obnoxious Stalinist dictator that he is. But beleive me when I say to you now, that IF he and NuLabour are NOT stopped from going ahead with Trident and Nuclear power stations, then WE, humanity WILL NOT SURVIVE into the future. This was a very clear divine guidance warning, given to save us all from destruction. Same Intelligence also warned about 9-11, Madrid, 7-7, Bali, Mumbai and Lahore terror attacks. So you would think that the government WOULD actually TAKE NOTICE OF IT, wouldn't you? Not these idiots.

The "monster" in No10 has led this country and the world, to the very edge of the abyss of destruction. This is not alarmist. This is the cold hard fact of the situation, and one that has been allowed to develop by an incompetent Security Service, who know damn well that other Intelligence warnings have been proved to be very credible indeed. They even saved numerous world leaders lives, including Brown and Blair. Shame on them for "cherry picking" the Intel warnings and placing the world in great danger from Nuclear.

The Conservatives have a hand in this disaster too, having supported continuing with Trident and Nuclear power stations. THESE WILL BE THE CAUSE OF THE DESTRUCTION OF HUMANITY AND THIS PLANET IN THE FUTURE...Unless they are abolished. NOW.

So come on Gordon Brown, "Save the World" and STOP the use of ALL Nuclear. And then I just might believe that you are listening and have actually "changed". There was a warning too, about the Big Brother surveillance state, the use of databases and I.D cards, and to AVOID becoming politically tied to the EU.

Gordon didn't listen to ANY of that, nor about the large Hadron Collider - Big Bang Doomsday Machine creating Black Holes, that would have destroyed this planet by 2012. Who saved the world from THAT destruction Gordon Brown? Not you, that is certain.

Now ask yourselves people, is this the sort of political "ruling" elite we want? One that uses the dark arts of lies, spin, smears and manipulation to undermine good people? I don't think so. Do you?
And they try to claim that Gordon has "saved" the world because he has helped to organise the G20 and save the banking system from collapse. The financial crisis was ALSO warned about in the Intelligence warnings, and he ignored that too, as far back as 2004! And then claimed on TV that "no one could have predicted it".....MORE BLATANT LIES.

Another female MP has just resigned citing the reason that she could not stand there, hand on heart and say that Gordon Brown was the best man to lead this country. Good on you Jane Kennedy, for speaking God's honest truth.
Jane said she objected to the way in which Gordon ran No10, by using smears against individuals, her friends and colleagues.

No doubt he and his supporters HAVE smeared my name to undermine and discredit me, because the historical Intelligence stated, that I would oppose Gordon Brown's evil intentions.
Operation Beelzebub - codename Lawrence - 1958 - 2009 - Royal Protection Officer. Documented Intelligence records. It's about time the TRUTH came out to stop Gordon Brown's arrogant disregard for the lives and very survival of humanity, and this planet.

But it would appear that various heads of the S.I.S are keeping quiet about it all, because they KNOW that they too made mistakes.
Covering it all up will lead us to ruin and disaster, as the MP's discovered about their greed over their rather generous expenses.

Police and Security Service Officer

09 June, 2009 02:41

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tried to vote for our colleague, but she seems hto have disappeard from the ballot. Shame, it's a more important election that the one held last week.

09 June, 2009 15:37

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant, serialised on the BBC next week.

09 June, 2009 22:57

Anonymous Fudoo said...

Namaste, Madame Author.


Your opinions on the following?:

Metropolitan Police officers subjected suspects to waterboarding, according to allegations at the centre of an anti-corruption inquiry.

The torture claims are part of an investigation which also includes accusations that evidence was fabricated and suspects’ property was stolen. It has already led to the abandonment of a drugs trial and the suspension from duty of several officers.

However, senior policing officials are most alarmed by the claim that officers in Enfield, North London, used the controversial CIA interrogation technique, in which water is poured on to a cloth covering the suspect’s face, causing them to feel they are on the point of suffocation.

09 June, 2009 23:30

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, probably a good thing she didn't succumb to the temptation of wearing the uniform or alluding to the uniform in those pictures like one of our local WPCs did for a national 'lad's mag'.

BTW, does a picture of a woman with a 32FF chest *really* need an enlarge button or is that just greedy?

17 June, 2009 08:30

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can fully support the deletion of obscenity, libel or offensive comment. However, the deletion of my fair right to reply, constituting no more than the short explanatory response to Lawyer type above, is as difficult to justify as it is easy to equate to the police blog equivalent of taser abuse.

Was it not you, Ellie, professing to support and admire free expression and openness with the public?

If it be the case that fair and just comments embarrass a personal agenda sculpted for approval by Radio 4 producers, please qualify your version of openness with the public if it is something other than hypocrisy.

23 June, 2009 20:41


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